Friday, March 18, 2005

The Lazy Way to Success

The Lazy Way to Success

After Ron's (Real Art) post on work a day or two ago I thought I might just point y'all over to The Lazy Way to Success...
Haven't been reading it regularly enough to judge it's brilliance,
but I'm willing to listen to anyone who tells me, "work sucks!" for at least long enough to figure out where they're coming from...


Eschaton: "This is the have your cake and eat it and everyone else's too and then some free pie and here's a pony! plan."

The only thing surprising about this plan is that more politicians aren't trying to promote other plans like it.
They think we're morons.
They really do.

MoreEno - Brian Eno Interviewed on KPFA's Ode to Gravity, 1980

I was gonna give it a rest, then I run across this:

Details for Brian Eno Interviewed on KPFA's Ode to Gravity, 1980

I hope to give it a listen this weekend...
work isn't even the right place to try.

Click opera - March 18th, 2005

Lots of good stuff from Momus today...
including this:
Click opera - March 18th, 2005: "Staying with weird science, British newspaper The Guardian reports that yawning and sex are linked; yawning is, apparently, a sort of 'mini-orgasm'. 'In discussing pharmacology I found a link between yawning and spontaneous orgasm in withdrawal from heroin addiction. Likewise, yawning and sexual response were associated as clinical side effects of several antidepressant drugs. In one publication an undeniable causal relation was reported: both spontaneous and intentional yawning provoked instantaneous ejaculation orgasm.'"

Thursday, March 17, 2005

News to me...

Usually I know how these things are going to turn out...

You scored as Satanism. Your beliefs most closely resemble those of Satanism! Before you scream, do a bit of research on it. To be a Satanist, you don't actually have to believe in Satan. Satanism generally focuses upon the spiritual advancement of the self, rather than upon submission to a deity or a set of moral codes. Do some research if you immediately think of the satanic cult stereotype. Your beliefs may also resemble those of earth-based religions such as paganism.



















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
created with

I got nothing against Satanists mind ya...
just a free-thinking agnostic though really...

Fw: [CTRL] Longtime 'McCartney' publicist fears violent death, if he talks

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Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 1:44 AM
Subject: [CTRL] Longtime 'McCartney' publicist fears violent death, if he

> -Caveat Lector-
> Daily Mail [UK] March 14, 2005:
> [Faux PAUL] goes on to say that he had to let Geoff Baker go because
> he had 'been gradually getting more unstable' and not because Baker,
> his publicist since the early days with Wings and Linda, was disliked
> by the new Lady McCartney...
> Baker, who is not allowed to mount a defence because of a
> confidentiality agreement, will only say cryptically that perhaps
> there was a particular reason for him becoming unstable in the first
> place.
> Asked to expand he says: 'I'll be hung drawn and quartered by those
> men in grey suits if I breathe another word.'
> [...]
> --
> See also: Smoking gun: Facial biometrics and the two Paul McCartneys
> --
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> propagandic
> screeds are unwelcomed. Substanceâ?"not soap-boxingâ?"please! These are
> sordid matters and 'conspiracy theory'â?"with its many half-truths, mis-
> directions and outright fraudsâ?"is used politically by different groups
> with
> major and minor effects spread throughout the spectrum of time and
> thought.
> That being said, CTRLgives no endorsement to the validity of posts, and
> always suggests to readers; be wary of what you read. CTRL gives no
> credence to Holocaust denial and nazi's need not apply.
> Let us please be civil and as always, Caveat Lector.
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Thursday eno blogging

'BUKED & SCORNED: And her love is just a fable that I sometimes try in passion to recall

go download unreleased Eno with The Winkies...
BBC radio sessions from 74...


we make money not art: PLX -parallax of the game

we make money not art: PLX -parallax of the game

This is pretty brilliant...
and exactly the way to teach this concept...
sit two kids down and tell them they are playing a game together and then discuss their experiences with them...
It's always amazing when you discover that the whole time you thought you and someone else where moving towards the same goals that you were perceiving not just the goal differently, but the method of getting there differently as well...

Pimp My Shuffle - Retro Cordless Edition

Pimp My Shuffle - Retro Cordless Edition

if you've got an IPod Shuffle this is pretty cool...
makes me consider getting one...

Via Lifehacker



"Jealousy involves three parties, the subject, the rival, and the beloved; and the jealous person's real locus of concern is the beloved—the person whose affection he is losing or fears losing—not his rival. Whereas envy is a two party relation, with a third relatum that is a good (albeit a good that could be a particular person's affections); and the envious person's locus of concern is the rival. "

Nice philosophical discussion of envy...
how it differs from jealousy,
whether it is the genesis of egalitarian justice, etc...
good stuff

The Socratic Method

The Socratic Method

Via Off The Kuff Via Greg Morrow...

only thing wrong with this is that the guy who wrote it is not a regular teacher...
and damned if we don't need more teachers (and teaching) like this...

Johansen Creates DRM-Free Interface to iTunes: Corante > Copyfight >

Johansen Creates DRM-Free Interface to iTunes: Corante > Copyfight >

if yr an i-tunes/Ipod person you might want to look into this...

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall

Just wanted to make sure folks knew Harry Shearer is taking over TPM for a few days...

13 things we don't know

New Scientist-13 things that do not make sense - Features
argh!...Chet posted this over at Miscellaneous Heathen...and then I wrote a long post about the basic misunderstandings of science: what it is, what it does, and what it certainly doesn't do...and then I wrote about secret science, the reptiles, etc..concluding that my basic belief is that there are understandings and technologies kept from the masses by certain segments of the population and it's been that way for thousands of years...and blogger ate it...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Stay Free! Daily

Stay Free! Daily:
"What kind of pussy Little Lord Fontleroy had I become? Fifty years of Peanuts comic strips used them exclusively, and somehow I managed to read what Linus had to say without breaking down in tears. But now a fucking gas pump has the temerity to talk sternly to me and I feel all shaky and hurt?"

I've never gotten the all caps as shouting thing...
I've given in to the convention,
and I try to be sensitive to it...
but I don't get it...

Fafblog! the whole worlds only source for Fafblog.

Fafblog! the whole worlds only source for Fafblog.:
"Detainee #0027: DR. PEPPER. Nothin' feels better in the middle of a long hard day of torture than a tall frosty glass of Dr. Pepper. The only thing this prisoner is aiding and abetting is refreshment!"

So, I'm watching this season of "24" and there's torture every episode.
In the last ep the torture started before the credits were even over.
This time the bad guys were torturing a good guy that the good guys had tortured last week cause they thought he might be a bad guy.
However, even in the fictional "24" universe torture hasn't actually worked even once.
So, what are the writers trying to do?
They had the Secretary of State give a pro-torture speech,
but they aren't showing torture as being effective.

REAL ART (and politics and culture)

REAL ART (and politics and culture):
"Really, boomers would do well to take their work less seriously. I mean, otherwise you're just a wage slave, unless you're doing something you really love, and, of course, only a few people are so lucky. What it comes down to is asking who you're living your life for. Yourself, family, and friends? Or some corporate board that sees you as just a cog in a vast machine to be used or discarded as it deems necessary? Screw that. I'm working for me."

Ron again...
good stuff...
and a chance for me to say:

Workers of the World,

Columbo = Class Warfare


2. Every episode is glorious, if very thinly veiled, class warfare. Like “Die Hard,” but without the machine guns and broken glass. Some rich bastard will engineer an elaborate and ingenious murder. Swarthy little working-class Columbo – driving his beat-to-shit foreign convertible and pulling down an LAPD salary of $11,000 a year – will then wander onto the scene and proceed to slowly and methodically destroy some amoral, snobby, arrogant, self-serving, stick-up-the-ass bastard’s life.

Not sure I've ever really noticed the class war angle,
but it does help explain my enduring love for Columbo.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tuesday Eno Blogging

Phonograph Record: Eno Music: The Roxy Rebellion:
"Stuck in the middle like the time he was chatting with some friends on the staircase outside Elton John's Christmas party: 'I saw Eno standing there (points down) and Bryan Ferry standing there (up). Eno was going to go in, and Bryan was going to go out, but they were sort of like you know (fists together, head on face off). I suddenly saw Eno, I suddenly saw Bryan, and I just went screaming up the stairs going 'hello, hello, hello, hello!' and rushed into the party. They would not pass. It was amazing! Hopefully, both of them will do what they want to do and get to a point where they can pass each other on the stairs.'

Without question, a prime feud. A bit of perspective, please: 'Obviously, these things happen. It's nothing rare. It happens in every band. The only reason it affects me is that I have to be sitting down there making a record, and these kind of things put so much pressure on you. Because you want to sit down and make the record. You don't want to read the paper, you can't even decide if you want to drink coffee or tea when it gets down to that point. You don't want to know any of the things that are going on. Andy was so upset when we did Stranded, about Eno leaving, that there was a tension there between Andy and Bryan. Andy was telling me this and Bryan was telling me that and I was always in the middle. But they're alright now. I think they are alright now. I hope they are alright now.'"

