Friday, June 23, 2006

Speeding Motorcycle Extension

Just got this -

After a madcap run of soldout shows and critical acclaim from the New York Times, the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Press, SPEEDING MOTORCYCLE is BACK! That's right, you have 3 more chances to see this irresistable rock opera. Don't miss the show dubbed "the cult hit of Houston's summer" by the Houston Chronicle.

Runs Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays August 10 - 12, with a possibility of an extension after that. Call the office at 713-522-8443 for reservations, or buy online using the link below.
Click here to get your tickets now, before they sell out...

now all of you what waited too late get a second chance!

The Defenestration Unit - This Weekend

just a reminder - Sat night we'll be at Super Happy Fun Land as part of Extemporama and Sunday around 4pm we'll be playing at Helios at a benefit for HPPL.

While these are not official 10th anniversary events they are the only gigs we're playing this month...
so come on out...


Thursday, June 22, 2006

dhole: Something that I've been meaning to write for a while.

oh my god.
I just literally laughed out loud...

dhole: Something that I've been meaning to write for a while.: "Hard as it might be to imagine, the legion of evil outerwear are not necessarily Spiderman's least comprehensible foes. In addition to the special effects guy mentioned earlier, there's the Vulture, whose power, as best as I can recall, is that he's pretty tough for an old guy, John Jameson, who is (and I'm pretty sure I couldn't make this up) an astronaut werewolf, The Walrus, who has the proportional agility of a Walrus (and who is good at crossword puzzles), and, of course, the various Goblins."

Joe Frank :: Official Podcast

Joe Frank :: Official Podcast

Joe Frank podcasts have arrived! Twice a month, we'll serve up either a one-hour show, or a couple of signature stories, or a half-hour show, and every now and then, some absurd extras.

Yeehaw!! free Joe Frank!
go subscribe now.

People love the axiom...

The Adventures of London Jim: Paranoid Android:

"So on the Saturday night, I plan my route better, make notes on the journey, and set off. All is well, I don't get lost at all, I'm driving through downtown, heading south for about 1 mile, and end up in the Detroit of 8 mile. I am (literally) on the wrong side of the Union Pacific tracks. The roads are wide but not paved well. The houses are ramshackle and look abandoned. Shouts echo in the distance. And there's the theatre!

So, I parked next to it and enter, where-upon they reassure me that there's a security guard looking after it. The place reminded me of a cross between the Cornerhouse and the Green: it was about the size of the Cornerhouse, but had the structural integrity of the Green. Odd, considering they boasted of their 'semi-professional' status (i.e. they had part-time staff and actors etc. received stipends, and they had a nice web page!)."

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

have I got a deal for you TDU fans!!!

Charlie left me the keys to the store...
so, for what I'm guessing will be a limited time you can get
TDU "That Old Time Crazy Jazz" Teddy Bears, and
a picture of an older version of the TDU horns on stamps...

how's that for ridiculous?

How to Write Screenplays. Badly.: On Follow-Up Calls

Via Warren Ellis:

How to Write Screenplays. Badly.: On Follow-Up Calls:

"MR. X
Right, Rapebear. So what's his deal? He, what, terrorizes the countryside or something?

Yes, with his Ursine Shaft of Doom. First he rapes his way through Farmer McOnion's cow pasture--

Okay, so he's killing cows--

No, just raping them a bit. He's kind of gentle. For a bear, anyway. I mean, the cows don't really like it, but they're not exactly fighting it either, if you know what I mean."

Goodbye Electric Prince

I know, I know...
I promised you TDU for the rest of June,
well that's before I knew Justin Crane
(AKA The Electric Prince) was leaving town...
so here's yr bonus non-tdu related podcast...

Justin plays on all this stuff:

Goodbye Electric Prince

1. Guitar/Trombone 1 - E.P./K.O. - unreleased
2. Searching For My Flashlight - Avijit - File Under...
3. Guitar/Tromobne 2 - E.P./K.O - unreleased
4. ...and on drums, Justin Crane - Avijit - Live and Intimidated
5. Guitar/Trombone 3 - E.P./K.O - unreleased
6. You're a Freak - E.P./K.O. - Sugar Shack cover - unreleased
7. Guitar/Trombone 4 - E.P./K.O - unreleased
8. Pennies From Heaven - The Magic Bullets - unreleased rehearsal tape

bands I was in with Justin that aren't represented include Wheat, and Silver City Trading Post, and others I'm sure...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Star Trek New Voyages

thanks Ron (have we figured out an emoticon for sarcasm yet...)

