Friday, June 03, 2005

Eschaton - the job numbers...

are crap!!!
The Job Numbers

Republicans are NOT good stewards of the economy by any measure you care to name...

Halley's Comment: Holding Men To A Higher Standard

Breaking my own rule...said I wouldn't talk about chasing women on the blog, but I have to comment on this, and since Halley has comments locked down on her blog, I'll do it here...

Halley's Comment: Holding Men To A Higher Standard:
"Women are holding men to a higher standard -- the SAME higher standard women have been held to for years.

Women are expected to have:

1. good bodies
2. good clothes
3. cute shoes
4. good senses of humor
5. good manners
6. good jobs
7. good credit
8. nice places to live
9. be good cooks
10. be good in bed"

I'll just address there one at a time..

1. good bodies - yes, but good bodies come in ALL shapes and sizes...
2. good clothes - it's best they don't dress like a scarecrow, but if they can make that work that's even good...
3. cute shoes - um, no...ladies, other women are the only ones who care if you are wearing "cute" shoes...Sexy shoes are nice once in a while...but really I'm more interested in the feet inside...mmm....feet.
4. good senses of humor - well, yeah.
5. good manners - Um, considerate and nice? Yes. Knows which fork to use? couldn't care less.
6. good jobs - don't believe there are good jobs, so obviously no.
7. good credit - um, before I judged anyone on that one I'd need to remove the mote from my own bank account.
8. nice places to live - as long as it is not a bigger sty than my place, I'm fine.
9. be good cooks - nope, that's why there are restaurants...who has time to eat at home anyway? It's a nice plus, but certainly not expected.
10. be good in bed - yes. Nobody should have to accept bad in bed.

in a followup Halley says:
I thought men would be upset to read about women expecting so much more from them, holding THEM to a higher standard. Weirdly, I got push back instead on the notion that men are constantly judging and comparing women. A number of men said they don't do this. Huh!!!!???? This seems really strange to me.

I've heard men. I know a few men. They've told me what they really do when a bunch of women walk by. A lot of them can tell you a woman's bra cup size from 50 feet and I've heard them say it. Get real, guys! We know you're sizing us up. The idea that men are not judging women ... yeah, right, I say.

but what has that to do with good cook? cute shoes? credit?


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Whiskey Bar: A Cox in the Henhouse

Whiskey Bar: A Cox in the Henhouse

This is awful.
I was a stockbroker
in the heady
They made adjustments
again and again to keep
the super-rich in charge
and the rest of us out of the
game entirely.
Still, the SEC occasionally busted up
some bad behavior on the part of the house of Morgan
or Goldman/Sachs...

REFORM people...
The Dems should really start pounding on REFORM,
and they should appoint some kind of superhero like Spitzer
to run the SEC when they get the chance...

this is awful.
They are going to be draining $$$ away from the rest of us
in brand new creative ways...
you won't even feel their hand in your pocket.

File Under: Know Your Enemy: BUZZSCOPE :: Take That! #3 - Understanding Nazis - by Capt. America

BUZZSCOPE :: Take That! #3 - Understanding Nazis:
"Evil, as I see it, is any human activity that doesn’t grow out of purity, goodness, the American dream and not killing people with giant swastika robots. Humans simply cannot spend every waking minute being good and pure, otherwise I’d be out of a job and opening WalMarts around the country. There will inevitably be times when humans just don’t have the American dream in their hearts. And because those humans attempt to assert these evolution-bred instinct of trying NOT to do the right thing, evil is the way they assert their identities as individuals and break out of the narrow role goodness casts us in. This is how we get people like the Serpent Society and M.O.D.O.K.

Heh. M.O.D.O.K. "

Everything you needed to know about Nazi's...
but the #1 Nazi hunter! | Culture | Wet and Riled | 2005-06-02 | Culture | Wet and Riled | 2005-06-02:
"Dark, apocalyptic and profoundly disturbing, Bernard-Marie Koltes's Night Just Before the Forests is kick-you-in-the-ass theater -- just the sort of thing Infernal Bridegroom Productions does so well. Produced in cahoots with DiverseWorks in its spare black-box performance space, the ambitious hour of avant-garde theater rails against nothing less than the terrors of fascism and the steely heart pounding without mercy in the core of our new world order. "

I'm going to see it tonight,
and Saturday...
Troy always kicks ass,
and this sounds like it is right up my alley...

