Thursday, March 15, 2007


for any
in a port
I turn
my eyes seaward
and conjure
where there are none

B to the L to the P! Brazosport Lil' Players present : The Order of the Scarlet Cat - and a couple TDU gigs...

This weekend and next you can come to the axiom
and for 10 bucks (or less if ya want) you can
witness BLP's "Order of the Scarlet Cat"
a tale of murder, and cults,
and gay reprogramming...
and stuff...

before each 8pm show
"Bass in your face!"
will be playing improvised
bass music in honor of the
Scarlet Cat Goddess.
Gator Miller,
Charlie Naked,
Jim Otterson
will do their damnedest
to honor the power
and glory that is
the SC.

Saturday the 17th
there is a midnight show
between shows
The Defenestration Unit
will perform their own
improvised rites and rituals
in slave-like devotion
to the scarlet cat.

go to
for some more info on the show...

and TDU is playing at Brasil on Friday too...
probably around 10:30?

gonna be a crazy fun weekend...
hope to see some of you there,
and to remember it later...

Kid Ornery