Saturday, September 30, 2006

disaster averted

for at least another month...

saw "get your war on" at Diverseworks tonight...
it was great again.

didn't have time to stop at my house to change
so I borrowed a shirt from my step dad
- it was huge - came down almost to my knees...

and I'm still getting over being sick

and I was fairly exhausted

so I probably wasn't the best of company

and I should be in bed right now...

gotta get up in the mornin'
and go sell the candy...

come see me at the candy store
tomorrow if ya get the urge
for a sugar rush...

this is not code
or a metaphor

I work
in a candy store

blogging will remain light for the next week or so
as I am house sitting at the folks and using the computer here
just isn't as fun or convenient as it is at home...

I miss my miserable house
and my bike
and my routines...
the big screen hdtv and the car
are nice,
but no substitute for
the lumpy couch
and things
the way I like them.

oh yeah,
you missed TDU at Brasil friday...
we're playing Java Junction next Sunday...
wish I knew where Java Junction was -
Charlie says they are on myspace
but I'm too lazy to look them up right now.

looks like the cabaret may get pushed back
mostly because I've let life interfere and don't
have a band together yet...

working on sound design
for the next mildred's show
it's a challenge - but it's coming along

the show is gonna be great...

haven't been having readings
at the place for a while...
gonna try probably just a couple
more times this year -
then start again in earnest
in january -
although if I do the next show I'm thinking about
when I'm thinking about it
I'll need to start rehearsing by the end of january,
so we'll see...

and I really need to go out and get cast in something again...
need to keep those chops up...
not to mention I miss it.

uh, what else do you need to know
imaginary audience?


Monday, September 25, 2006

so, what's up with you?

I can't sleep.

May be getting evicted soon...

need a roomie?