Auditions we Hope to Never See Again

Auditions we Hope to Never See Again

"Choose appropriate material. Pieces of extensive anger and/or vulgarity can cause auditioners to tune out. "

"Don't choose a piece with obscene or offensive language"

Well, I'm a vulgar extensively angry guy.
do you want TRUTH or do you want something else?
If vulgarity is going to make you "tune out" chances are I don't want to work with you anyway...

I can at least say that looking through the "Overdone monologues" list I don't see anything I'd even consider there...
so, that's good...

The Washington Monthly - File Under: Mind Control

The Washington Monthly:
"Ernst Fehr of the University of Zurich and colleagues tested 194 healthy male students in a series of sophisticated games of risk and trust....Some players were given a whiff of oxytocin, some inhaled a vial of air. None of the players knew what they were sniffing and none knew whether the trustees were trustworthy or not: they had to make a decision. Those who sniffed oxytocin showed a greater propensity to trust someone than those who simply inhaled air."

We learned a new song!

anyway, The Mathletes worked up "Retarded Futuristic Pinocchio Syndrome" last night.
It's about a robot that wants to be a toaster.

"You don't understand my dream how could you now?
it isn't your dream anyhow."

go hear Joe's recording of it here.

then I finished reading True and False. It was great. Inspiring and full of the kind of attitude you'd expect from Mamet. Stop whining and ACT! Speak your lines clearly and try to do something like the author intended.

timed a few of the monologues I was looking at...
they're all too long.
So, I started going through my stuff (which is what I should have done to begin with) and now I'm looking at a piece from Ionesco's Macbett and Pushkin's Don Juan.

I had Joe take some pictures of me and I'm going to use on of them for my head shot.
Everything I read about head shots seem to say the most important thing is that they look like you. Well, I trust Joe to capture that. He knows what I look like.
I'm not expecting anything to come of this audition really, I just want to have the experience of having done it.

and now back to work or something resembling work.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This is Pop!: "Lost" clues

if yr as addicted to "Lost" as I am yr really not looking forward to the summer...
here's a little something to tide you over...

This is Pop!: "Lost" clues

The Comics Curmudgeon � The Family Circus cavalcade of cruelty continues

The Comics Curmudgeon � The Family Circus cavalcade of cruelty continues:

This is why you should read the comics curmudgeon - even if you don't read the comics:

"“When you came along, Billy,” he thinks, “I lost my youth and privacy, I was no longer first in my wife’s affections, and I was ever more firmly shackled to a white-collar job I hate and a soulless suburban home I loathe. Every day I look at your fresh young face, full of life and vigour, and I’m reminded that I’m getting older and closer to death. But by God, at least you can’t get a fastball by me yet.” "


didn't see star wars after all...
decided to stay in and read.
made it through the monologues and there are few I'm going to play with before I pick two.
Starting reading the Mamet, and while I'm not sure I agree with anything, it is very practical advice, and has made me laugh out loud more than once...
A good read, and an interesting take on acting for sure.
Tonight is Mathletes practice!

Dangerous Books

miscellaneous heathen / weirdwideweb

There's a lot of good stuff over at Miscellaneous Heathen today. This one is absolutely amazing though...
Chet says maybe "Mein Kampf" is dangerous...
I'd say it's more dangerous to bury "Mein Kampf" than it is to read it.
We need to know what goes on in "monsters" heads if we're to recognize them and stop them early...
and here's the ideas of one of the biggest in his own words...

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Daily Howler

The Daily Howler:
"Why do conservatives often do better in the nation’s endless spin wars? In part, it’s because liberal interests are often promoted by a wide array of self-involved fops. It’s a problem we’ll explore all this week."

Ahhh...The Howler.
I'll be reading all week...

These Days, Kraftwerk Is Packing Light

These Days, Kraftwerk Is Packing Light:
"To some, it may smack of overstatement to compare Kraftwerk to Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, James Brown and the Beatles as among the most influential pop figures of the 20th century, but their DNA is identifiable in everything from techno, house, trance, trip-hop and synthpop to hip-hop. In 1982, pioneering DJ Afrika Bambaataa and Soulsonic Force's 'Planet Rock' blended rap with the melody and beat from Kraftwerk singles 'Trans-Europe Express' and 'Numbers,' respectively, creating a seminal rap recording and one of the most frequently sampled tracks in history. Whether you think of the New Romantics and the synthpop movements of the '80s or today's rave culture, it's hard to imagine what modern music would sound like without Kraftwerk's innovations. What was brand-new in the mid-'70s is no longer an anomaly: Electro culture is everywhere, and Kraftwerk is its daddy."

