Saturday, September 24, 2005


we lost power for a little while sometime after 3am...
it was back on by the time my roommate got up around 8am...
I only know we lost it cause my fridge was less than freezing this morning,
and my TV was off...
a few limbs in the yard, but no real damage anywhere that I can see...

Now if I can just find somewhere to eat lunch...
pretty sure everything is closed still,
although there's really no reason anyplace
that has power shouldn't be rocking and rolling
at this point...

Friday, September 23, 2005


just been sitting on my porch,
drinking tequila,
and listening to music,
and the wind,
and I must say,
"It's great."

hope your night
is as good as mine.
a little more low key
than I though it might've been,
but nice...
real nice.

the tequila

the tequila
would like
me to tell you
we played chicken
with God
and we won.


we still don't know what exactly is going to happen here...
the "official" pronouncement is that Rita'll hit closer to the LA/TX border,
but Dr. Neil is still talking about a possible
direct hit to Galveston.

We should start seeing rain and tropical storm level winds in the next few hours...

I know several people who tried to leave yesterday only to turn around...
those who did get out spent a lot of time in their cars...
stories of crossing 3 miles in 4 hours or 6 miles in 45 minutes...
One friend nearly passed out in her car,
got rearended, eventually pulled over,
got herself and her 4 cats cooled down,
and drank some ice water provided by a friendly local merchant,
and then turned around and went home.
Another left last night (talked to her as I was biking to Rudyard's...
bars are the only things open...Rudz, Poison Girl, #"s, and Notsuoh were up and running last night...) She said there was no traffic all the way to intercontinental and she wasn't worried. Talked to her later - when she hit 1960 it came to a DEAD standstill, and after an hour or so of that, she turned around and came home.
Lots of folks I know are staying, and most of them were at Rudyard's drinking last night...
I've got some neighbors I know across the street, and down the street that are riding it out here in the neighborhood.

so, I'm just sitting here waiting, freezing water, and filling tubs...
got my canned goods and my candles...

ahhh, good times.

I'll try to update again before I lose my connection or power...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Brian Udelhofen

Brian Udelhofen

this is cool...

looks like

I'm riding out the storm...
my family left last night while I was at rehearsal,
and my other possible ride out has decided to stay.
Still have a few options for getting a little further into the city...

we'll see.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Monday, September 19, 2005

there's just something

about biking
around this city
after every one else
is in bed,
or before they've gotten up...
the sounds,
the smells,
the empty streets...
and water
running underground,
fresh bread
and circles
in the
middle of the street

Sunday, September 18, 2005

a quick note...

just to say,

"Rules are
for suckers."