Recollections of Chris Thomas, producer for Roxy Music.

Off the Kuff: Next up: Gambling

Off the Kuff: Next up: Gambling

as long as I can sit at the bar and drink for free and play video poker...
I'm all for it...
I never lose as much as I would've spent had I been buying drinks...

Click opera

Click opera:
"Parappa the Rapper was a big influence on my 1998 album The Little Red Songbook, which embraced monophonic analogue synthesizers in exactly the same way, and for exactly the same reasons, that Parappa embraced flat characters. Moogs had flavour which their digital descendents, attempting to be all things to all musicians, had lost. Moogs had a stronger synth identity. Moogs, once considered cold, were by the late 90s cute and retro and warm, evoking nostalgia rather than future shock. A Moog could help you travel, associatively, through time. To use a Moog in 1998 was interestingly referential, self-conscious, and post-modern. I'm getting nostalgic for the nostalgia just talking about it!"

nothing much to say about this...
just felt like if people were going to be talking about "Parappa" I should link to it...

Monday, March 14, 2005

monday night

at home...
finished the whiskey
listening to lcd soundsystem and
not dancing

avoiding doing any of the
productive things on my list

not that I have a list

I read more of "Notes from the Underground" and while I think it completely underlines my point about the farce that is the "science" of economics it also devastates me and makes me crazy.
It's like when I read "The Trial" when I was unemployed and didn't leave the house for a week or so.
There are very few works that really feed my manias and delusions quite so well as those.
I want to say they are like wallowing in the mud,
but I know that's not quite right...
it's just that there's something
about unpleasant truths,
the things I KNOW,
but don't allow myself to dwell on...
to read those kinds of things
articulated so clearly
is really kind of devastating.
I want to say it's inspiring too
and I guess if I want to say it
then it must be so in some way,
but I'm sceptical.
I have been writing again
and working on a few things,
but I'm barely building momentum
and NONE of it is the stuff I'm supposed to be working on
and that makes me wonder,
and you know it's just drunk talk,
but what if the end result of an absurdist world view,
for me, ends with a certain kind of selfishness?

how's that for some serious drunk-blogging?

Fw: [IPCUSA] Recent CIA STAGED Shootings to Push Gun CONFISCATION!!??

----- Original Message -----
From: "Larry Lawson"
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2005 9:53 AM
Subject: [IPCUSA] Recent CIA STAGED Shootings to Push Gun CONFISCATION!!??

