Friday, June 30, 2006

eventaully notsuoh

what are you gonna do when the bomb drops?
when the ax falls?
when you get fucked?
sit around feelin' blue
for yourself now
like you did
like you always do.
my brother likes to yell and fight
until he goes unconscious at the end of the night
but the girls go dancin'
the girls go dancin'
girls go dancin'
the girls go dancin'

nobody really cares
if you don't go
to the party on Saturday.
you can stay home
if you want to
it's just a party anyway
and when the cops finally
shut us down
we won't care too much
we'll just give up
and watch
the girls go dancin'
the girls go dancin'
girls go dancin'
the girls go dancin'

I don't mean to put you down
or act like I just don't care
but this isn't the first time
you acted like I wasn't even there

I hear Seattle is nice
but it rains a lot
moving there would just seem wrong
when I came down south this time
I never though that I'd stay for half this long
sure I could be depressed
and I could be sad
but even this damn city
doesn't seem that bad
when the girls go dancin'
the girls go dancin'
girls go dancin'
the girls go dancin'
girls go dancin'
the girls go dancin'
girls go dancin'
the girls go dancin'

- A. Barilla

I'm NOT going to Notsuoh tonight...
gotta lead folks through a rehearsal.
but it's a tough call.

YourGreenDream, Homemade solar, wind and green power diy projects.

I was going to say something snarky about hippies or something, but, actually, this is pretty cool...

YourGreenDream, Homemade solar, wind and green power diy projects.:
"A free source of information on how to create your own homemade projects on solar, hydro, wind, tidal, geothermal or other green power. The site is designed to help and inspire hobby or starters with good easy to understand basic information about solar, wind, hydro electricity generating projects. It also allows you to communicate with others who are doing them same thing so you can avoid making those mistakes others make. And once you have the energy the best ways to use and store that energy, with batteries, electrolysis (hydrogen) and great low consumption products."

Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Scientist Technology - Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites

New Scientist Technology - Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites:
"The NSA recently changed ARDA's name to the Disruptive Technology Office. The DTO's interest in online social network analysis echoes the Pentagon's controversial post 9/11 Total Information Awareness (TIA) initiative. That programme, designed to collect, track and analyse online data trails, was suspended after a public furore over privacy in 2002. But elements of the TIA were incorporated into the Pentagon's classified programme in the September 2003 Defense Appropriations Act."

good thing I didn't put the anarchist's cookbook into librarything...


so I went and signed up over at librarything...
you can find a link to my library, and some random books
a little further down on the right...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Daily Kos: UPDATED: Segregation in a Congregation

Daily Kos: UPDATED: Segregation in a Congregation: "The preacher man suddenly locks his eyes on me and asks 'Why aren't you raising your hand?' as if he's surprised. I reply with 'I'm not saved.' This prompts him to ask 'Are you gonna get saved today?' to which I reply 'Probably not.'


He decided to make an example of me, he asked me to come to the front of the room."

The last time I went to church with a friend was high school.
I made the mistake of filling out the guest card...
well, sure enough about a week later, the youth pastor and some other churchy guy shows up at my door, they wanna talk about Jesus and pray with me and stuff...
I don't even like it when my friends show up unannounced, so this was certainly not welcome.
I remember they came in, and we talked for awhile, they left, and I NEVER went back to church again...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


For those of you what missed it
here is the FOK/TDU set - "Gay Pride"
from the 6.24.06 Extemporama at Super Happy Fun Land...

FOK is Charlie Naked and Danny McMahon -
with - Tom Zermeno, Robert Pearson, John Atlas, Rose Lange, Jim Otterson, Mike Switzer...
then we turn into TDU and add Jeff Miller and Kirk "Monkeyboy" Suddreath
we all play together for a bit of "Space is the Place" then nonTDU folks leave for the most part...though I think John and Rose kept playing with us.
The piece starts with Charlie and Danny doing their best Don Cherry, with Charlie on bamboo clarinet and Danny playing some kind of tiny harp...
anyway, check it out...
it was a good show...
and it was the night of the Gay Pride parade...


the grooveblog:

"Caught TDU Sunday at Helios as part of the Homeless Pet Placement League benefit. I work with the drummer, Kirk and was vaguely familiar with the trombone player, Mike, and bassist Jeff. They are an experimental jazz outfit that takes you on a meandering sonic journey. Here’s an mp3 of their performance at Helios! I wish more of my photos had come out, but I wasn’t “on” Sunday and most of my pics came out like shit. So, I give you my best images of The Defenestration Unit."

Silicone doll promises to keep the party going - Yahoo! News

Silicone doll promises to keep the party going - Yahoo! News:

"'You see, in Europe, sex is just easier, and taxes, well, they're more difficult,' said Becker."

no real comments here...
just loved that quote.

The Best Thing We Have Ever Posted: Reader Tries To Cancel AOL - Consumerist

gotta love bad customer service...

The Best Thing We Have Ever Posted: Reader Tries To Cancel AOL - Consumerist:
"here's the summary: 'Cancel the account. Cancel the account. Cancel the account. CANCEL THE ACCOUNT. CANCEL THE ACCOUNT. CANCEL THE ACCOUNT. FOR GOD'S SAKE JUST CANCEL THE FUCKING ACCOUNT.' "

We're desperate (get used to it)

Ron's right on...
as usual.

