Friday, April 22, 2005

Key 23

So, I've been thinking about how I could become even more annoying to my friends. Becoming born again is too obvious...
think I'll go with MAGICK!

Key 23:
"Googlemancy, Image Alchemy, And Adepthood"

The Daily Howler

The Daily Howler:
"OUR SUGGESTION: If you want to understand your world, we’ll suggest you read every word of today’s lengthy but incomparable HOWLER."

I'll second that.
Unless you're tired of reading about how Ann Coulter lies,
and how the press ignores it.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

By the Bayou: Texas Foster Children

By the Bayou: Texas Foster Children

Here's an e-mail one rep sent to her constituents -
at least the whole Tx lege isn't hateful morons...

Last night, the Business and Industry Committee had a hearing on my bill, House Bill 143. This bill will prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. We had witnesses who testified on their experiences of being fired from jobs based on their sexual orientation. I will continuing working on this very important legislation.

Despite the good news of having a hearing for HB 143, there was a huge setback last night for children. As you may have heard by now, the House passed a bill last night which would ban gay and lesbian parents from being foster parents. Senate Bill 6 relates to restructuring our Child Protective Services and foster care programs. There were many good components in this bill. However, an amendment was offered to ban gay and lesbian invididuals from serving as foster parents. Unfortunately, the amendment was placed in the bill. I voted against the amendment and the bill.

The effect of the amendment will be to remove children who are already placed in foster homes with gay or lesbian parents. The amendment also requires that caseworkers ask specific questions regarding sexual orientation. Children will now come second while our caseworkers engage in something similar to a witch hunt to determine a prospective foster parent's sexual orientation.

When we walked on the house floor, we had a strategy already in place to defeat this amendment. The strategy was to focus on the cost of this amendment. We estimated that it would take $50 million to carry out these measures. During the debate on the floor, discussions deteriorated into debating the morality of sexual orientation. At that point, we knew chances of defeating the amendment were lost because of the lack of support for GLBT issues in the legislature.

I am very saddened and frustrated at the Legislature for allowing this amendment to get placed on this bill. Conservatives have the majority and we were outnumbered. I have visions of children being pulled from loving homes simply because the Legislature feels that intolerance should dictate public policy.

There is a chance to have this provision removed in conference committee. Many of us are working behind the scenes to have this happen. It is very important to spread the word about this issue. Write in to your newspaper. Have people you know contact their legislators.

Sorry for the bad news. Please get everyone you know to be active on this issue.

Off the Kuff: Foster care madness

Off the Kuff: Foster care madness:
"Like so many of my blogging colleagues, I'm disgusted by the action taken by State Rep. Robert Talton (R, Pasadena) to bar gays from being foster parents. "

I'm from Pasadena.
I shoulda known...
Sometimes I think about moving back just to vote against clowns like this.
Mr. Kuffner also points out that this is another unfunded Republican mandate that will turn the agency into a the "gay police"...

File Under : There is strength in a union - Remember the Raise? (

Remember the Raise? (
"Plainly, two factors have altered our economy, profoundly and for the worse.
The first is our free-market form of globalization, which exerts downward pressure on the income from all jobs -- from software writer to shirt stitcher -- that can be performed elsewhere. The second is deunionization, which removes the bargaining power of employees. Get rid of unions -- and the rate of unionization in the private sector is 7.9 percent, the lowest level since before the New Deal -- and who is it that even bargains for wage increases? "

I been saying it for a while,
if they want me to not even believe in this whole free market thing,
but just believe that they really believe in it,
then they need to address the fact that for a market to be free labor needs to be as free as capital...
free to organize,
and free to move
across any border...
otherwise what you've got isn't a free market at all,
but a market managed to our (the workers) disadvantage...

Dewey Dell: "Playing for Change" cd released featuring DELTA DREAMBOX!

Dewey Dell: "Playing for Change" cd released featuring DELTA DREAMBOX!