> Join and check for the BEST in
> the latest headlines and news!
> Back BEFORE Columbine I warned people we were about to see STAGED
> SHOOTINGS in the U.S. like we'd seen in Australia and Britain. I surmised
> this after watching the movie: "THE MATRIX" which was absolutely LOADED
> with CIA MK-Ultra type 'trigger' phrases and ideology. The subsequent two
> sequels were NOT! I knew this after reading a book by Fritz Springmeier
> on CIA MK-Ultra Mind Control techniques. And after reading Cathy
> O'Brien's book: "TranceFormation of America." Snippets from that book can
> be found at:
> Anybody remember Larry Ashbrook?? He complained in lucid letter form to
> police and media in Texas that he was being harassed by CIA. Then he too
> went on a shooting spree shouting on videotape: "What's the program?
> What's the Program here?" I've put copies of Ashbrook's letters in the
> PHOTOS areas of the following three yahoo groups.
> (OPEN, anybody can join)
> I can also send them DIRECT by emailing me at: hitech1@
> Likewise with Fritz Springmeier's detailed book on this subject called
> "DEEPER INSIGHTS" which carries on from his book "The Complete Illuminati
> Formula For Creating a Totally Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave." Much
> of Fritz's work has been documented at LLNews2 in the FILES area:
> Fritz was SETUP and imprisoned on
> phony bank robbery charges just like Mark Koernke! PHONY CIA COINTELPRO
> Perp Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb, Dennis Bossack and others have attacked
> Fritz in an attempt to smokescreen his good works!
> I have broken Fritz's book: "Deeper Insights" into 2 parts and uploaded it
> into the FILES area of these three groups:
> (OPEN, anybody can join)
> Again, I CAN send this DIRECT to anybody interested in this subject.
> Please READ and SHARE this material openly and QUICKLY!! Become your OWN
> Expert!
> This is likely the FINAL PUSH for gun CONFISCATION if you see these events
> ESCALATED and increased!
> Bryce Tailor in her book "STARSHINE" outlined how psychiatrists would be
> USED to create these 'sleeper ASSASINS' and how the resulting CHAOS would
> be used for the globalists ends.
> THIS IS NOT 'CONSPIRACY THEORY' but interestingly enough, the movie with
> that NAME: "Conspiracy Theory" starring Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Patrick
> Stewart is about MK-Ultra and creating a CIA ASSASIN. Likewise: "Mind
> Field" starring Michael Ironside. "Disturbing Behavior." Both old and
> new versions of "The Manchurian Candidate." and MORE! Again Hollywood
> KNOWS these things are real and CIA has a budget to float these ideas to
> de-sensetize people to them.
> And gosh golly gee... WHO WAS the snake's HEAD of the CIA?? None other
> than SATANIST George Bush SENIOR PEDOPHILE himself! That's right, we told
> you Cheney and Bush SENIOR ARE PEDOPHILES through the molestation of Cathy
> O'Brien's young daughter Kelly and likely OTHERS as well! Recent events
> CONFIRM this and sadly MUCH MORE!!
> Oh and don't forget... Satan boy JUNIOR said he'd SIGN the
> UNCONSTITUTIONAL Assault Weapons Ban!!
> That's what this internet is GOOD FOR!
> What would be GOOD is to contact those involved in these shootings and see
> if they can be EDUCATED!
> In this manner, they might not be USED for PROPAGANDA PURPOSES as we've
> seen in the past.
> GOP Pedophilia And S&M Trysts - A Long History
> Confirmed - Gannon Was An Adult Porn Webmaster
> Gannon/Gosch To Tell All In Book - Russian Paper
> Gosch To Gannon
> The Gannon Cannon - Part 1-4
> More...
> "In this coup d'etat by installments, the US intelligence community has
> impregnated and corrupted the republican form of democratic governance by
> blackmail...and by always ensuring that its own personnel occupy the most
> important policymaking posts. In this respect there is no difference
> between the US and Soviet Systems."
> Hey! Leave Those Kids Alone
> Gannon/Gosch To Tell All In Book - Russian Paper
> Gosch To Gannon
> The Gannon Cannon - Part 1
> The Gannon Cannon- Part 2
> The Gannon Cannon- Part 3
> The Gannon Cannon - Part 4
> 100% Confirmation Gannon/Guckert Is Johnny Gosch by Tim White
> Gosh Beware - 'Suicide' Of Woman Who Said Bush Raped Her
> ---------------------------------
> (I point out that if I or another ARMED person was there at this church,
> they could have DROPPED this person possibly even BEFORE he loaded his
> second clip into his gun. Again, check out Larry Ashbrook's letters to
> media and police complaining of CIA harassment before HIS church shooting
> in Texas.)
> This is another shooting that doesn't make any sense? There have been
> many in the past two weeks all over the country. Just check out this guys
> background and it makes even less sense.
> One of the several shootings that took place seemed understandable since
> the perp was a man on trial for rape, but the others had no history of
> criminal activity. There have been famous people committing suicide as
> well as non famous people and then shooting others as well. I think we
> need to ask these questions.
> It reminds me of the post office shootings back in the 80's. Does anyone
> remember those? P
> March 14, 2005
> After Shootings in Wisconsin, a Community Asks 'Why?'
> BROOKFIELD, Wis., March 13 - Two weeks ago, Terry Ratzmann stalked out of
> a meeting of his church, upset about something in the sermon. On Saturday,
> he stormed in late to the weekly service at the Sheraton hotel here and
> without a word began spraying the congregation with bullets.
> The authorities remain unsure whether Mr. Ratzmann's rampage, which killed
> seven members of the Living Church of God, including the pastor, and ended
> in suicide, was a result of religious frustration. Church members said he
> had been suffering from depression and had just lost his job.
> What they do know is that Mr. Ratzmann, 44, a computer programmer with a
> fondness for gardening who had no criminal record, ignored pleas from a
> friend to stop, instead popping a second magazine into his 9-millimeter
> handgun and firing 22 bullets in a minute or less.
> "Nobody has told us anything from prior actions or prior contacts where
> they would have anticipated anything like this happening," Capt. Phil
> Horter of the Brookfield Police Department said at a news conference in
> this Milwaukee suburb on Sunday morning. "At this point we're unable to
> determine if he had specific targets or if he just shot at random. At this
> time, we have no clear motive."
> The day after the worst mass killings in this state since 1914, when the
> chef at Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's estate in Spring Green, killed
> seven people, the police were combing through encrypted files on three
> computers taken from the home where Mr. Ratzmann lived with his mother and
> sister. No suicide note was found. At the same time, neighbors were trying
> to reconcile the quiet man who brought them tomatoes and zucchini with the
> carnage wrought at the hotel. And church members here and across the
> country searched for meaning in the killings.
> "Sometimes he was up and sometimes he was down," Kathleen Wollin, 66, a
> church member who was present Saturday, said of Mr. Ratzmann. "When he was
> down, you couldn't talk to him." Several weeks ago, Ms. Wollin recalled,
> Mr. Ratzmann showed her pictures of a recent trip to Australia, "and he
> was fine." But, she added, "people tell me he wasn't talking lately."
> Sunday evening, two dozen people said the Lord's Prayer and held candles
> in the frigid night air in a vigil outside the Sheraton.
> The Living Church of God was founded in the mid-1990's by Roderick C.
> Meredith after he was kicked out of one of the many groups that splintered
> from the Worldwide Church of God upon the death of its leader, Herbert W.
> Armstrong. It claims 7,000 members in 288 congregations. Many of them,
> like the one here, meet in hotels or other public spaces with itinerant
> pastors.
> The Living Church holds that people from Northwest Europe are descendants
> of the Bible's 10 lost tribes of Israel, "possessors of the birthright
> promises and accompanying blessings" of Abraham's descendants, according
> to a statement of beliefs from its Web site. It observes the Sabbath on
> Saturday and counsels members to remain apart from the secular world by
> not participating in juries, politics or the military.
> The church's view of history, which asserts that humankind is moving
> inexorably toward the "end times," when the world will go through a series
> of cataclysms before the second coming of Christ, is not uncommon among
> evangelicals. While most evangelicals eschew specific predictions about
> "end times," however, Dr. Meredith preached in a recent sermon broadcast
> internationally that the apocalypse was close, warning members to pay off
> credit-card debt and hoard savings in preparation for the United States'
> coming financial collapse.
> Sherry Koonce, 47, said her brother, Glenn Diekmeier, a deacon in the
> church, was at the podium on Saturday warming people up for the pastor's
> sermon when Mr. Ratzmann burst through the back door.
> "He did not see the gun, he didn't see that he had a gun, he heard the
> shot," Ms. Koonce said of her brother. "When he heard the shooting stop,
> he got up and he saw what happened. He saw my dad and he went over by him.
> He looked and he wasn't moving. The paramedic checked and there was not a
> pulse."
> In addition to Ms. Koonce's father, Harold Diekmeier, 74, of Delafield,
> Wis., who had been a member of the church and its progenitors since 1972,
> the dead included the pastor, Randy L. Gregory, 51, and his 16-year-old
> son, James, of Gurnee, Ill.; Gloria Critari, 55, and Richard W. Reeves,
> 58, both of Cudahy, Wis.; Gerald A. Miller, 44, of Erin, Wis.; and Bart
> Oliver, 15, of Waukesha.
> The pastor's wife, Marjean, 52, was injured, along with three others:
> Angel M. Varichak, 19; Matthew P. Kaulbach, 21; and a 10-year-old girl
> named Lindsay whose last name was not released.
> At the Sheraton on Sunday afternoon, two of Bart Oliver's friends laid a
> white cardboard sign saying he would be missed, along with a poem, on a
> shrine that included eight wooden crosses, two dozen bouquets, stuffed
> animals and pictures.
> "Do not stand at my grave and cry," read the poem, by Mary Frye, which the
> teenagers pulled off the Internet. "I am not there. I did not die."
> Mr. Gregory, a former engineer at I.B.M., became a paid minister in the
> church about five years ago, and moved from Texas to Gurnee so he could
> minister to congregations in both Chicago and Milwaukee. Neighbors said
> they could set their clocks by Mr. Gregory's daily 2 p.m. stroll around
> their subdivision. They said the family was gone most of the weekend
> conducting church services in multiple locations.
> "The church was everything" to the family, said a neighbor, Toni D'Amore.
> "Their social activities were pretty much with the church."
> The police said there were 50 to 60 people in the hotel conference room
> for Saturday's service, which started at 12:30 p.m. rather than at the
> usual 10 a.m. because it was to be followed by a potluck dinner and a
> talent show. When Mr. Ratzmann began shooting from the back of the room,
> Captain Horter said, church members "took what action they thought to be
> necessary, safeguarding themselves, safeguarding family members,
> safeguarding others."
> Ms. Wollin said she was seated in the front and "heard pop-pop."
> "I turned around, I saw Terry shooting, I hit the ground," she said.
> The first 911 calls from church members' cellphones came in at 12:51 p.m.,
> and officers arrived on the scene three minutes later. Mr. Ratzmann, the
> police said, was against the wall at the back of the room, dead of a
> gunshot to the head.
> In searching Mr. Ratzmann's home, about two miles away in New Berlin, the
> police found 9-millimeter bullets that, with the 22 shots fired and those
> remaining in the handgun, added up to the 50 that come in a box. They also
> recovered a .22-caliber rifle and the computers, but nothing to explain
> the massacre. They are trying to construct a timeline of Mr. Ratzmann's
> activities in the 24 hours before the killings.
> No one answered the door on Sunday at the Ratzmanns' wood-frame house,
> where someone had left a bouquet of flowers and two teddy bears. A woman
> who picked up the telephone there said only, "At this time the family
> really has nothing to say."
> Neighbors said Mr. Ratzmann was a computer programmer and had lately been
> out of work. A spokeswoman for Adecco, a human resources firm, said Mr.
> Ratzmann was an employee of the firm and had recently been on assignment
> for GE Healthcare, which released a statement saying the company was
> cooperating with investigators and offering prayers to the victims'
> families.
> Shane Colwell, who lives across the alley, said he and Mr. Ratzmann traded
> tools as they both built garages. He said Mr. Ratzmann caught rabbits in
