Friday, September 16, 2005

Daily Kos: Lights in New Orleans. For Bush.

Daily Kos: Lights in New Orleans. For Bush.:
"... the power came back on for blocks on end. Kevin Tibbles was positively jubilant on the live update edition of Nightly News that we fed to the West Coast. The mini-mart, long ago cleaned out by looters, was nonetheless bathed in light, including the empty, roped-off gas pumps. The motorcade route through the district was partially lit no more than 30 minutes before POTUS drove through. And yet last night, no more than an hour after the President departed, the lights went out. "

wtf? If they don't want us to assume the worst they better explain this one.

Thursday, September 15, 2005 - Bring Back the Guns - Bring Back the Guns:
"'We really like it here,' Brownlie says. 'I'm influenced by the strange, awesome, gimpy music scene we have here and the way it functions. The fact that Houston is overlooked as a music scene means that people are making uncompromised music with no ambition toward a career. They're making the music that matters to themselves and their 20 closest friends.'"


EDISON HATE FUTURE: The Poll PLUS All EDISON's So Far - File Under: That is a shirt I would wear.

Go vote for your favorite "Edison Hate Future": � EDISON HATE FUTURE: The Poll PLUS All EDISONs So Far

The winner will end up on a t-shirt,
and that is a shirt I would wear.

defective yeti: Roberts Continues To Stonewall On Logan v. Wayne

This bit of funny brought to you via Bookslut.

defective yeti: Roberts Continues To Stonewall On Logan v. Wayne:

"'Powers?' interjected committee Chairman Sen. Arlen Specter. 'Batman doesn't even have any powers. So my colleague's implication that Batman is even in the same league as Wolverine is nothing short of wishful thinking, wouldn't you agree, Mr Roberts?'

Refusing to take the bait, Robert again declined to answer."

I can't believe Roberts is gonna be the next chief justice.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What we dug about Maynard - Los Angeles Times

What we dug about Maynard - Los Angeles Times:
"But the difference between Maynard's brand of slacker — and with his famous aversion to work, he was certainly among the first of the slackers — and today's acne-ridden layabout is that Maynard, for all his silliness, was inherently wise. His sense of justice arose directly out of his cultural interests, not in spite of them. His character was the result of what he dug rather than what he didn't dig. His love of Thelonious Monk didn't preclude his friendship with the straight-laced Dobie. A hippie, with all of his circumscribed cultural baggage, would probably have dismissed Dobie as an incorrigible square. Maynard was nuanced enough to have friends on both sides of the radio dial."

Operation: Ceasefire

Operation: Ceasefire


Sweet Honey in the Rock and The Evens.

Now that is a music fest I would go to....
and it's FREE!!! - For AstroWorld, the ride is over - For AstroWorld, the ride is over:
"For AstroWorld, the ride is over
With attendance sinking and the land's value up, the park will close at season's end"

This makes me sad...
maybe I should try to go Saturday...
and ride some of the rides for the last time ever...

I worked at Astroworld one summer...
saw a TON of concerts there - short list:
The Cure
Depeche Mode
Howard Jones
Adam Ant
Paul Young
Dee-Lite (w/the Happy Mondays)
The Judy's
Cheap Trick

I miss McFey and the other original mascots that I barely remember...

I haven't gone in a few summers because, well, I'm old, and I figured it'd always be there...
that's what I get for figurin', I reckon.

what a bummer.


wrote this at rehearsal tonight during a bit of downtime...
revising, drunk, as I type...

A: I feel a bit like a predator tonight.
Do you feel even a bit like prey?

B: I do not.

A: Fair enough.
But you must recognize
that just because
you don't
feel like prey
doesn't mean
you're not.
Maybe not mine,
but these woods
are full of wolves.
full of them.

B: And how do you know
I'm not one?

A: Maybe you are. Maybe you are.
Still, a she-wolf at best...

so, there's that bit of rubbish...

what else?

gave some folks who were walking along taft a ride to their
hotel on alabama and dowling on the way home from the medicine show tonight...
a very nice woman in a wheelchair and her man...
he repeatedly told me not to stop for anybody between there
and my house...
I assured him I lived around there and would be o.k....

things are rough all over...

still incredibly unmotivated on the job search front...
been spending my t10 money on whiskey, women, and what not...
it's going pretty far
so far
and so far
so good...
so good...
really is.