Over at Dewey Delll Bliss announces new CD release with a cut from her band Delta Dreambox...
There's even a video. YAY!
the only thing cooler than listening to Bliss is getting to see her too!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

BBC - Radio 4 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Steve Meretzky

BBC - Radio 4 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Steve Meretzky:

"How did the infamous Babel Fish puzzle originate?

Douglas had the basic idea, and I added some refinements (like the Upper-Half-Of-The-Room Cleaning Robot). More interesting is how close the puzzle came to being removed from the game; most of Infocom's testing group thought it was too hard. I was going into a meeting with them just as Douglas was leaving for the airport at the end of his final trip to Infocom, and I asked him, 'What should I tell them about the Babel Fish puzzle?' He said, 'What should you tell them? Tell them to f*** off!' So the puzzle stayed... and its very difficulty became a cult thing. Infocom even sold T-shirts that said 'I got the Babel Fish.' "

I finally cheated...
bought some infocom hint book for the damn game...
otherwise I would never have ended up with that fish in my ear.

If you've never played the Hitchhiker's game you really should.
It was an incredibly powerful and entertaining time-sucker back in the day.
If you read all the way down to the bottom you'll actually find a link to play
the 20th anniversary illustrated version of the game.
Good Luck
don't panic.

The Pinocchio Theory: Confidence Games

The Pinocchio Theory: Confidence Games:

The second half of Taylor's book moves towards an account of how today's 'postmodern' economic system developed, in the wake of Nixon's abandonment of the gold standard in 1971, the Fed's conversion from Keynesianism to monetarism in 1979, and the general adoption of 'neoliberal' economics throughout the world in the 1980s and 1990s. The result of these transformations is the dematerialization of money (since it is no longer tied to gold) and the replacement of a 'real' economy by a 'virtual' one, in which money becomes a series of ungrounded signs that only refer to one another.

good write-up of what sounds like an interesting book...
I just pulled this quote cause I seem to be full of hate and vitriol today, so at least I can aim some of it at Nixon now...
and that feels...


I'm actually one of those nutjobs who would like to see us return to the gold standard...

File under: Texas is the reason!

AUSTIN, Texas - Texas could become the only state to bar gays from becoming foster parents under legislation passed Wednesday by the House. The ban is part of a bill to revamp the state's Child Protective Services agency. It passed 135-6 with two abstentions and now heads to the Senate.

Sure, you probably already know this and got this news somewhere else...
but where else would it come with commentary like this?

According to socio-economic experts cited by the LGBT coalition, "the move will cost the state millions of dollars and seriously limit the pool of eligible foster parents, which is already grossly inadequate to deal with the number of children in the system."


I know, I know, I should be a little less foamy-mouthed, knee-jerk furious, but I really can't help it. Bad timing. First off, there's all this jolly Pope BENdovErandDIcKtus spewage. The man's even more isolationist and assbackwards than the last one that as Allison put it, "it's like Bush is suddenly Pope" and the freakin' media is lapping it up! Ladling out this superstition-based GARBAGE like instant mashed potatoes!

go share some anger!
maybe it'll help...

another possibility... (file under: 2012 - the end of the world.)

Wired News Blog:
" We are caught in the cone of gamma radiation from one dying star or another about a dozen times a week. Most of them are safely millions of light-years distant -- but it has been calculated that if such an implosion occurs within six thousand light-years of us, and happens to emit its beam of gamma radiation in our direction, it would strip the protective ozone layer off our planet and leave all life on the surface exposed to deadly ultraviolet radiation for up to five years. It would also fill the upper atmosphere with nitrogen oxides that absorb the sun's heat and could easily push the Earth into an ice age. "

something I learned today...: Dicks - Live At Raul's

something I learned today...: Dicks - Live At Raul's

You may have notice me quoting The Dicks the other day...
well, now you can go d/l "Dicks hate the police" and many other fine pieces of Tx Punk Rock history...
go! edumacate yrself!

