Friday, January 07, 2005

what do you want from me, anyway?

so, mostly this blog keeps my head from exploding...
I read something online that makes me want to scream,
I link it here, with a short bit from me, and suddenly I'm less likely to explode.
It's almost like doing something.
Unlike a lot of bloggers, I don't have a counter on my page,
and I don't check any stats. The whole appeal of this thing to me
was the opportunity to dialogue. So, my question is,
what would I have to write hear to get YOU to comment more,
or want to come back and read again?

do you want personal dirt?
longer essays on art and aesthetics?
more stuff on comic books?
less political stuff to make you go ARGH!?!?
more poetry?
do you want to know about my medical history?
(which includes at least one very interesting operation
when I was young?)
tales of not being able to handle $$$?
(I ran out of gas on the way to work today,
after my ATM was declined at the pump)?
what is it that you people (both of you) want? News | Professional ethics in a time of war News | Professional ethics in a time of war
"There was no comment from the U.S. military Thursday, but the article includes comments from the deputy assistant secretary of defense for health, David Tornberg, that suggest the Pentagon believes professional ethics do not apply in a time of war. "

and since we're in a perpetual state of war professional ethics may never apply again...
this could lead us to some very dangerous places...
especially considering this administration's "with us or against us" mentality.

Thursday, January 06, 2005 News | The facilitator News | The facilitator:
"But that's not all. Gonzales apparently didn't think his boss needed to know that this star witness and two police witnesses lied under oath at trial, that the state's expert medical witness pleaded guilty to seven felonies involving falsified evidence in capital murder trials, and that the state's expert psychiatric witness, whose testimony provided the jury with a legal basis for handing down a death sentence, never bothered to interview Stoker. By the time Gonzales was supposedly researching the case for Bush, this expert had been expelled from the American Psychiatric Association for repeatedly providing unethical testimony in murder cases. Needless to say, Gonzales didn't think it was worth pointing out that the jury that had sentenced Stoker to death was ignorant of all those facts. "

It's amazing the Bush found someone worse than Ashcroft...but he did...
Gonzales is a yes man. He'll tell Bush what he wants to hear, whether it's true or not.
He's a sloppy lawyer who does not take his responsibility to the law seriously.
We must oppose Gonzales!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

been thinking

I been thinkin'
and I don't think
I mean to say
it sounds old
and cliche
but I'm gonna say it
not 'cause it's important
but 'cause it feels good to say
I don't think
things have to be
this way

Word on the street... (Axiom Friday Night)

The word on the street is that pop sensation The Mathletes will be playing a private show at the axiom this Friday night...
side door...
This is our first show in a LONG time, and probably the last chance you'll get to see us until,
uh, well, the end of the month when we are the band for the BLP power hour, which is also
at the axiom.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Fafblog! the whole worlds only source for Fafblog.

Fafblog! the whole worlds only source for Fafblog.:
"And Giblets is not alone! What has 2004 done for anyone? Democrats got to get whupped by Republicans. Republicans got to completely sell out everything it means to be a Republican. Iraqis got to get tortured, blown up, and shot at. American troops got to get blown up, shot at, and stuck in Iraq underpaid. Doves got a war they didn't like. Hawks got to not like the war. Gays got marriage rights - in Massachusetts - at least a hundred and thirty six years late. The religious right got to stomp all over gays and watch Jim Caviezel get nailed to a cross. Did it make them feel any better? Does anything make them feel any better?

George Bush? Yeah, okay, so he had a fun time. Happy New Year, George."

I think that about sums it up...

Gang of Four Returns Gang of Four : Gang of Four Return : News
: "Gang of Four, one of the most influential late-Seventies post-punk groups, are set to play their first shows with their original line-up in over twenty years. Known for their politicized punk-and-funk sound, the Brits will perform five U.K. dates in January, with possible gigs to follow in the U.S. this spring. "

hope they come stateside!
missed the wire reunion shows
but I ain't missing this

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Monlogues for 2 - #1 in a series

I've been thinking
I've been thinking a lot
thinking a lot
about the devil
or maybe devils
I think they're all
just manifestations
on the one
though it's hard to be sure
I get so confused sometimes
but, see, the devil is the reason
the reason I have to keep
I have to keep you
I have to keep you tied up

not the manifestation in me,
the manifestation in you

the devil in you
could make you
could make you do things
make you do things
things you'd live to regret
so it's better this way
trust me

you probably think
you probably think you know
you know about
you know about the devil in me
what he's capable of

they're not all male
but my devil is
he's one for brute force
got trapped in a small man
so there are not as many
not as many
not near as many bar fights
as he would
he would like,
but he finds his outlets...

I was saying,
you probably think
think you know
think you know my devil
but I assure you
you haven't met him yet
what has transpired between us
our interactions so far
so far
have been purely human
well, maybe some animal,
but no,
you have yet to meet
yet to meet
the devil inside me
but he's strong and
he's unforgiving and
he knows right from wrong
oh yes he knows
guess which he prefers and
and I don't know how long
how long
how long I can
how long I can keep him at bay
you'll have to help me
you'll help me
but just to make sure
just to make sure
I have to keep you tied up
you understand,don't you?