Thursday, August 31, 2006 | Culture when you want it. | Culture when you want it.:

"Yes, we love Speeding Motorcycle too but it can't go on forever! So come on down to Axiom this Saturday, Sept. 2nd and say goodbye to happiest sad show in Houston theater history. The play is sold out but afterwards (round 9:30pm) we'll reopen the doors to the public and you can see the Speeding Motorcycle band rock out with some good old Daniel Johnston tunes. Stick around to catch the inspiration of it all playing with his new band, Danny and the Nightmares!

It's fun! It's free! And there's beer! Yay!"

C'mon by for the celebration!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

hey liittle girl...

would you like to buy some candy?

listening to the oldies station
on satellite radio
makes me a little freaked
about how many songs from
the 50's are about dead teenagers
or inappropriate relationships
with young girls...
what is the world coming to?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Daily Kos: The difference between Progressives and Liberals

Daily Kos: The difference between Progressives and Liberals:
"While liberalism emerged in the Northeast and among the more enlightened industrialists (who believed they were building a better world), a second political movement emerged in the Midwest. There were a number of individuals involved in the birth of the Progressive movement, but I will attempt to explain through the activities of John Dewey and Jane Addams because I know them best and it is easiest for me. Dewey was also a Pragmatist but his perspective was a little different from the one that developed in New England (even though he was originally from Vermont). Dewey developed an approach that has been called Instrumental Pragmatism. He concentrated on the actual problem solving and the way humans lives could be improved by improving their problem solving. The idea that Dewey believed human lives could be improved as a whole, and not just problem to problem, is critical. Dewey also believed that there was no line to be drawn between the philosophical, the political, and education. "

Recently had someone tell me we needed to reclaim the word liberal...
didn't like it when I called myself a progressive.

Copyfight: the politics of IP

Copyfight: the politics of IP: "According to a December 2005 entry in the blog Alas, there are translators and publishers who would love to re-do the translation and, presumably, correct these and other errors. However, the current publisher (Knopf) has the exclusive English-language rights locked up until the book goes into the public domain - in 2056. They are also supposedly refusing both to do an updated transation themselves, and to allow anyone else to publish one."

Once again intellectual property rights protects the actual "property" itself.
This is pretty disgusting.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Blood on the tracks - The Boston Globe

Blood on the tracks - The Boston Globe:

"Greene and his colleagues described the finding as a partial victory for David Hume, the British philosopher who wrote that reason was a ``slave to the emotions.' But more precisely, they described moral decision-making as a process in which reason and emotion duke it out within the mind. The finding, they added, was also a blow to older theories of human development, which held that as we become adults, we stop making moral decisions with our emotions, as children do."

All you people who do mean things because they are rational. Well, yr just mean. --- kid ornery presents the adding machine

Ayn's got her page up from "the adding machine"!!! --- kid ornery presents the adding machine

go check out all the great pics!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

dialogue - influences obvious

A: Suspicion?

B: No.

A: Type?

B: Visual.
Saw them.

A: Saw them what.

B: Together.
Saw them together.

A: You?

B: No.

A: Motive?

B: Motive?

A: Ben's? Motive for seeing? telling? describing?

B: Truth?

A: Truth. Truth's no motive.

B: Motive?

A: Motive?

B: Yours. Yours in questioning - implying his.

A: Questioning yes.
Implying no.
Must alway question.

B: Thus, questioning yours -

Study questions:

1. There are at least 4 (possibly 5) people in this story.
Who is the most fucked?
The least?

2. Is there always a motive for speech? always a motive for action?
when are these motive suspect? and when are they not?

3. Do you trust the advice of others in regards to decisions most dear?
if so, do you examine their motives? their reasons for you to live your life
a certain way?

4. Do you think Ben really saw what he says he saw?
if not why not?
what possible motives could he have for relaying what he did or did not see to B?

5. What motive could A have for impugning Ben's integrity? for making B wonder if Ben had an ulterior motive?

6. There are no wrong answers, which makes it unlikely that there are any right answers...
which pretty much mean we're fucked...
this isn't really a question is it?
well, comes to terms with this idea, in language - that sounds like you couuld get an essay out of it...
so there.

Kid Ornery

what are you gonna do when the ax falls?

speeding motorcycle
made my worst screw up yet
(yes, worse than falling off the stage)
walked out with my horn,
when I should have been empty handed...
("startling facts" for those what know the show...)
got through it

then the last misfires gig (till the next one)
and then rudz
and then notsuoh

lots of whiskey

and tomorrow (or is that today?)
Stanford Meisner studies
no TDU (bass player burgled again)
and hopefully early to bed...

best thing to come from tonight
is maybe a new addition
to the playtime sessions...

we'll see.