Friday, April 13, 2007 - Writers Praise Kurt Vonnegut - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment

haven't mentioned Vonnegut's passing...
he was one of the big ones for me.
I never tire of reading and rereading his work.
His humanism had a profound influence on my thoughts.
He was a great man, if such a thing exists. - Writers Praise Kurt Vonnegut - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment

"I became a writer because of him," said Walter, 41. "It was his compassion, humanism and great humor in the face of 20th century horrors that made me realize all that a writer could do. He was deceptively simple and because readers discovered him when they were young, they sometimes made the mistake of dismissing him later, but what he was doing was so complex, so difficult."

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cardboard Art Show - Friday at Super Happy Fun Land 6-9pm Me, Joe Mathlete, Keith, Rosa, Justin, Joel and more....

Finished my pieces up this morning...
this is going to be a great show - many of my favorite people showing their work...
hope you can come by...


The Birdhouse Museum presents the Cardboard Art Show at Super Happy Funland from Friday April 13th thru the 20th.

Opening party 6 PM to 9 PM Friday April 13th.

Creative Types channel their energy to cardboard.
Each artist makes 13 pieces, each piece on 6" by 8" cardboard.
Featuring (but not limited to):
Justin Crane - Austinite, former KTRU DJ, musician and card designer.
Keith Reynolds - Houston's original cardboard artist.
Joe Mathlete - Check out Joe's blog and you'll see why he's got to be there.
Claire Yanik - Used to bartend at Catal Huyuk (the Axiom)she now lives in False Pass, Alaska and is a painter and the dj for the Nonalignment Pact.
Joel Orr - Houston puppeteer and organizer.
Poopy Lungstuffing - Poopy LungStuffing is a co-Founder of Super Happy Fun Land, a crazy weirdo artist and musician
Flakey - Flakey is a co-Founder of Super Happy Fun Land, a crazy weirdo artist and musician
Lisa Yu - Lisa Yu is Chicago based artist.
John Cramer - Houston psych-metal guitar wizard of Mike Gunn, Project Grimm fame.
Rosa Guerrero - Houston rock photographer and writer. Look out.
Emerald Mystiek - Austin visual artist and designated cool person.
Allan Pocius - Chicago cardboard artist. The originator of the Birdhouse Museum series of cardboard art shows.
Denise Ramos - Houston artist and club proprietor.
YET Torres - Houston based artist.
Marie Catrett - Austinite creator extraordinaire
Mike Switzer - Houston musician and Infernal Bridegroom affiliate

Monday, April 09, 2007

Where's mike this week?

A calendar (for stalkers)

Monday - Work and rehearsal for The Lower Depths
Tuesday - Work, rehearsal for Mildred's Umbrella's 365 days/365 plays and The Lower Depths
Wednesday - Work, The Lower Depths rehearsal, and then The Defenestration Unit's weekly gig at Bohemeo's
Thursday - No work(instead working on art and working on lines working at the axiom and maybe on Pillowman for John Harvey and The U of H Honors program then The Lower Depths rehearsal, then off to Rudz to play with The Mathletes and The Redo Makeshift band (Killian Sweeney, Joe Mathlete, Me, Ramon Medina (LP4), and who knows who all else?...really, who knows? could you tell me? cause I'd love to know...)
Friday - work, IBP gala band rehearsal and cardboard art show...possibly karaoke after? beer cellar anyone?
Saturday - The Lower Depths rehearsal - full run - off book - like we know what we're doing...
whooohoo! - the IBP gala - I'm doing more singing than usual this year...and all of it sounds better than when I attempted to sing "Mystery Dance"...if you were there you were probably too drunk to remember me trying to sing "Mystery Dance" and that is was, as the gala often is, a long weird night.
Sunday - gala cleanup and maybe Pillowman work? and maybe, just maybe some sleep...

NonAlignment Pact: Music in Seven Days from Seven Writers

Just another quick reminder -
you should be reading NAP...
these people are saying all the right things,
even when they disagree.

Here is Dyn@mutt Doug D. on the Houston "scene."

NonAlignment Pact: Music in Seven Days from Seven Writers

It's ironic, then, that I have to admit I do belong to a scene, and it is the Houston scene, despite being thousands of miles and nine years from it. Amongst many of my university cohorts, Houston was a dirty seven letter word, but for me it was an amazing, improbable place, a place that was inspirational despite its best attempts otherwise, and I still describe the Houston music scene lovingly to people. Little barrier to entry, open to insanity, easy to support yourself in order to afford to make your music, people who are grateful to come out and support anything of interest. You never make it huge if you're from Houston - at least not the loosely defined indie rock, um, scene - you just do what you love for small passionate audiences. At least, that's how I remember it.