I bitch a lot.
(if you know me
you can back me up
on this one)
but things could be worse,
in fact,
they probably are.

I'll realize it
in ten minutes
in the morning.

Rehearsals for "By the Bog of Cats" are going well...
I just got another small part handed to me a few days ago,
so I've got a little more blocking, and a few more lines to learn...
and I get to do a little dancing again, which is good...

so, i'm about sobered up
enough to get some sleep
so I reckon I will
and I'll see you when
I see you, and I reckon
you'll see me too...

till then,
I'll say only this,

"Buy me a drink!"

Kid Ornery

Monday, September 12, 2005

World of Why?: The Fairway

World of Why?: The Fairway

This may be my new 2nd favorite webcomic.

My favorite of course remaining Achewood.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


I just shaved off my goatee and my SIDEBURNS!!!

I'm in rehearsals for the next Mildred's Umbrella show
and the director wanted me to get rid of my facial hair...
I could've waited but I figured I'd let the rest of the cast
get used to seeing me as I would look in the show...

I shave off the goatee/beard a couple of times a year usually,
but I can not, literally can not remember the last time I didn't
have sideburns...

this feels very weird...


Go see The Rx Medicine Show at Cosmo's on Thursdays...
Same great music you can hear at Helios on Mondays
without all the smoke and sweaty young people...
just in case you have something against sweaty young people.
I went last Thursday and had a great time.

Also saw a show at Barnevelder last night...
Fallen Sindhur
really cool stuff...
mix of classical indian, modern, ballet, etc...
They used the music of Jason Moran and Tabla Beat Science...
I dug the TBS but not so much the Moran stuff.
The jazz made it hard to focus on the dance for me,
not entirely sure why...
Tabla Beat Science however worked perfectly...
Somehow it actually focussed me.
Anyway, it's a cool show and you should check it out.

there were a few other misc. tidbits I was gonna post about
but now I'll be damned if I remember what they were.

Police in Suburbs Blocked Evacuees, Witnesses Report - New York Times

the people runnin' shit are SO fuct I don't know how we're expected to keep our sanity at all...
via Atrios (eschaton)

Police in Suburbs Blocked Evacuees, Witnesses Report - New York Times

Police agencies to the south of New Orleans were so fearful of the crowds trying to leave the city after Hurricane Katrina that they sealed a crucial bridge over the Mississippi River and turned back hundreds of desperate evacuees, two paramedics who were in the crowd said.

drunk blogging

so here it is,
3 a.m.
two birthday parties
3 birthdays
(maybe more)
and at least
four whiskeys,

and I'm giving
my ego
free reign.

Every missed opportunity
is like a needle
in the eye.

I can do anything.

Fuck you.

I can.

and I sit on the sidelines
and I hear people bitch
about the work
when I'd love to be doing it.

I'm working towards it
I am an impatient bastard.

no faith
in the future
(quality or existence)
will do that.

right now,
you're right,
it is
none of your business,
but I am
drinking too much,
and doing too little,
and raging against
things over which,
I have no control.

I'm letting my ego
make decisions.
questioning loyalties.
losing faith.

I know,
I'm not a big faith
one anyway...

I was thinking about it,
and I totally buy
the whole
born alone
die alone
the closest
I can get to you
is one man deep

at the same time
I perceive you
and I'm stuck with that.

we're stuck with that.

we're stuck here together.
perceiving each other.
and it's not easy.
but can't we
make the best of it?

do I have to sit
3 a.m. and rage
about the things I'm not doing?

why can't just celebrate
the things I am?

poison I reckon...
it's got me somewhere deep.

not sure if I's born broke,
or just grew wrong


see how quickly the ego deflates?

nothing like grand delusion
with a side of self-loathing

once again,
let's hear it for the whiskey
and the ego
and the hate

may they fuel me for years


(yeah, it's self indulgent crap,
but it's a blog...
as they say, "ya get what ya pay for...")