I hear Kraftwerk almost as often as I hear Eno...
often in the works of people who probably are ripping off someone who ripped off someone who ripped off Kraftwerk (or Eno) and have no idea about the original...
Kraftwerk was/is the real deal.
This is a pretty nice article catching up with them,
and about how technology HAS caught up with them.

File Under: Texas is the reason... "Republican Legislators Unable to Say the 'P' Word"

Andrew at BOR reminds us, in case we forgot, just what the Texas lege accomplished this session:
Burnt Orange Report - Republican Legislators Unable to Say the "P" Word:
"This session could have been a disaster for the poor, but since the Republicans failed miserably in virtually all of their efforts they ended up coming out just beaten and not bludgeoned to death."

the scoop

bad news - failed my CCNA
news - they aren't firing me yet over it
good news - I picked up True and False by Mamet on Miller's recommendation
and a book of monologues which includes a bit of Foreman's President from Symphony of Rats so I'm hoping there'll be some other winners in there too...
good news - dropped off my form for co-ops...
good news - replaced two tires on the I'm much less likely to end up stranded or a dead bloody mess!
good news - filmed my last scene in BLP's "MacBeth" this weekend
bad news - Needful Creatures closed this weekend. I miss it already.
news - think I'm finally gonna see Star Wars tonight...
good news - get to see The Night before the Forests this weekend

so, I guess overall, things are good...

TCG - American Theatre - Eyes Wide Shut

Barilla over at the IBP forums points us to this artice in American Theatre:

TCG - American Theatre - Eyes Wide Shut

His legacy is certain. His plays, however, remain open to interpretation. He himself notoriously insisted that The Seagull and The Cherry Orchard were "gay, lighthearted, comedies," but this was ignored by Stanislavsky, who directed the plays, according to Chekhov, as "weepy." The two men were often at loggerheads as a result. The premiere production of The Cherry Orchard, rehearsing in Moscow while the playwright withered in Yalta, gave Chekhov his final chance to decry what he saw as Stanislavky's enduring misinterpretation of his work. As his strength evanesced, he roused himself, fired up his pen and dashed off acid-tinged missives that warned Stanislavsky against employing his familiar, cloying theatrical tricks. These usually involved the offstage sounds of dogs barking, birds singing and frogs croaking. Early in their collaboration, an exasperated Chekhov even exclaimed, "I shall write a new play and the first words will be, 'It's wonderful, this calm! No birds, no dogs, no cuckoos, no owls, no nightingales, no clocks, no sleigh bells, no crickets.'"

I've always thought Chekov was funny.
I hope we get to see new translations/adaptations of everything.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Daily Kos :: PROGRESSIVES!!!??? Like LIEBERMAN!!!???

Daily Kos :: PROGRESSIVES!!!??? Like LIEBERMAN!!!???:
"I am sorry, but if ANYONE actually believed that the Bush Administration was telling the truth, then they are NOT 'progressives.' The whole thing was out there, plain to see, and literally MILLIONS of Americans saw it. People climbing on the bandwagon now who supported this administration in any way whatsoever after it stole the election in 2000 ought to be sent, Cultural Revolution style, out into the working populace and made to mingle with the people until their heads pop on back out of their asses."

Preach on!
That's the thing that keeps getting me...
Folks keep saying, "Well, everyone thought there were WMD's!"

I didn't.
Neither did most of the folks I know.
Neither did most of the folks involved in searching for the programs (Scott Ritter, etc.).
Neither did Colin Powell or Condaleeza Rice if you believe their public pronouncements before the beating of war drums began...
(and yes, I'm too lazy to look for the links right now...)
but yeah, if you've believe Bushco's lies,
it's because you were already inclined to do so,
not because you (in the liberal tradition) looked at the facts on the ground and found your truth there.

