Thursday, July 19, 2007

simplify media - share yr music library with friends...will be cool if it works as advertised...

i am using simplify media to give my friends and family access to my
music library. set up is fast, and the software is integrated with
apple itunes.
to play my music, download simplify media for mac or pc from:

once installed, click the 'invite' button and use my screen name: ornery

it's simple, safe and free.

this actually seems like it will be pretty cool, but I won't know for
sure till somebody else I know signs up...


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


at the bar
after the show
feelin' ornery
rather be home
drinking alone
nothing I drink there
so the bar it is
i'd picked up residue
from the negative
energy around me
two good friends
in bad bad moods
eventually had some
good conversation
then remembered
a rumor
a rumor
i heard
a rumor
i tend to believe
a rumor
that if true
means a friend
has actively worked
against me
against my interests
against my artistic life
and then i realized
it was not just
residual badness
through my night
but the idea of
betrayal and
and with my head
in that vodka filled
and angry place
i proceeded to
let my hostility spill out

if any splashed on ya,
i apologize.