REAL ART (and politics and culture):

"While 'experts' continue to offer deficient analysis about this depressing trend, the above noted television explanation being one example, I think the true instigator of American social isolation is right-wing philosophy. That is, for over a quarter of a century, the right wing has pushed every-man-for-himself economic policies, which are now, by and large, the law of the land. Meanwhile, corporations have outsourced the bulk of security providing jobs, and the healthcare crisis rages unabated. The mass-produced corporate popular culture has only reinforced these phenomena, labeling American culture as competitive, asserting that if you're not number one, you're nothing; this is now the conventional wisdom. No really, I'm not making this shit up. Conservative policy and philosophy, now triumphant, have scared the hell out of everyone, making people think that they are utterly on their own. Is it any wonder that people are feeling isolated? "

The American spirit has always been an individualist one, tempered with as much or as little social obligation as the times allowed. I think we'll see a resurgence of people connecting as things get worse. I hope we will anyway, otherwise worse is all we've got to look forward to. The thing is no matter what believe (and I'm fairly solipsistic by nature) we are all in this together. The sooner we realize that and act on it the sooner we kick the reptiles off the planet (literally, figuratively, whatever works for you...). Unemployed now, I sit in front of this computer all day - very disconnected - making rambling posts like this and leaving comments here and there - the connections I make online are really only connections of ideas in my head - not connections to people - phone calls are a step up - text messaging a step down (i think) - but real face to face - that's the good stuff - the apex - and the only way real connections happen - connections based on more than words - and if it weren't for rehearsals, and having a roommate I could easily let days go by without looking at another face.

I do have people I confide in - they are called "drunks" -
(as I do, from time to time, manage to drag myself to the bar)
anyone not sober enough to get away from me after I've had about 4 whiskeys will, sooner or later, know things about me they'd rather not. Does that count?


When I improvise,
at least with another horn player,
i lean toward folk melodies,
and human cries...
this is Albert Ayler...
Ornette's there too,
pushing me to play the melody
with every other melody.
Roswell Rudd,
Miff Mole,
Dave Dove...
A playfulness,
and a purpose.
To me it's obvious -
the clown
the prince
with one
mouth piece
one bell
one slide
the idea
that less
is always more
as long
as it ain't nothin'

as a player,
I know
I don't
live up
to ANY of my ideals

but I hold them
and I keep goin'
all Ben Franklin like...


home from helios
set in with the medicine show
for the first time
in a long

smell like patchouli
not cigarettes
driving me crazy
in a good/bad way

convinced _______
to pick up the
French Horn again,
but not to give me her number...
such is life.

this patchouli
it brings back,

Monday, June 26, 2006


"It’s a story that clearly seems to be a challenge to adapt to film, but now, according to The Hollywood Reproter, that’s what director Zach Snyder’s job is, as the young director was named by Warner Bros. as the helmer of the movie version of the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons classic graphic novel."

In the best of all possible worlds this would be a great movie, and still a poor adaption of the book if it runs any less than 6 or 7 hours...
This is an incredibly rich text, and there is simply no way to do it justice with an American made studio film.
HBO or the Sci-Fi network should be working on the twelve episode series right now...
instead we'll get this...maybe.
It seems like they announce a new director and writer for this project every couple of days...
So there's still hope.
Hope that maybe it will never get made,
and that one of the best comic books
will get to be remembered as a great comic book
and not something else.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


So, TDU played at Helios today as part of a benefit for HPPL
and now, just a few hours later...
here it is...

Just two numbers...
a long one, and a shorter one, that starts with us riffing on Joe Henderson's "Earth"...

1. Saturn on Taft
2. Back to Earth

Charlie Naked, Kid Ornery, Jim Otterson, Tom Zermeno, Jeff Miller, and Kirk "Monkeyboy" Suddreath
"I just saw 'Speeding Motorcycle' with Caitlin at a small indie theatre downtown in the warehouse district. It was amazing and I'm going to see some more shows there. I got tickets to Wicked, Lion King, and am looking forward to an art festival on Saturday."

File Under: Damned Reptiles!

Xinhua - English: "CHANGCHUN, June 21 (Xinhua) -- Chinese archaeologists have discovered a group of ancient tombs shaped like pyramids, dating back at least 3,000 years, in Jiaohe City of northeast China's Jilin Province."

what's wrong with you?

I performed in two great shows tonight...
and chances are ya didn't see either of 'em.

Speeding Motorcycle was,
Speeding Motorcycle...
those of you what know
and those what don't
need to make reservations NOW
for the remount...

and the Fist of Kong/The Defenestration Unit tore up Super Happy Fun Land...
when I got there I thought, "wait...maybe we're not playing here..."
I mean there were actually people there...
not something I'm used to at TDU shows.
Had a few folks say they are coming to see us tomorrow at Helios, even...
that show is a benefit for homeless pets.
You like animals, right?
C'mon...they're all like cute and stuff...
so come to Helios around 4 tomorrow and have yr mind blown while helping critters...