Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Loner who shot Reagan 'ready to be released':
"In court documents, Hinckley's lawyer, Barry Levine, stated: 'It is undisputed that Mr Hinckley's psychosis and depression have been in full remission and that he has shown no symptoms thereof for over a decade.
'Mr Hinckley does not pose a risk of danger to himself or others now or in the reasonable future.'"

O.k. I really don't know if that means we now let him run free or not...
I mean doesn't everyone really pose a risk of danger to themselves and others?
isn't it just a matter of degrees? and if he was mentally ill do we punish him?
Can we at least make sure we set him free in Tom Delays neighborhood?
AP Wire | 08/26/2003 | Study: Zoloft Helps Depression in Kids: "In a study of 376 youngsters ages 6 through 17 with major depression, Zoloft worked better than dummy pills at reducing symptoms. Sixty-nine percent of children who took Zoloft for 10 weeks showed a substantial reduction in symptoms, compared with 59 percent who took dummy pills."

doesn't this mean we should try dummy pills on everybody first?
then the 10% that don't respond...they get zoloft...
calendarlive.com: The less angry American: "Keith took a long pause to consider his words, and then added: 'I was for Afghanistan, 100%. We got struck and the Taliban needed to be exterminated, but this war here, in Iraq, I didn't necessarily have it all worked out. It didn't work out for me. I know a tyrant is gone and all of that, but whether it was our duty to go do that, well, I haven't figured that out.'"

via atrios, via hoffman

makes me feel a lot better about having seen mr. keith with wille on the 4th...

Sunday, August 24, 2003