Friday, March 24, 2006

Adult Webmaster Resources, Articles, News, Help Guides, Sites

Adult Webmaster Resources, Articles, News, Help Guides, Sites: "Maybe that's why you chose to escape the rat race and become an adult webmaster. You realized that we're in an age where dependable jobs are almost legend. Many of you became proficient on computers only to discover that your skills aren't needed thanks to the wonderful concept of outsourcing. Could be, you just wanted your destiny back. You decided to claim your piece of the future and you chose one of the only products in existence that hasn't (and hopefully won't ever) become obsolete: Porn."

The first few paragraphs in this article are about "the adding machine"...

Art in Real-Time: Theatre and Virtual Reality

Art in Real-Time: Theatre and Virtual Reality: "One of the first scenes to ever be staged with VR technology remains one of the best examples of its potential; scene 2, in which Zero is fired by his boss. At the beginning of this scene, the characters of Zero and Daisy are working at the office, Daisy reading numbers wile Zero adds them. Behind them is a representation of the office and what appears to be the actors’ shadows on the screen. As Zero and Daisy grow weary of the monotonous task and begin to daydream, the actors leave their positions and. move about the stage while speaking their dream monologues. However, the shadows remain in their original positions. This effect was used to visually demonstrate that the characters have not actually left their work and the movement of the actors is only psychological. At the same time the virtual office is moved into the far background as another sigh that the character’s minds have traveled far from their jobs. Later in the scene Zero interacts with his Boss, portrayed by an actor who performs off-stage in front of a video camera. The video image of the boss was then superimposed into the computer generated office. By zooming the camera, the boss was be made to 'grow' during the scene appearing larger as he becomes more of a threat to Zero. In the end, the Boss fires Zero and his laughing face fills the entire screen. "

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Science (Blonde Extinction)

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Science (Blonde Extinction)

someone just told me this the other day...
I replied with the bullworthian idea that hopefully one day we'll all be roughly the same shade of brown...
but the blondes aren't going anywhere...

bill hicks

Ok...the above link SHOULD take you to the bill hicks d/l....
if not just click on mutant media on the frequnecy 23 homepage and search for Hicks...
grabbing the track for real now...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

� Bill Hicks Historic Track Found & It’s Free - RINF Alternative News

� Bill Hicks Historic Track Found & It’s Free - RINF Alternative News: "Free Download of the first Bill Hicks post-Letterman audio recording that’s surfaced after 13 years. A few days after being censored from David Letterman, Bill Hicks did a few shows around NYC ranting harder than ever before. Bill was terminally sick and knew it, but never shared this outside his family and closest friends. These shows have long been thought uncaptured. This last week, one of these shows has emerged…dated 10/5/93."

I'm downloading it now...
can't wait to hear it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

drunk blogging

not even last call
wondering what
why and where
and everyone I know is crazy
spent more on whiskey
in the last two days than
I've spent on groceries
in a month
if I see the light
at the end of the tunnel
it's cause I can see
the end of the tunnel
and I ain't so sure
that's good
so for what it's worth
I do what I can
and I try
to do it right
but till these particular
clouds lift
it's all I can do
to lift my head
so if I manage a smile
try not to judge
too harsh
it really don't
mean so much
it's just that
sometimes maybe
I'm not so quite
out of touch
no reason to
get out of bed
till the sun goes
we'll see
how it all turns out

show I did sound design for opening