Friday, January 02, 2009

No Machine Can Do My Job As Resentfully As I Can | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

No Machine Can Do My Job As Resentfully As I Can | The Onion - America's Finest News Source:

"A machine can only contain wires, diodes, and gears, not the living, breathing sum of life's screw-ups, heartbreaks, and regrets."

Tuesday, December 30, 2008



"Kurds who support circumcising girls say the practice has two goals: It controls a woman's sexual desires, and it makes her spiritually clean so that others can eat the meals she prepares."

Women are dirty and their urges have to be controlled because they're always tempting men to do things they shouldn't do. Same as it ever was.

"Devil woman you're evil like the dark coral reef
Like the winds that bring high tides you bring sorrow and grief
You made me ashamed to face Mary I barely had the strength to tell
Skies're not so black Mary took me back Mary has broken your spell

Oh devil woman devil woman let go of me..."

- Marty Robbins

Monday, December 29, 2008

what a weekend

had two gigs this weekend -
notsuoh saturday night went great - nice turnout (not any of my friends, except the one or two who just happened to be at the bar already...and the guys I played with Sunday at AG) and the performance went great - very different than playing these pieces in the practice room, but we could hear everything and I feel like we did a good job presenting the work... everybody's elses set was great too...
about 12:30, after the last set, a group of old friends, including bart and elizabeth show up, and well that is when the real trouble starts - I am in a great mood, so I start buying drinks for folks - no idea how much i spent or how much i drank - it was a long, but good night...
and oh yeah, the band got an offer to score a film, and I think Michelle's dad offered to make us costumes...

Sunday at AG was a little different - thomas helton and his crew were playing upstairs - I was playing with robert pearson and carl smith - they decided the show was a bust before we even played - low turnout (mostly some people from the saturday night show at rudz) - but when we finally played it sounded pretty good - just when I was really warmed up and listening good we were done... outta there by 9:30 - off to tapatia with laura for a quick snack and then home to bed...

overall a good weekend - two good and very different gigs - while I won't be playing with carl again for a while (he's from austin) I think the Michelle Yom ensemble is going to become a standing group - hope you can make it out to see us next time...