Daily Kos :: Professional Women...You're Making Your Man Sick

Daily Kos :: Professional Women...You're Making Your Man Sick:
"In short, men are still geared to a traditional life as the breadwinner. 'We found that the more the man works, the better his wellbeing,' the authors say. "

All I can really say about this is that it's obvious they didn't interview me...
SLACK FOREVER! Arts & Entertainment | Tale of the tape Arts & Entertainment | Tale of the tape:
" The stories are endless. There is the guy who in college used the same mix tape to impress three different girls -- his girlfriend, a fling and a prospective second fling -- simultaneously and got away with it. There is the 13-year-old whose musical existence was shaken out of a Sex Pistols-Beatles bipolarity by mix tapes from cooler, older friends. There is the guy who made a romantic tape called 'You Best Believe I'm in Love' with nothing on it but New York Dolls songs. "

My first exposure to Bauhaus, The Cure, The Violent Femmes, Husker Du, and in fact most of the bands that I would spend listening to through most of high school were introduced to me on one mix-tape or another...
From Jertsy To Marxy was a tape my friend Monica made me back in the day that included everybody up there and more...
Some guy I knew in band, don't remember his name, but I remember a tape with The Dead Kennedy's and The Dickies among others...
and later making mix-tapes for girlfriends and possible girlfriends (and there anything sadder than the mix-tape made for an ex?)...
finding ways to make Dylan, and Dwight Yoakum work with The Clash, Brian Eno, The Cure, and was always about maximum eclecticism for me,
even if there was a definite theme or idea working it's way through...
I've always been musically democratic, "all musics for all people" being my ideal,
and the mix-tape, my mix-tapes, were all about that ideal.
My friend Josh would literally work and rework mix-tapes until you could hear snippets of things he'd recorded over in the background. He could work on one for months at a time...

Maybe we can convince Thurston (or his publisher) to set up a site so that we can ALL tell our mix-tape tales...

Candy Jones article - Mind Control Victim? - the precursor to Cathy Phillips and the Presidential Model

For those of you that have read Tranceformation of America I give you a bit of history...

Candy Jones article - Mind Control Victim?:
"Jensen told her that she would need to be in good health for her undercover work and suggested she needed vitamins, which he injected into her intravenously from then on. These 'vitamins' were actually highly experimental drugs. He also told her about hypnosis and its uses, demonstrating it by hypnotising her, although she insisted she couldn't be hypnotised. It was then that he found Arlene, and developed her into someone he could use. Arlene was brought out and took Candy over, and in reality it was her who was sent on various experimental missions at home and abroad. Candy would become Arlene in appearance too, wearing a wig and different make-up. Of course Candy was programmed not to remember all this, but when Donald Bain talked to her for his book she still had one of the passport photos of her as Arlene ( which Bain published), wearing a black wig and dark make-up."

"Candy as Arlene attended training camps, military bases and secret medical facilities throughout America. She was trained to use explosives, to fight in close combat with improvised weaponry such as a hatpin, and taught about disguise and communications. She learned how to kill with her bare hands, resist pain, and deal with interrogation techniques. She carried and was taught to use a .22-caliber pistol, and was introduced to such devices as a lipstick containing poison, which could be used to commit suicide, if captured, by biting into the stick. She also learned how code numbers could be painted on her nails and covered with nail polish. All Candy Jones knew about all this was that she had occasionally delivered mail for her government. She was not aware of her alter ego Arlene at all, though Arlene knew all about her, and thought her weak."

Does this mean Project Monarch has been going on since the 40's?
Does this mean Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien picked up on the Candy Jones story and used it as a model for theirs?

I can't believe I haven't come across this before...
good stuff...
I'll be using this for sure...

corrente / Leah, Lambert, Tresy, the farmer, Tom, Xan, RDF, and Riggsveda

corrente / Leah, Lambert, Tresy, the farmer, Tom, Xan, RDF, and Riggsveda:
"Remember, it's a fucking LIE. When I think of Memorial Day, I think of wasted lives. I think of World War One, with its terrible piles of dead. I recall Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I think of the warmongers among us now, drooling over their maps and new weapons, just sure that their special deity is on their side. And I think of the recruiters. And I think of the obscene 'defense' (read 'imperial war') budget. And I put on a recording of 'Universal Soldier' and read Johnny Got His Gun and cry and then get angry, very angry. I'm sorry, soldiers everywhere--one day this madness must end and there are those working toward it. As Dr. King said, we either learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools.
Happy Memorial Day. Now there's an oxymoron. "

I think that about sums it up.

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: May 22, 2005 - May 28, 2005 Archives

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: May 22, 2005 - May 28, 2005 Archives:
"Remember, the McClellan/DiRita attacks on Newsweek weren't simply about getting a few facts wrong or weakly sourcing a story. Their claim was that the charges were outrageous, damaging and false, when in fact it turns out they were outrageous, damaging and quite likely true. And even more damaging for the US after McClellan and DiRita spent a couple weeks heaping attention on them."