> "humane traps" and drove them 20 miles away rather than shooting them, and
> he wore a tie, jacket and dress pants for services every Saturday.
> Mr. Colwell said he last spoke to Mr. Ratzmann two days before the
> shooting, while shoveling snow. Mr. Ratzmann was getting seedlings ready
> for planting, Mr. Colwell said, and was planning a camping trip out West
> for the summer.
> "I didn't know things were this bad; had I known, I would have tried to
> talk to him," he said.
> Kenneth Stump, 83, a retired warehouse worker who lived next door, said
> Mr. Ratzmann took him acid-free tomatoes "because he knew I couldn't eat
> stuff with acid." Mr. Stump said Mr. Ratzmann picked up his lawn clippings
> to fertilize his garden and would help Mr. Stump move firewood from the
> garage.
> On Saturday, Mr. Stump said he saw Mr. Ratzmann leaving for the Sheraton.
> He waved, and Mr. Ratzmann waved back.
> Reporting for this article was contributed by David Bernstein from Gurnee,
> Ill., Daniel I. Dorfman from Wisconsin, Neela Banerjee from Washington and
> Laurie Goodstein from New York.
> ---------------------------------
> Sex, Drugs, the CIA, MIND CONTROL and Your Children
> By A.B.H. Alexander
> Probe Magazine 1997
> Posted March 11, 2005
> Mind Control background Where to start?
> The CIA, the FINDERS and a likely avenue to acquire children?
> Project Monarch and the Cathy O'Brien Story
> South of the Border-the NAFTA message
> Enter Kelly, Mark Phillips, exit Project Monarch
> What else do we know?
> The Last Straw?
> Throughout history, among the ruling elite. Just how
> to control the populace and defeat your enemies is a
> top priority. In the waning years of the Vietnam
> conflict we heard our generals stressing that we
> should win the hearts and minds of our enemy, this
> strategy was proving successful, but it was too little
> too late. In the late 1930's Adolf Hitler and his
> colleagues had to make a choice between building more
> weapons of mass destruction and weapons of mass
> control. Hitler choose the later. Those in ruling
> positions decide between subtle methods of control by
> media, taxes, religion and health measures, or simple,
> brutal police state tactics.
> The use of propaganda techniques made famous by Joseph
> Goebbels became such a sublime way of Influencing the
> masses that our latter day propagandists are now more
> numerous than ever. The only thing that has changed is
> their title; they now call themselves "spin doctors",
> and they aren't spinning the truth.
> Chinese philosopher and strategist. Sun Tzu, said.
> "All warfare Is based on deception. A skilled general
> must be master of the complementary arts of simulation
> and dissimulation; while creating shapes, to confuse
> and delude the enemy, he conceals his true
> dispositions and ultimate intent. Moving as intangibly
> as a ghost in the starlight, he Is obscure. Inaudible.
> His primary target is the mind of the opposing
> commander; the-vlctorlous situation, a product of his
> creative Imagination." (i) Sun Tzu fully realized that
> real victory lies in controlling the thoughts of your
> enemy.
> Today, controlling the mind of what is perceived as
> the enemy has risen to new heights. While
> propagandists and spin doctors are the more visible
> tools, there is a much more sinister understanding of
> how advances in technology can turn any human being
> into a kind of slave. The worst part of it all is that
> many of those so enslaved are so well conditioned to
> their state of misery that they accept the yoke with
> little struggle.
> What tools are used and how far have these projects
> gone? Previous issues of PROBE and many other
> publications as well, have recently highlighted the
> potential use of this ultimate weapon of mind control.
> Part of this article will explore the lesser known but
> depraved use of this power over a group of selected
> people with incestual and sexual abuse backgrounds.
> First, we must separate fantasy from fiction and find
> out what can be documented. Second, we must remember
> that what we are searching for is supposed to be kept
> a secret. Therefore, while the quality of information
> is mixed. It may also be very disturbing.
> Mind Control background
> Bill Kurtis's TV-show, A & E Investigative Report on
> the assassination of Robert Kennedy suggested that
> Sirhan Sirhan was a mind controlled assassin or patsy
> that would have been created under Project Artichoke
> .(2) The object of this project was to create the real
> "Manchurian Candidate", an assassin who could be
> programmed to kill a target and then not even remember
> he did it. Sirhan Sirhan fit the profile. Angry at the
> death of his parents during a conflict with Israel the
> convicted assassin of RFK was said to have been in a
> trance-like state during and after the shooting.
> Later, Sirhan Sirhan would state strongly that he did
> not actually remember anything that happened during
> the shooting, but everyone said he did it, so he must
> have done it.
> The 1976 Church Committee hearings on the CIA and its
> mind control projects like MK-ULTRA did scratch the
> surface of a few of its goals:
> 1) To develop "substances which will promote illogical
> thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the
> recipient would be discredited in public."
> 2) To develop "materials to render the induction of
> hypnosis easier and substances which will produce
> 'pure' euphoria with n< subsequent let-down."
> 3) To develop "materials and physical methods which
> will produce amnesia for events preceding and during
> their use."
> 4) To develop "substances which alter personality
> structure in such a way that the tendency of the
> recipient to become dependent upon another person is
> enhanced."
> 5) To develop "substances which will lower the
> ambition and general working efficiency of men. "(3)
> With the vast amount of evidence that carn be
> assembled about these projects, and the hundreds or
> likely thousands of unwitting volunteers who have been
> experimented or over the past 45 years it gets easier
> to understand how this power has been used.
> It would seem that the evolution of mind control as a
> weapon started as a tool for the perfect espionage
> agent and then grew into the making of the 'perfect
> soldier'. Later use of the combination of chemicals,
> electronic frequencies and propaganda would suggest
> mass control of government workers and finally mass
> control of a general population With the right mind
> tool could you turn a vital productive nation into a
> fearful, intimidated group of mediocre producers who
> are kept comfortable with leisure activity and a
> plentiful supply of drugs? Could this be happening in
> America ?....Judge for yourself
> Where to start?
> Conditioning adults in mind control programs involves
> a certain degree of breaking down their current mental
> barriers against acts of violence which they would not
> normally perform. Rational humans acknowledge a dark
> side to their personalities, but most keep these
> fleeting violent ideas from being seriously
> considered. While adult conditioning presents a
> certain resistance, programming of young children
> offers a whole set of new and terrifying options for
> those who would worship such control. How is it done?
> what is done? and how are these unwitting subjects
> found?
> Project names often associated with mine control
> comes to sexual abuse and children, another name pops
> up, that's PROJECT MONARCH. One can expect a variety
> of chemical electrical, low frequency stimulation and
> deprivation techniques to have been employed in the
> past. The efforts of people like Dr. Louis Jolyn West
> will always be associated with an experiment of
> overdosing and killing an elephant with LSD in front
> of a group of school children. Dr. West also figured
> prominently in wanting to create a center for the
> study of violence in California to mentally
> recondition criminals using a variety of highly
> experimental mind control techniques. Then Governor
> Ronald Reagan was at first supportive of the center,
> but when public opinion shifted away from Dr. West,
> Reagan's backing vanished.
> Television and movies have utilized mind control
> techniques to heighten or influence audience response.
> The movie. The Exorcist allegedly used subliminal
> sounds and pictures on the screen. It is claimed a
> full screen death mask of Father Karras and the word
> "pig" was flashed along with certain sound effects
> which heightened emotions and gave many a viewer
> sweaty palms. The CIA connection to this movie comes
> through the author/producer William Peter Blattey who
> served as a policy branch chief in the psychological
> warfare division of the USAF. Steve Jacobson claimed
> in his 1991 audio tape, Mind Control in the Media,
> that Blattey was a CIA operative.
> A teenager seeking care for an arthritic leg in
> Montreal , Canada , was one of 80 victims to fall into
> a CIA/Canadian mind control experiments between 1957
> and 1961. A Dr. Ewen Cameron performed what were
> called "psychic driving" experiments on unwitting
> volunteers like then 18 year old Robert Logic. Cameron
> was head of the prestigious American Psychiatric
> Association and was known by some as the father of
> Canadian psychiatry. This lofty reputation allowed
> Cameron to receive $60,000 from the CIA to discover if
> he could effectively wipe out someone's memory, and
> then reprogram it for whatever purpose the controller
> wished. The money would be funneled through a CIA
> front organization called the Society for the
> Investigation of Human Ecology. Logic claimed he lost
> 23 days of his life during this experiment, which
> subjected him to LSD injections, electroshock and
> being forced
> Logic claimed he lost 23 days of his life during this
> experiment which subjected him to LSD injections,
> electroshock and being forced to listen for hours to
> taped messages including, "You killed your mother (4).
> It was not until documents about these experiments
> were pried out and made public in 1977 (the year oddly
> enough, when Dr. Cameron died) that the survivors of
> this tortuous ordeal could begin their quest for
> Justice. In October of 1988, Logic and seven other
> survivors split a paltry out-of-court settlement from
> the U.S. Department of Justice of just $750,000 to pay
> for the damages incurred by Cameron and his CIA
> cronies. Later, in 1992, Canadian authorities would
> settle their suit with the same people for another
> $6.28 million. All of the survivors suffered life long
> problems as the result of these experiments. Velma
> Orlikow flew into unexplained rages and lost the
> ability to read. Another victim, Linda Macdonald,
> spent 86 days in a so-called sleep room and came out
> so mentally destroyed that she could not read, write,
> or recognize her family. She also had to be toilet
> trained again. (5)
> People like Linda, Robert and Velma were not suing
> simply for the money, but to prevent such programs
> from happening again. However, these mind control
> programs may have expanded considerably since those
> early days and with the perfected technology now
> instituted, it is likely to be bigger and better than
> ever. ..
> The CIA, the FINDERS and a likely avenue to acquire
> children?
> Since volunteers for such mentally-hazardous duty are
> practically nonexistent, people have to be deceived as
> to the true purpose of the experiment in order to gain
> their cooperation. Failing this, they may be simply
> abducted off the street, to be used and sometimes
> discarded.
> Evidence of the later has filtered in from several
> sources, notably a 1993 article in U.S. News & World
> Report which exposed a Washington D.C. group called
> the FINDERS. The group appears to be a "stuck in the
> 1960's" outfit offering to help kids who want to live
> in the old hippie, communal atmosphere. The article
> did suggest that their might be a more sinister
> purpose behind the Finders, a purpose which includes
> child peddling, Satanism and kiddie porn operations.
> As of 1996, the Finders are still headquartered in
> Washington D.C. with that same kind of "old hippies
> just looking after the kids" look. (6) Their founder
> is a 75-year old retired USAF Master Sergeant by the
> name of Marion David Pettie. The leader acknowledges
> only having received a ninth grade education, claiming
> that he preferred a more experiential kind of
> education, and school was interfering with it. The
> tall, graying cult leader now resides in Culpeper ,
> Virginia , and is sometimes referred to as "the
> stroller" because of his frequent walks through town.
> The 1987 incident which plagues the Finders involves
> the Tallahassee , Florida , Police Department
> investigation of two adult males found transporting
> six children aged two to seven years old. The Dodge
> van, and the condition in which the children were
> found, was described by officers [Walter Kreitlow and
> Fredric Haiduk] in their report:
> "The police had received an anonymous telephone call