AlterNet: Manners, by Tom DeLay

AlterNet: Manners, by Tom DeLay:

'This whole thing about not kicking someone when they are down is BS. Not only do you kick him -- you kick him until he passes out, then beat him over the head with a baseball bat, then roll him up in an old rug and throw him off a cliff into the pound(ing) surf below!!!!!'

Now there's some advice the Dems should take to heart...

Molly has more to say on the bug man over at alternet...
via By the Bayou

Nathaniel Livingston, Jr.: Ethic Cleansing at Air America

Nathaniel Livingston, Jr.: Ethic Cleansing at Air America

I listened to AA for a while when I was unemployed. I liked Franken, and Randi Rhodes made me crazy... I was rarely up early enough to hear Chuck and Lizz, but it was their show I was really the most interested in. Chuck is brilliant, a great writer, thinker and performer. I got nothing against Springer, but Chuck is a voice that should be out there for sure...

Via Afro-Netizen.

Tales of Pope Ratzi


One protest that was announced was an upcoming zap of Josef Cardinal Ratzinger, the German prelate who was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. He had written a paper for the Vatican in which he said that homosexuality was "intrinsically disordered" and a "moral evil." Cardinal Ratzinger had said the church had to fight the homosexual and fight against legislation that "condoned" homosexuality.

Reading this delightful tale of religion bringing people together relieves so many of my doubts about Pope Ratzi.
Maybe he will be as inspiring as JPII: Electric Boogaloo (that joke never gets old!), I mean he certainly inspired these folks:

...Ratzinger took the podium and began to speak. As soon as he finished his first sentence, a group of about eight people to the left of the crowd leaped to their feet and began chanting "Stop the Inquisition!" They chanted feverishly and loudly, their voices echoing throughout the building. The entire room was fixated on them. Activists suddenly appeared in the back of the church and began giving out fliers explaining the action. Two men on the other side of the room jumped up and, pointing at Ratzinger, began to scream, "Antichrist!" another man jumped up, in one of the first few rows near the prelate, and yelled, "Nazi!" All over the church, angry people began to shout down the protestors who were near them; chaotic yelling matches broke out.

ahh, the healing power of Christ!

14 Thoughts For The New Pope / Condoms. Female priests. Stop gay bashing. And dammit, do something about Christian rock

14 Thoughts For The New Pope / Condoms. Female priests. Stop gay bashing. And dammit, do something about Christian rock:

6) Pope, why is Christian music still so patently awful? Do you know? Oh, I know, there's all these quasi-hip new Christian rock bands and drug- and alcohol- and debauchery- and nipple-clamp-free Christian rock festivals drawing tens of thousands of completely sanitized teens, and sure the songs no longer have to mention Jesus or the word savior, or Lord, or 'Don't touch my genitals' in the lyrics like, five hundred times to make it clear they don't have much fun in life, but still. Christian rock is an oxymoron, Benedict. Forever and always.

7) A related confession: I recently found myself sampling snippets of the new Kristin Chenowith album on iTMS, mostly because she's that cute little thing from 'The West Wing' and she has that adorable mouse-on-helium voice and I wanted to see what she sang about and oh sweet Jesus this toxic CD totally decimates all thoughts of her cute likeability, and its numbing saccharine Jesus adoration makes you gag and sigh and wish she would discover the joys of a good Hitachi Magic Wand and a gallon of premium vodka. What is wrong with her? Why is music like this?

8) You know who Jesus would have liked? Pearl Jam. Nick Drake. Maybe some classic Deep Purple (for the badass organ). You know it's true.

o.k., I'm not sure Jesus would have liked Pearl Jam (I always figured he'd be more of a Green River/Mother Love Bone kind of guy), but the rest of this is pretty right on...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Plan - fiction in progress.

