Friday, June 13, 2008

let me

let me
get this straight

adam and eve
ate some fruit
cause they were tricked
by a snake

and now
I'm fucked?

that's fair.

thanks God.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


i'm not doing enough

i need to be in the cave

i'm not so good
with people
right now

the disconnect
is powerful

and what with words
only referring
to other words
they are somehow
less dangerous
than people

who might
wield knives
or bats

i'm watching...

the daily show and this guy Richard Engel just said something about the President saying something like we wouldn't know if the war on terror was a success for at least 40 years - and then he talked about the cold war - said it took us at least that long to know if it was a success - I assume he means the fall of the berlin wall and the collapse of Russia - how is this success?
i guess walls going down are good - but look at how we're doing over here on the winning side - what the cold war cost us - what the war on terror is costing us - is incalcuable - we have been on a wartime economy since WWII - this is insane - the scarcity is manufactured - your universal heathcare is being made into a bomb as we speak - your solar power conversion is paying blackwater's salary -
if we feed the world won't they just crowd up the beaches?
i mean if this is what success looks like i'd hate be failure
and i suppose russia is worse.
and we're supposed to feel good about that?
about being responsible for that?
or that maybe they were/are some kind of democracy/republic/something?
we are becoming a soviet style police state.
don't believe me - refuse to show yr papers at the airport.
who won the cold war?
and while i'm ranting -
we are not all americans first
fuckabuncha republicans - really
i don't love the democrats -
obama is no saint -
but seriously
if you aided and abetted
the criminals in this administrations
even if only by self identifying with
their party
well then
just fuck you
i find myself
at the tv
every time
McCain is on
like i never yelled
at O'Reilly
like i never yelled
at Rush
muttering under my breath
coughing it out
crazy like

its not healthy

here's to taking friday off

finally gonna see iron man
and go to the library
and do laundry
and yell at the tv
till i'm hoarse

Sunday, June 08, 2008