> relative to two well dressed white men wearing suits
> and ties in Myers Park, [Tallahassee], apparently
> watching six dirty and unkempt children in the
> playground area. A Mr. HOULIHAN and AMMERMAN were near
> a 1980 blue Dodge van bearing the Virginia license
> number XHW-557, the inside of which was later
> described as foul-smelling, filled with maps, books,
> letters, with a mattress situated to the rear of the
> van which appeared as if it were used as a bed. The
> overall appearance of the van gave the impression that
> all eight persons were living in it The children were
> covered with insect bites, were very dirty and most of
> the children were not wearing underwear and all the
> children had not been bathed in many days." (7)
> There was keen interest in searching the Finders
> headquarters by James Bradley, a Detective for the
> Washington D.C. Police Department. Krietlow also had
> suspicions that the subjects had been involved in
> supplying children for kiddie porn activities south of
> the border. The combination of the two was enough to
> trigger a search of the Finders Washington D.C.
> headquarters on February 5, 1987 . Special agents for
> the Department of the Treasury, Ramon Martinez and
> Lynwood Rountree, reported:
> "During the course of the search warrants, numerous
> documents were discovered which appeared to be
> concerned with international trafficking in children,
> high tech transfer to the United Kingdom and
> international transfer of currency."
> Also in the report:
> "Further inspection of the premises disclosed numerous
> files relating to activities of the organization in
> different parts of the world. Locations I observed are
> as follows: London , German, the Bahamas , Japan ,
> Hong Kong , Malaysia , Africa , Costa Rica and "
> Europe . There was also a file identified as
> Palestinian. Other files were identified by member
> name or "project" name. The projects, appearing to be
> operated for commercial purposes under front names for
> the FINDERS. There was one file entitled "Pentagon
> Break-In" and others which referred to members'
> operating in foreign countries. Not observed by me but
> related by an MPD (Metropolitan Police Department)
> officer, were intelligence files on private families
> not related to the Finders The process undertaken
> appears to have been a systematic response to local
> newspaper advertisements for baby sitters, tutors,
> etc. A member of the Finders would respond and gather
> as much information as possible about the habits,
> identity, occupation, etc. of the family. The use to
> which this information was to be put is still unknown.
> There was also a large amount of data collected on
> various child care organizations.
> The warehouse contained a large library, two kitchens,
> a sauna, hot tub and a video room. The video room
> seemed to be set up as an indoctrination center. It
> also appeared that the organization had the capability
> to produce its own videos. There were what appeared to
> be training areas for children and what appeared to be
> an altar set up in a residential areaofthe warehouse.
> Many jars of urine and feces were located in this
> area. (8)"
> On March 31, 1987 either Martinez or Rountree
> contacted Washington D.C. Detective Bradley, and agree
> that they would review the documents seized at the
> Finders in the next couple of days. The following
> report of this meeting explains why no action was
> taken in a case that was replete with moral crimes
> against children:
> "On April 2, 1987 , I arrived at MPD at approximately
> 9:00 AM. Detective Bradley was not available. I spoke
> to a third party who was willing to discuss the case
> with me on a strictly "off the record" basis. I was
> advised that all the passport data had been turned
> over to the State Department for their investigation.
> The State Department in turn advised MPD that all
> travel and use of the passports by the holders of the
> passports was within the law and no action would be
> taken. This includes travel to Moscow , North Korea
> and North Vietnam from the late 1950's to I970's.
> The individual further advised me of circumstances
> which indicated that the investigation into the
> activity of the Finders had become a CIA internal
> matter. The MPD report has been classified secret and
> was not available for review. I was advised that the
> FBI had withdrawn from the investigation several weeks
> prior and that the FBI Foreign Counter intelligence
> Division had directed MPD not to advise the FBI
> Washington Field Office of anything that had
> transpired. No further information will be available.
> No further action will be taken." (9)
> Wendell Minnick, author of Spies and Provocateurs: An
> Encyclopedia of Espionage and Covert Action, reports
> he spent two years and over $1,000 in phone bills
> researching the Finders. There are two somewhat
> conflicting reports on the Finders from Minnick. In a
> May, 1996, Washington City Paper, Minnick states "the
> Finders would love you to think they're a CIA front,
> but I would say they're really nothing. You're going
> to hear a lot of bullshit on the Finders because they
> lie. These are dysfunctional adults, but they're all
> working their asses off. They're constantly working on
> some project. If you have a cult, the best way to
> control people is to keep them busy, to keep their
> minds occupied." On the internet, Minnicks Winter
> 1995, article, The Finders: The CIA and the Cult of
> Marion David Pettie, says something different. The
> Finders were suspected of abducting children for sale,
> but never had it proved. Minnick states a 1987 raid
> resulted in the recovery of one telex ordering "the
> purchase of two children from Hong Kong to be arranged
> through a contact in the Chinese embassy there." At
> the time of the raid, Justice Department agents
> discovered a Chinese student living with the Finders.
> Wang Gen-xin was a graduate student in the anatomy
> department at Georgetown University . His involvement
> has not been clarified.
> Minnick added, "The one line that crucifies the CIA
> and the Finders on the same cross startles the
> imagination: "CIA made one contact and admitted to
> owning the Finders organization as a front for a
> domestic computer training operation, but that it had
> gone bad." Was this a leaked bit of info for damage
> control or connections between the CIA and the
> Finders? (10] It is known to many that after his
> retirement from the Air Force in 1956, Pettie's wife.
> Isabel, joined the CIA as a support secretary serving
> the station chief in Frankfurt , Germany , from
> 1957-61. Pettie's son, George, served in the CIA's
> drug activities in Air America during the Vietnam war.
> While this may not be conclusive proof of Marion
> Pettie's direct involvement with the CIA in some kind
> of child porn, abduction, sacrifice scheme, it draws
> one much closer to it.
> It would seem obvious to most that this official
> intervention betrays a protective reaction when it
> comes to Finder activities. When the CIA is involved
> and there is; international considerations about these
> allegations, it is difficult not to use the term
> cover-up.
> Since 1987, there has been good reason for that uneasy
> feeling about the Finders. Marion Pettie expanded his
> organization into dozens of properties in Virginia and
> Florida , in addition to their Washington D.C.
> headquarters. These real estate holdings were
> estimated to be worth over 2.2 million dollars.
> This financial success has put the Finders back in the
> gentle crosshairs of the mainstream press again.
> Several articles around the country have again
> performed in mediocre fashion to shed light on this
> bizarre group. This May, the Washington City Paper
> stated the Finders were "mostly middle aged men who
> are- always in dark suits and wouldn't be out of place
> managing a local funeral home." The reporter also
> mentions that townspeople say, "the Finders constantly
> walk the streets, following people home and taking
> extensive notes and pictures," (11)
> Another author, Mark Riebling, dabbles momentarily in
> the Finders pool of strangeness in his 1994 book,
> Wedge: The Secret War Between the FBI and the CIA .
> Riebling states in his book, "just before Christmas
> 1993, both agencies were embarrassed by a Justice
> Department investigation into whether the CIA had
> improperly used the FBI to cover up its connections to
> a computer training cult called Finders, which had
> been accused but acquitted of child abuse."
> The flak is increasing for the Finders, as Paul Arico
> and seven other ex-members are corning back to file
> suit for the piece of their pie they gave up to Pettie
> when they joined. As often happens in real cult-like
> organizations a percentage or all of your worldly
> goods are required to be donated to the group, and
> total obedience to the leader is an absolute must.
> Even a former member Robert "Tobe" Terrell, who left
> the Finders in 1991, said the vision of the group had
> changed, "the nature of the group shifted from an
> idealistic Utopian community to more of a military
> like organization where following orders became more
> important that the vision". (12)
> Officially, the Justice Department admits that the
> Finders case is still "an open investigation." The CIA
> sings a different but expected tune. Spokesman Mark
> Mansfield said "allegations of my agency's involvement
> with the group were an absurdity that popped up every
> couple of years." (13)
> An October. 1977, NBC-TV broadcast segment entitled,
> "The Children and the CIA," brought out another
> possible covert link between the CIA and children. The
> CIA story was that they had simply brought a group of
> children together for observation at a number of
> summer camps for possible later recruitment and to
> watch their behavior. However, there are disturbing
> barbs to this story, one in which the counselors were
> not told that the camp was being financed by the CIA.
> The agency once again used the front organization
> called the Society for the Investigation of Human
> Ecology. (14) This was the same group that paid Dr.
> Cameron for his Canadian mind-blanking experiments in
> the 60's. Considering the track record of the CIA, to
> suspect ulterior motives in this case would only be
> common sense.
> In 1995, the President's Committee on Radiation was
> hearing complaints in Washington D.C. about hazardous
> exposure at sites and plants around the country. The
> testimony mostly focused on the damaging effects of
> that exposure to radiation. However, on March 15, 1995
> , the testimony of New Orleans therapist Valerie Wolf
> and two of her patients dropped a bombshell in the
> proceedings that was never covered by the mainstream
> press. Wolf and her patients stated that they had been
> part of an "extensive CIA brainwashing program as
> young children (in one case, starting at age seven).
> Their brainwashing included torture, rape,
> electroshock, powerful drugs, hypnosis and death
> threats." (15) According to their testimony, the CIA
> then induced amnesia to prevent their recalling
> anything that really happened.
> Personal eyewitness accounts exist regarding the use
> of children and women in such secret programs. Any
> allegations of organized, high level sexual abuse are
> likely to end up getting you or your character
> assassinated. This makes any such revelation extremely
> rare and hence, worth looking into. The next segment
> is a summary of what is perhaps the most incredible
> tale of such an organized program created by American
> and Post WWII German scientists from Operation
> Paperclip; it is called Project Monarch.
> Project Monarch and the Cathy O'Brien Story
> The essence of Project Monarch is the total
> subjugation of a persons will and personality to the
> manipulations of their controllers. To accomplish this
> goal the subjects personality is fractured into a MPD
> (Multiple Personality Disorder). By , fracturing the
> strength of the single personality into multiple ones
> it has becomes possible to set one part of a
> personality against another, or create personalities
> which will submit to sexual abuse or perform as an
> assassin or serve as a courier. Upon completion of the
> assignment that personality is suppressed and another
> brought forth to give the honest appearance of nothing
> being wrong. One well known example could be Sirhan
> Sirhan. Another lesser known example is Cathy O'Brien
> and her daughter Kelly.
> O'Brien tells her tale with the help of the man who
> rescued her from this dilemma, Mark Phillips in the
> book, Trance-Formation of America . She claims that
> her future was sealed from the moment of birth in
> December of 1957, "My pedophile father, Earl O'Brien,
> brags that he began substituting his penis for my
> mothers's nipple soon after I was born. My multi
> generational incest-abused mother, Carol Tanis, did
> not protest his perverse actions due to (reportedly)
> having similar abuse as a child which caused her to