A year and a half...
a year and 8 months...
He'd almost convinced himself that it was over,
that once he had buried her in the backyard
he'd be done with this once and for all.
A couple of days ago he thought it looked like
someone had been in the backyard,
and now the reports...
He'd gotten the first one yesterday,
and it pointed to zombie all right...
half-eaten corpses...
and then today, in the envelope,
a picture...
the heartless bastards hadn't just raised her from the dead
they took pictures of her feasting on brains...
this had to be the work of the kid,
probably raised her to be queen of his zombie army
or some such nonsense. Damn kids...
if only he'd had the strength to cut off her head the first time.
He'd need a plan if he was going to end this once and for all...
not for dispatching the zombie that was once his beloved Elaonor,
no, zombie capture and dismissal was easy stuff...
but dealing with the kid, and after him the guild,
for that he would need a plan...

Dancehunter: Medea Meets Modern Dance: Infernal Bridegroom Productions Merges with Suchu Dance at the Axiom

Dancehunter: Medea Meets Modern Dance: Infernal Bridegroom Productions Merges with Suchu Dance at the Axiom

Here's another review of Medea - this one concentrates on the dance.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Things the NYPD Taught Me - File under: The more things change...

Lying Media Bastards � Things the NYPD Taught Me

- Cops arrested 1806 people at the protests.
- 1670 of the arrests have been resolved one way or another
- 91% of those 1670 were found innocent, although no investigation is taking place to find out why the police arrested so many innocent people.
- 400 people arrested at the protests were exonerated by amateur video footage of the protests and arrests.

Mommy, mommy, mommy,
look at your son
you might have loved me
but now I got a gun
you better stay out of my way
I've had a bad day
-The Dicks

Welcome to the second glorious age of the counter-counter,
or cointelpro, and lying cops!

The Plan - fiction in progress.

all right.
but when things go south,
don't pick up the phone.
don't call.

I won't be a crutch
for another of his cripples."

Those were the last words I said to her.
It must've been about a year and a half ago...
A year and eight months...
They had the decency to disappear.
Maybe it was Dallas, or Atlanta, or maybe Chicago.
It doesn't matter.
What does matter is that she's back,
and he's not.
Third party reports place her at the bar,
at the theatre.
I've just been lucky so far that we haven't run into each other.
That luck can't hold out.
I need a plan.
Something more than just being drunk.
I need a plan.
I don't know what I want,
but I know that without a plan,
without a plan,
I know what I'll get...
confused is what I'll get
and confused is the last thing I need.
Confused is never the first step
down the path towards what I want.
Confused gets me nothing.
Nothing but trouble.


you should be planning on seeing a lot of shows over the next few weeks...
I'd go ahead and make this a full theatre weekend if I were you...

Here's 3 plays running over the next few weeks,
within blocks of each other,
that you really need to see...

MEDEA - wow.
Saw this show opening night, and I'm already looking at my calendar trying to figure out when I'll get to go see it again...
1. Outstanding performances
2. It's freakin' Medea - maybe it's all those ancient philosphy classes, but I love me some Greeks...
3. Suchu Dance - said it before and I'll say it again - Jennifer Woods is, hands down, my favorite artist working in Houstin in any medium. Suchu never fails to satisfy.
3. If I said too much more I'd be giving too much away... let's just say it's a very orginal adaptation... a very original adaptation that works.

Thursdays - Saturdays beginning April 14
Remaining ticket prices are $10 on Thursdays, $12 on Fridays, and $15 on Saturdays. Medea is being presented at The Axiom, at 2524 McKinney. All performances are at 8:00 pm. For reservations and information about this and other IBP performances call (713) 522-8443.
Scheduled to run through May 7.

FOR THOSE WHO LIVE IN CITIES - Saw this last Tuesday. Based on the Poetry of Brecht.
Bob Morgan and Dos Chicas are brave. To take Poetry, POETRY fer cryin out loud, and stage it in a way which is compelling and engaging...sure they started with Brecht's poetry, which is good stuff, and the notes in the program say Brecht did at times stage his poetry, so perhaps it's not so unnatural. Well anyway, in the hands of Bob Morgan, Jennifer Decker, and Dos Chicas it doesn't seem unnatural at all.
A tale of lust and class war plays out while the characters speak Brecht's verse,
and what could be precious, or just difficult, turns, in these hands, into a production that fires on all cylinders and really pulls you into the story.
There's even song and dance numbers courtesy of Karen Schlag (as The Vamp). She performs some Weimar era cabaret tunes and is not only sexy and just plain fun to watch, but sounds GREAT!