Star Trek New Voyages: "A. Our ultimate goal is to produce a full year's worth (22 or more) web episodes per year maintaining Gene Roddenberry's philosophy and vision for the original 1960’s television show. We believe in challenging people’s thoughts and enticing them to action. We feel that Star Trek is a great vehicle for exploring the human condition. We plan to devote the series to commenting on the current condition of life on Earth in the 21st century."

Now instead of looking for a job, or working on "The Adding Machine" I'm going to be watching new Star Trek episodes...
I can't help myself.
I'm weak.

jwz - it's liquid human meat!

Via Misc. Heathen:

jwz - it's liquid human meat!:
"The milk used so far is reported to have come from six peasant women who were still breast-feeding their children. No details have been given on how much they were paid or how much milk was used.

'When the customers are having the human milk banquet, they can experience maternal love at the same time.'"

this is a little creepy, yes?

TDU 10th Anniversary Podcast

Time once again for another installment of "Kid Ornery Presents..."
digging once again into the vaults of TDU I present this audio collage
time travel experience...the years of TDU melt away, change, etc...
This one features some vocalizations, lots of theremin, and a funk instrumental in the middle...

Part 3 of TDU's 10th Anniversary Series

1. 2 minutes w/ Ms. C.V. - 12/11/05 Rehearsal Tapes

2. Chocolate Meat - Double Speed Will Make Us Famous - Vol 1

3. The Cold Beauty of the Rugged Martian Terrain -
The Wooly Monkey as "Mona"

4. Tales of Brave Foolysses - We Travel the Freeways

5. Asskicker Jones - Sweatbox

6. Little Things Get Bigger - That Old Time Crazy Jazz

7. The Headhunter at Home - Double Speed Will Make Us Famous - Vol 2

8. Closing Remarks - Dark Haggis

This one is a little early because I'm thinking of a bonus non-TDU specific podcast midweek,
and then another TDU at the end of the week in preparation for our shows Saturday and Sunday.


Monday, June 19, 2006


I can not wait to read this arc:

NEWSARAMA.COM: WARREN ELLIS ON DESOLATION JONES: "I mean, Philip Dick's life alone is going to be a very seductive kind of story for Jones. As a man for whom time has essentially stopped, Dick's notion that bedrock time is in fact AD 50 and everything that we believe has happened since is a counterfeit reality is kind of interesting. As a man who's discovering, at the end of Made In England, that he's still subject to the machinations of wheels within wheels and secret masters even in LA, the idea that perhaps there are massive satellites somehow floating just out of sight above California shooting information-rich pink lasers into people's heads and generally Knowing Things They Shouldn't must seem kind of apt.

Philip Dick has fascinated me since my teenage years. I believe he is the essential visionary of at least the last half of the 20th Century; the condition of the early 21C Western world is in large part the Philip K Dick condition."

I loved "Made in England" - Ellis has a new artist for arc 2 - and well, you know how I feel about Philip K. Dick, right?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

REAL ART (and politics and culture)

REAL ART (and politics and culture):
"...ending slavery was likely the most moral action ever undertaken by our nation. Juneteenth should be celebrated by all Americans; the holiday represents our collective desire for truth and justice--in that respect, Juneteenth is as American as the Fourth of July."

He's right you know.
We should all celebrate Juneteenth, MLK Day, May Day, Gay Pride (remember Stonewall) and any other day that celebrates or commemorates an advance in the liberation, liberty and respect for and of any and all peoples...
These days are true humanist holidays - not based on religion or statism, but the advancement of the human condition.
These are the days that really make a difference.

Even if they don't mean that I get candy.

We can keep Easter as long as we make
it about Spring and rebirth and fertility...
and I still get candy.