> acquire Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)." (16)
> The terror of this experience with her father along
> with her mothers refusal to help her, forced young
> Cathy to dissociate from these events by creating an
> entirely new personality, to deal with her father.
> Traumatic events in one's life can create a repressed
> memory or a condition of shock so severe that the
> victim becomes incapable of living with it on their
> own. In O'Brien's case she discovered her family's
> perverted and abusive sexual history during her
> upbringing, but since that was all she knew, the
> acceptance of ritual abuse was sadly became the norm.
> This dysfunctional family found ways to profit from
> their children's misery, which led to many personal
> contacts with government officials. O'Brien describes
> a few of them, "My mother's oldest brother. Uncle Bob,
> was a pilot in Air Force Intelligence and often
> boasted that he worked for the Vatican . Uncle Bob was
> also a commercial pornographer, producing kiddie porn
> for the local Michigan Mafia, which looped back to
> Mafia porn king and U.S. Representative Jerry Ford (or
> known by some as Leslie Lynch King Jr.)". [Yes, she
> means Gerald Ford the 38th President of the U.S. ](17)
> Cathy's father, Earl, only had a sixth grade education
> and applied that toward an occupation as a local sport
> fisherman and worm digger. The main Income for the
> family was coming through his pornographic
> exploitation of his younger family members, (Cathy
> would soon have two more sisters and four brothers,
> all of whom were used). By the time Cathy was six,
> they had moved to a bigger house near the eastern
> shore of Michigan . This location helped him deal with
> the tourists and drug dealers who were happy to pay
> for sex with children.
> There was a bump ahead in the road for Earl, as he was
> caught selling kiddie porn through the mail. Uncle Bob
> came to the rescue, he knew of government people with
> the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) that were
> recruiting multi-generational incest abused children
> with MPD for its genetic mind control studies. Cathy
> states, "I was a prime candidate, a chosen one. My
> father seized the opportunity as it would provide him
> immunity from prosecution. In the midst of the
> pandemonium that ensued. Jerry Ford arrived at our
> house for a meeting with my father, the evidence in
> hand. Not long after that, my father was flown to
> Boston for a
> O'Brien claims that at age 13, she was actually sold
> by her father to U.S. Senator Robert Byrd of Virginia
> , two-week course at Harvard on how to raise me for
> this off-shoot of MK-ULTRA Monarch. ."(18)
> The involvement in Project Monarch was not simply
> sexual. According to O'Brien, the MPD would trigger a
> Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID. Mind control
> experts knew this could lead to an extraordinary high
> pain threshold, a heightened visual acuity and a
> compartmentalization of her memory which would allow
> for retention of detailed messages and data that she
> would not ordinarily comprehend. These memory
> compartments are what clinicians would refer to as
> personalities. This would allow O'Brien and others
> like her to perform a variety of sexual and diplomatic
> tasks for the puppet masters in the CIA, DIA, NSA, or
> any of the other security agencies in the alphabet
> soup of government security acronyms.
> The language and conditioning of O'Brien was continued
> as she was given to higher level handlers. There is a
> term given to the few that submit to the way Cathy
> O'Brien was conditioned; they are called Presidential
> Models. This means they will be used and abused by
> only those of highest authority for a variety of
> purposes. There was a lot of use of fantasy land
> themes like the Wizard of Oz, Disney characters, Alice
> in Wonderland and Cinderella in this conditioning. The
> memory she acquired during this painful training
> allowed her to recall many specific incidents for the
> book Trance-Formation of America . On one such
> occasion, in a lodge near Greybull , Wyoming , Dick
> Cheney, the White House Chief of Staff to President
> Ford and Secretary of Defense to President George Bush
> gave Cathy the illusion of a choice as to how she was
> to be sexually used. "Make up your mind," Cheney
> coaxed. Unable to speak, O'Brien was silent. "You
> don't get a choice, anyway. I make up your mind for
> you. That's why you're here, for me to make you a
> mind, and make you mine-mind. You lost your mind a
> long time ago. Now I'm going to give you one. Just
> like the Wizard (of OZ) gave the Scarecrow a brain,
> the Yellow Brick Road led you here to me. You've come
> such a long, long way, for your brain, and I will give
> you one."(i9) said Cheney, according to O'Brien.
> In exchange for lucrative Defense Department
> contracts, O'Brien claims that at age 13, she was
> actually sold by her father to U.S. Senator Robert
> Byrd of Virginia , who was also head of the powerful
> Senate Appropriations Committee. As a Presidential
> Model she would be set up with various foreign
> leaders. Keywords would be given by the party she
> would meet and this would allow access to the
> personality or compartment in her memory that held the
> message. At 27 years of age O'Brien would deliver such
> a message to the future president of Mexico .
> South of the Border-the NAFTA message
> O'Brien's understanding of NAFTA (North American Free
> Trade Agreement) was that it was considered a
> significant step in implementing the New World Order.
> Cathy recollects Senator Byrd saying, "propaganda
> disguising the true purpose of NAFTA includes the
> concept of "free trade" which the U.S. and Mexican
> governments had long since shared. "Free trade" of
> child and adult mind-controlled slaves, cocaine,
> heroin and business has been not-so-secretly
> proliferating for years."
> In 1984, Carlos Salinas was the Vice President of
> Mexico, but George Bush favored him over Miguel de la
> Madrid in the next election. O'Brien says that
> President Reagan informed her, "the U.S. would guard
> the integrity of elections by covertly overseeing
> them." Salinas was going to be President of Mexico at
> any cost and O'Brien delivered the following message
> to him:
> "I have a message from the Vice-President of the
> United States of America to our neighbors in Mexico .
> America is willing to share its wealth through a trade
> agreement with Mexico . We'll trade our cash for
> control over Mexico 's cocaine and heroin production.
> By controlling your drug industry, we can open the
> border between our countries to allow a free flow of
> cocaine and heroin into the U.S. , bought and paid for
> in American dollars to build Mexico . Eventually this
> could dissolve the border between our countries
> altogether as Mexico 's economy grows to match ours.
> If we begin today, this dream could be realized by the
> turn of the century--sharing the same continent,
> sharing the same wealth. Why? The drug industry
> already dictates what the Mexican government can or
> cannot do. By giving the U.S. control of your drug
> industry, Mexico regains control over her government.
> Re-established power backed by U.S. dollars will bring
> Mexico on an economic par with America . We can begin
> by spreading the world through the drug cartels that
> the U.S. is covertly willing to open the borders to
> free drug trade by making agents available to show you
> the passage and routes through which the drugs are to
> be delivered. Only U.S. agents can bring Mexican
> heroin and (South American) cocaine across the border
> and likewise they will bring the cash in. Explain to
> those select few who control the drug empires that the
> cruise line (NCL=Norwegian Cruise Line) agreement is
> going into mass expansion, tearing down the border
> between our countries enough to allow for as many
> drugs to come in as Mexico can deal out. When do we
> begin?"(20)
> There are those who may say that this story is too
> incredible; a legitimate government would never deal
> with drug cartels to give better access for such a
> socially destructive commodity. History would prove
> such a naive conclusion wrong. The French are reported
> to have bought the entire opium crop from the Golden
> Triangle in Burma in 1953, before they were kicked out
> of Southeast Asia .
> The British had two major conflicts with the Chinese
> over opium, in fact, they were called the Opium Wars
> in 1839 and 1856. These wars would force the Chinese
> to import opium to help control the population. The
> fact that opium, cocaine and their synthetic
> derivatives are illegal has only increased their
> value. In the same way that the Prohibition Act of the
> 1930's allowed organized crime to get a great tax free
> start, the drug dealers of today have enormous sums of
> wealth to legitimately buy into any kind of business
> or government in the world.
> As for Cathy O'Brien, there were two things that would
> jiggle her loose from the grip of these controllers;
> one was her daughter, Kelly, and the other was the man
> that would recognize her plight and rescue her, Mark
> Phillips.
> Enter Kelly, Mark Phillips, exit Project Monarch
> The first marriage for Cathy O'Brien was not going to
> be a vessel of love and harmony for a Project Monarch
> slave. A member of a Grand Ol' Opry band who according
> to O'Brien was a part-time occult serial killer was
> chosen to father her child. His name was Wayne Cox and
> he also supported Senator Byrd's activities. It would
> be Byrd who commanded Cathy to move from Michigan to
> Nashville to marry.
> O'Brien recalls what she called a "predestined"
> marriage, "Cox's primary role was to shatter my mind
> further through repeated occult trauma as well as to
> father my daughter, Kelly, to be raised in the genetic
> mind-control studies of Project Monarch. Cox would
> take me to the backwoods of his hometown swamp in
> Chatham , Louisiana , for months at a time for occult
> traumatization. Cox had been brought up in witchcraft
> by his mother and admittedly longed for her sexually
> and ritually. Together they subjected me to their
> beliefs, which included what equates to a weakened
> version of mind control used by witches for centuries,
> anchored in superstition rather than scientific fact.
> During the three years I was with Cox, he ritually
> impregnated and aborted me six times, consuming
> several of his own offspring and preserving the others
> shaped in ceramic for sale in his interstate occult
> body parts business."(21)
> Born in February, 1980, Cathy's daughter Kelly never
> had a chance at a normal life; her abuse started just
> as early as her mothers. A Lt. Col. Michael Aquino
> used many NASA bases as a site for further
> conditioning O'Brien as a Presidential Model. After
> the basic programming would be completed, O'Brien and
> later her daughter Kelly, would be sent to what was
> called " Charm School ," in Youngstown , Ohio .
> According to O'Brien, the Mellon banking family, which
> was Senator Byrd's endowment of the arts largest
> contributor. This member would be referred to as the
> "Governor." He would later become Governor of
> Pennsylvania and U.S. Attorney General, Dick
> Thornburgh.
> The description of this Charm School would make one
> welcome the comfort of Frankenstein's castle, "housed
> in an identified stone historical railroad barren's
> former residence, the basement was in fact a wine
> cellar dungeon. It was dark, damp and musty and was
> decorated in classic torture chamber fashion. It was
> complete with various hanging chains, a stretching
> rack, whips and altars including one specially
> designed for bestiality sex. "(22)
> Kelly's experience in this project, and Charm School ,
> would be understandably traumatic. The drawing by
> Kelly shows that something is definitely not right
> about this school. This experience would seem to serve
> on positive purpose, which was to give Cathy as the
> mother of her child the strength to look for a way
> out.
> Mark Phillips openly admits to his involvement in some
> aspects of mind control research with the Yerkes
> Primate Center in Atlanta , Georgia , in the late
> 1960's. Debunkers may automatically cry he is some
> kind of misinformation specialist because of this, but
> there is more to consider. There are many
> sub-contractors to the Department of Defense (DOD) in
> mind control research and Phillips is another one of
> them with a high level clearance. Perhaps we should
> listen first and judge later.
> The knowledge of human psychology led Phillips into a
> successful sales career. In 1988, A childhood
> acquaintance, Ray Myers, introduced Phillips to
> country music entertainer, Alex Houston. Houston was
> looking for someone with international business skills
> to help him with a potentially profitable idea about
> an electrical capacitor device which could increase
> energy efficiency for large industry. In the process