April 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30
pay-what-you-want shows April 12 & 19

Free Range Studios,
1719 Live Oak #E.

All Tickets $10.00

832-283-0858 or

and last but not least - Thirst & The Necklace

Karina Pal-MontaƱo brings you two stories in which men do stupid self-destructive things for vain beautiful women...or maybe that's just my reading, maybe they're about the costs of civilation, or the desire for propriety...
but I do know that they are powerful...

Three people in a life boat, a dancer, a gentleman and a sailor...
been there for days, no water, no food, no sign of land...
well, you can imagine, it doesn't go well...

A vain woman feels trapped by her station and when her husband makes an effort to get her to go out her own vanity puts them in a situation that brings them to near devestation...

Karina makes the most of her actors and her space and really brings these situations to life. There are some really impressive performances here, and everybody in THIRST was excellent, but I have to mention Julie Boneau. Why? Well, because I think I could watch her read the phone book. The last Theatre Illuminata show was WILHELM REICH IN HELL (Oct. 2004). and I saw actors there I was completely unfamiliar with who just blew me away. The same is true of this show. There is some real talent here and Illuminata has earned their spot on the list of companies productions that I will not miss.

All performances are at
Superstitious Art Warehouse
1719 Live Oak 77003
(on Live Oak between Leeland and Pease).

The show
opens April 15th and runs Fridays and Saturdays through April 30th.
[b](April 15th, 16th, 18th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th).
Pay What You Will on Monday, April 18th.
Curtain time is 8:00 PM.
Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students/seniors

So yeah, three shows you need to see...
Cities and Thirst/The Necklace are in warehouses that are right next to each other...
Superstitious and Free Range share a wall, and The Axiom is just down Live Oak at McKinney... For a few weeks at least there is a new alternative theatre district. Enjoy it.

and why is it important for you to see all these shows this week if you can (take advantage of the pay what you wills (monday for thirst/necklace, tuesday for cities))?
because next week you have to go see DANSE MACABRE PART II: THE CONSUMMATE HOST
Two Star Symphony and Bobbindoctrin!
Part 1 was one of my favorite shows last year and I can't wait to see what these two groups bring us this time...

WHEN: Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 8pm and 10pm, April 22 to May 7, Pay What You Will Tuesday May 3, 8PM. Call Bobbindoctrin at 713-526-7434 for reservations
HOW MUCH: Opening weekend rate, $7; then Fridays $8, Saturdays 8pm $10, 10pm $12
WHERE: Taft Street Coffee, 2115 Taft. Houston, TX

and there's this too: THE MINEOLA TWINS - this is a show I've read about but never seen... I've read interviews with Paula Voegel and I've been wanting to see this for a while...
add to that sound design by IBP company member Chris Bakos, and well I guess I'll shell out the big theatre $$$'s and try to find a empty date to make it out to this one...

Previews: Wednesday, April 20, and Thursday, April 21, 2005
Opening: Friday, April 22, 2005
Close: Sunday, May 8, 2005

Wednesday and Thursday: 7:30 p.m.
Friday and Saturday: 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 3:00 p.m.

Previews: $20 - $25 (April 20 & 21)
Regular: $25 - $35

Students: $10 day of show Wed/Thurs/Sun, $15 day of show Fri/Sat
Seniors: $15 & $20 Preview; $20 & $25 Wed/Thurs/Sun; $25 & $30 Fri/Sat
Group Discounts available. Call the Box Office for more information

3201 Allen Parkway at Waugh Drive

so, go see some theatre...enrich yr life...
all that good stuff...