Thursday, July 21, 2005

By the Bayou

By the Bayou: "
2. At the end of the article, Harley takes a step beyond the usual 'love the sinner, hate the sin' rhetoric of the far right 'ex gay' crowd.

Politically correct people do not understand that gay people 'taint' others around them, she says, and so gays should be barred from the Boy Scouts of America. 'Birds of a feather flock together,' Harley tells us. 'It's not in the Bible, but it's true. You can't have a homosexual buddy and think you are going to be buddy-buddy and nothing [will get] off on you.

Ouch. This is a call for social shunning of gay people. We have bad gay cooties that will leap off of us and get on you, so you better run, and lock up the women lest they become lesbians."

I know crazy people
I know people are crazy
but wow

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

news from me - ARCHIVES

news from me - ARCHIVES:

"Comic book artist Jim Aparo has died at the age of 73 following a losing battle with cancer."

the tap on the shoulder

came today...
apparently they couldn't wait any longer for me to pass my CCNA after all...
so welcome me to the world of the unemployed...
there'll be no unemployment checks this time,
and I'm not at all sure how I'm going to handle this...
If anyone knows of ANY openings right now please let me know...
I intend to update my resume tonight and hit the bricks tomorrow.

Monday, July 18, 2005

File Under: Another thing the Japanese do better than us...

The Japanese use kittens in costumes to fight piracy.
Just thought you might like to know that.

neomarxisme: Namennayo! - On Pirates and Cats

oh yeah

thanks to all who came out to either show...
I hadn't seem some of ya in a while and it was nice...


Failed the CCNA again...
Snuck out for an hour of the t10 tech Sunday to take it.
I did get about 100 points higher
this time...

this weekend - a study in contrasts

This weekend was great and horrible.

Friday night - GREAT.
The Bobbindoctrin benefit was a blast.
I didn't get too drunk despite carrying around a bottle of whiskey,
and The Mathletes set was crazy fun.
Note for note perfect? no.
but fun.
It looked like the audience thought so too.
My try at singing Anime Convention didn't really work,
but we'll keep at it...
anyway, a great sloppy fun crazy night...
The priest outfit with the fake mustache was a hit too!
The other bands were great,
and it was Jenni's bday...
and it was just an all around good night.

Sat - ok maybe horrible is an exaggeration...maybe not...
Starr Project - Chris and Anne's group were GREAT...The Gaze were funny...
Justin and Tom's group, well just kinda blah...
but we, well, we sucked truly and hard!
It was almost like we had NEVER practiced before...
of course some of the stuff we did I'm pretty sure I had never heard.
We cleared the place out.
We were last and a lot of folks had left already,
but I think any of my friends who were left took off so that they didn't have to face me after...not that I didn't know it was dreadful.
I did get to wear the priest outfit
and I had make-up by Jenni,
so that was good.
(here's pics)
I drank way too much (never would have gotten through it otherwise)
and paid in headache on Sunday (but not for drinks Sat...
an issue with the bartender resulted in me drinking free...)
(btw, if anyone finds my wallet give me a holler!)

oh yeah, and there was t10 tech all day sat and sun.
Exhausting, and all I had to do was sit most of the time.
Gonna be a high energy funny funny show.
Sometimes (between shows) I forget how much fun playing
with the IBP Orch. is. What a great group.
Still hardly believe I fell in with them...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

drunk blogging

several women
that I know
from e-mails
or phone calls
telling them
just what
their smiles
made me think

old frinds
that I saw
at the bar
from e-mails
or phone calls
telling them
I'm o.k.
You'e o.k.

and not sparing
myself a thing
but the indulgence
of poetry
on my blog