> of looking at the idea, Phillips discovered Ray Myers
> and his wife Regina . were pedophiles and that they
> abused Cathy and her daughter. However, it was
> business first, and Phillips would take precautions
> against Houston from the beginning.
> Phillips designed the logo, the company
> name-UniPhayse, and drew up contracts with a lot of
> "honesty" type clauses. Houston was puzzled by these
> clauses but his lust for the deal must have spurred
> him on as he accepted the terms.
> Several months later, through contacts made, the pair
> were dealing with a Mr. Yoon from the People's
> Republic of China . Following the conclusion of
> several successful meetings, it looked like the
> Chinese were ready for UniPhayse . Houston and
> Phillips returned to Tennessee briefly, where Phillips
> first met Cathy and her daughter Kelly. Upon meeting
> them at the gate, Phillips impression were, "She
> appeared to me to be young, beautiful, very dumb and
> dressed like a prostitute." (23)
> Months later, Mr.Yoon would invite Houston and Cathy
> along with Mark and his wife to China to formally sign
> the Joint venture agreement. Phillips was getting
> divorced and Houston adamantly refused to attend with
> his wife or by himself, stating he had an
> entertainment "gig" that he could not cancel. Phillips
> and his soon to be ex-wife attended, but right before
> their return to the U.S. , a man with the Chinese
> Ministry of Defense showed him an extraordinary file
> that would change his life.
> The file clearly demonstrated extensive knowledge of
> Phillip's background with the Department of Defense
> and his security clearance. While it was made obvious
> that the Chinese knew all about him, blackmail was the
> furthest thing from their mind. Their main concern was
> Alex Houston. The Chinese knew Houston had been
> involved with the CIA, drugs, money laundering, child
> prostitution and slavery. The comment from this
> Chinese bearer of bad tidings was, " Houston was a
> very bad man and his crimes were of the White House."
> (24)
> Extensive classified documentation to support these
> claims was provided to Phillips, along with
> photographs of Houston involved in sodomizing a
> terrified young Haitian boy. The Chinese simply did
> not want Houston involved in the deal, so arrangements
> had to be cleverly devised to eliminate him.
> Fortunately, Houston was out of town enough to provide
> Phillips with enough time to search his files for a
> way to void the partnership. It didn't take long, as
> shipping bills, bank deposit slips and even a copy of
> a letter instructing a customer not to discuss details
> of a deal with anyone but him were found. Houston was
> selling the business out the back door, behind
> Phillips back. This is where the honesty clauses came
> into affect, which allowed Phillips to take over
> completely if this kind of foul play was discovered.
> Having saved the deal, Phillips wondered what could be
> done about the plight of Cathy and Kelly. The
> knowledge from behavior modification or mind control
> programs can be used negatively for absolute control
> or positively to enhance one's abilities to learn and
> grow; from Phillips testimony one might think he was
> involved more with the latter.
> A secret meeting with a good friend from his days in
> Vietnam (who was then a General) would help resolve
> what could be done. Phillips asked how would you
> spring these people out of it? The General replied, "I
> wouldn't," than lamented how things had changed and
> that the CIA, FBI and the Mafia are the same and
> they're making their moves on the military. Phillips
> pressed the issue and the General recommended a method
> of using a biblical passage, as those in Tennessee
> used Christian-based programming. Before the General
> left, he warned, "Mark, this is nuts, go to China and
> take them with you. Forget about this red, white and
> blue cesspool, it'll clean up. There are a lot of good
> guys in the inside busting their asses to stop this
> mess, but you're not going to save the world."(25)
> Phillips left the meeting and although he does not
> state this Generals fate, he did say he never saw him
> again.
> Obviously, the book Trance-Formation gives full
> details of the rescue and how by selling his
> possessions and constantly moving, he managed to stay
> ahead of those who he suspected wished him and Cathy
> dead. While both have attempted legal action in
> Tennessee to redress these injuries and to get her
> daughter Kelly, out of a mental institution in
> Tennessee , they have been stonewalled; in fact the
> justification of national security has been used as a
> brick wall to separate mother and daughter.
> The fate of Kelly remains in question. Her
> hospitalization since 1989 for homicidal/ suicidal
> behavior is a tale of abuse by state authorities,
> regardless of whether you believe the rest of their
> story. Kelly has been denied an attorney to represent
> her and the social worker assigned operates on a "need
> to know" basis, according to Cathy.
> There is an address for those who would like to write
> to 16-year old Kelly, she certainly is doing the best
> she can to write for help herself, (see letter from
> Kelly) To contact Kelly write to her c/o Cathy
> O'Brien, PO Box 158352, Nashville, TN, 37215.
> What else do we know?
>>From 1992 on, I have had the opportunity to interview
> Gunther Russbacher, a man who claims to have been one
> of the top covert agents for the CIA. In past issues
> of The PROBE we have detailed his involvement as the
> pilot for George Bush during the October Surprise
> dealings and other clandestine actions involving
> American POW/MIA's (See PROBE #1 and #4). Naturally,
> in the mainstream press and even in some of the
> alternative press the debunking efforts have been
> successful. However, there is still evidence of his
> credibility that is not addressed by the skeptics, so
> conversely he does have a measure of credibility.
> During a 1993 interview with Russbacher in a Missouri
> prison, we got on the subject of the perverse habits
> of those in powerful places. Russbacher launched into
> a quick summary of Operation Clydesdale, which he
> claimed was done out of Arnold , Missouri . The
> purpose was to ferret out wealthy pedophile types who
> were engaged in kiddie snuff pornography. A toll free
> phone number was distributed in all the right places
> to lure out those who enjoy either viewing, recruiting
> or using children in what must be labeled as one of
> the most horrific acts one human can do to another.
> The goal of this operation was to get the location of
> those needing this perverse fix and do, what
> Russbacher called, "a field resolution" on them.
> Russbacher claimed that his team was involved in 400
> such resolutions, and that the international network
> base of this organized pedophile group was around
> 10,000. As the operation drew closer to high level
> government types around the world, it was shut down.
> The existence of this operation and a list of those
> who were "resolved" has yet to be brought to light,
> but we are looking for verification on these events.
> While Russbacher's credential may be open to debate,
> those of Ted Gunderson are not. For 28 years he served
> with the FBI and ended his career as head of the Los
> Angeles , California office, one of their largest
> operations. Gunderson has written and commented
> extensively on organized pedophile operations and also
> believes there are ties in the U.S. between 6-50,000
> missing children every year and their very well
> protected and organized abductors. In a report on the
> group mentioned earlier in this article, the Finders.
> Gunderson had this to say:
> "The Finders-A CIA front established in the 1960's. It
> has top clearance and protection in its assigned task
> of kidnapping and torture-programming young children
> throughout the U.S. Members are specially trained
> government kidnappers known to be sexual degenerates
> who involve the kidnapped children in satanic sex
> orgies and bloody rituals as well as the murders of
> other children and slaughter of animals.
> They use a fleet of unmarked vans to grab targeted
> children from parks and schoolyards. In doing so they
> use children within their organization as decoys to
> attract the victims close to the vans where they are
> grabbed by adults. They then drug the children and
> transport them to a series of safe houses for safe
> keeping. They are then used in their ceremonies for
> body parts, sex slaves and some are auctioned off at
> various locations in the northern hemisphere. In the
> past they have been auctioned off near a location in
> Nevada and Toronto , Canada . Marion David Pettie, the
> leader of the cult, is an identified homosexual
> pedophile and a CIA officer. His son was an employee
> of a CIA proprietary firm, Air America , which was
> notorious for smuggling drugs, destinedfor the U.S. ,
> out of the Golden Triangle into Saigon during the
> Vietnam war." (26)
> Allegations of widespread sexual abuse of children by
> well known politicians and a contingent of popular
> Hollywood personalities were reported by both O'Brien
> and Gunderson.
> The Last Straw?
> In 1984 statistics stated that were about 90% of the
> missing 1.8 million missing children each year are
> runaways. Of the 10% remaining six to fifty-thousand
> were rarely brought back to their parents and 2,500 of
> that number were found dead. (27)
> The tragic case of the abduction of six-year old Adam
> Walsh from a Hollywood , Florida , Sears store in July
> of 1981 triggered a frantic search for two weeks.
> Adam's severed head was found in a canal 100 miles
> from the scene of the abduction. The anguished father,
> John used his emotion to an effort to spearhead an
> effort to save other children and their families from
> this pain by pioneering a TV show to find those
> missing. Given the current testimony in this article
> such efforts are needed, but they overlook the
> organized and protected groups that are a sizeable
> part of this whole ugly process. However, that may be
> changing.
> While the press doesn't treat these news items like OJ
> Simpson, the sex scandal in Belgium may be a symptom
> that people are ready for the truth about some of
> their missing children. It began in 1993 when
> convicted rapist, car thief and arms dealer, Marc
> Dutroux, was building a room in his cellar to hold
> children he kidnapped. Police checked it out, but
> believed that Dutroux was using the cellar as a
> drainage system for the house.
> Later, little girls started disappearing and Dutroux
> was again questioned. The police reportedly searched
> the house and found nothing. What they missed were two
> eight year old girls who were dying in the cellar; two
> girls whose cries were ignored by the officers who
> stated they thought they were coming from another
> house. Either this is one for Ripley 's Believe It Or
> Not of incompetency or they are covering up.
> In August of this year, Dutroux would be arrested for
> kidnapping after a van was seen near the scene of an
> abduction and traced back to him. By that time, four
> children and lour young women were known dead and ten
> more were missing. In Dutroux's abode they would find
> video's of him raping young girls so he could sell
> them to other pedophiles. Uutroux also said he found
> out that men would pay a lot more for little girls as
> prostitutes. Police now suspect Dutroux was supplying
> a larger pedophile ring with children.
> To further aggravate the public the examining judge in
> the case, Jean-Marc Connerotte, was dismissed after he
> had attended a dinner in support of those parents who
> had lost their children.
> The Prime Minister of Belgium, Jean-Luc Dehaene, was a
> little slow to move on this powder keg, refusing to
> cut short his vacation when the case broke in August.
> Now Dehaene is promising reforms in the judicial
> system and more effort to get to the bottom 'of the
> pedophilia scandal in Belgium ,
> These predictable political moves are not enough to
> satisfy the growing contempt the people have for their
> government in this sensitive case. On October 20,
> nearly 300,000 people took to the streets in Belgium
> showing support of Judge Connerotte and in protest of
> the governments handling of this affair. (28)
> What does it take for people to have concern for a
> problem before it lands on their doorstep? There is a
> polarization of fear that is permeating the planet and
> each of us needs to decide whether we want to live
> with this fear or without it. Do we work for Justice
> or accept whatever verdict the unjust decide to
> deliver? At stake is our children, our morality and
> our future. Dare we abdicate our responsibility to
> ourselves?
> A.B.H. Alexander
> References:
> 1) Sun Tzu-The Art of War, Translated by Samuel B.
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O.k. I admit it,
even I didn't read all this...
but I'm sure it's terrifying
and that more of it is true
than any of us would like to believe...

I've subscribed to various conspiracy theory lists over the years...
and it turns out that an amazing number of things I read about there first
end up in the mainstream media in matter of months..

sure, they're still not reporting on the reptiles,
but just give 'em time...


so, my toast for this weekend was, "Here's to a binge-drinking testosterone fueld bad behavior weekend!"
and well, I can say I got the drinking part down anyway...
I wouldn't say I was on my best behavior, but it was far from my worst,
and I think it was mostly ego-fueled, not testosterone fueled...
I guess I'll just have to try harder next weekend...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Dewey Dell: March Madness

Dewey Dell: March Madness:
"Out of this, I got the MOONLIGHTERS a night at the wonderful Belt Theatre, 366 W. 37th Street between 8th & 9th Avenues. It's a great space, with two levels of seating (I love the balcony), great lighting and sound. We will do 'A Night with the Moonlighters' at 8pm-11pm on Thursday, March 31, and the $10 cover charge includes a free drink. I hope you can all make it out to this performance, I'm really excited to play at this great venue (soon to have food, too)."

So, anyone wanna fly me to NYC to see the moonlighters on my birthday?
Ok, well then just let it be known it's where I'd be if I was there...

the Institute of Unlearning, editorial 53

the Institute of Unlearning, editorial 53:

"Hidden from us right now are technologies so powerful, effortless, and pollution free that the Earth could find itself hosting billions more life forms happily and easily on this planet.

Hidden from us right now are such startling truths about our history that we would rapidly redefine ourselves and the way we behave towards one other.

Hidden from us is a multiverse that is awaiting the acceptance of its invitation to explore it intimately.

Hidden from us, simply put, is the paradise of our deepest collective longings. "