Thursday, December 22, 2005

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blog | Reviews index

blog | Reviews index:
"'the great instrument of moral good is the imagination', she says: 'If you cannot or will not imagine the results of your actions, there's no way you can act morally or responsibly. Little kids can't do it; babies are morally monsters - completely greedy. Their imagination has to be trained into foresight and empathy.'"

Without imagination
the categorical imperative

MyDD :: New Yorkers Support the Transit Strike

MyDD :: New Yorkers Support the Transit Strike

"I've been pretty surprised and somewhat disappointed by the hostility among some here to the striking transit workers in New York City. To be fair, the strike is illegal. It is unfortunately timed. It is incredibly hard on other workers in the city. However, is it wrong? Obviously, I don't think so. The Taylor Law, which makes strikes by public employees illegal, is a poor piece of legislation. I'm not against certain limits on strikes by public employees, but striking is quite frankly the only power labor unions have." (emphasis mine)

damn straight!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pennies from Heaven (1981)

Pennies from Heaven (1981)

There are some amazing scenes in this movie...
unfortunately they keep being interrupted by plot,
and acting...

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just one quick thing...

if 9-11 changed everything,
didn't the terrorists win?

I mean especially if it turned
our republic
into some kind of monarchy
which Bush seems to think it has...


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

knowledge informs perception

Lot of things I was going to say about this.
Don't know if it comes from Goodman, Quine, or elsewhere,
but it's true.

to that end I'm finishing "brecht on theatre",
researching Heiner Mueller (sp?)
(including reading "Hamletmachine" which is pretty
damn amazing),
and trying to learn more about some
of the other aspects of and issues raised by
"Full Circle" before I see it again in the new year.

You can enjoy the play without doing any of this of course.
I have three times already.

Having done my homework (so to speak)
I expect to see a very different show,
even if it's the same.

Eros Blog: The Sex Blog -- By Bacchus

Eros Blog: The Sex Blog -- By Bacchus:

Interesting theory...

"What I've learned running a sex blog is that there are a whole host of guys whose only mode of discourse about bodily appearance is to make a negative comment. I think perhaps it originates in adolescent one-upsmanship; one guy says 'Sally's hot, I'd like to do her' and the other guys all say 'No, man, she's a pig, she's got a huge ass' as a way of belittling the first guy. However it started, the result is a fairly large class of guys whose reflex response whenever they see an erotic picture is to say something mean and ugly about the body depicted."

that sparks an interesting discussion - read the comments - and gives me an idea for a BLP bit...

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall December 20, 2005 12:42 AM

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall December 20, 2005 12:42 AM

I've been suggesting that what's in play here in this NSA matter is a new technology of some sort -- one which conducts searches in ways that you just can't get warrants for. And here Kevin Drum pulls together several threads of information that point in what figure is likely the correct direction.

um, it's called Echelon folks...
ask somebody wearing the tin-foil and they'll tell ya all about it...
we've known about this for years. Arts & Entertainment | The Fix Arts & Entertainment | The Fix:

"Jimmy Carter, in a recent interview with GQ, recounts some of his brushes with the paranormal while he was in the White House, including a time when a small plane went down in the Central African Republic and the satellites couldn't find it: 'The director of the CIA came and told me that he had contacted a woman in California who claimed to have supernatural capabilities. And she went into a trance and she wrote down latitudes and longitudes, and we sent our satellite over that latitude and longitude, and there was the plane.' "

He never did tell us about the U.F.O.'s...
just about the lust in his heart...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Fw: [CTRL] JFK video

anyone else think bringing "Conjurella: The T. Casey Brennan Story" to the
stage is a winner of an idea?

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From: "T Brennan" <bankruptparanoiamagazine@YAHOO.COM>
Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2005 2:15 PM
Subject: [CTRL] JFK video

> -Caveat Lector-
> A JFK video has been prepared by a still-anonymous JFK
> researcher, as an accompaniment for my song "Let Them
> Rise", done with my band, FRANKENHEAD. Background
> info: I am T. Casey Brennan, former writer for the
> 1970s comic books, CREEPY, EERIE, and VAMPIRELLA (the
> inspiration for the song). As the video was broadcast
> on the Crazy Mark TV show, he has posted it on his
> page at:
> Says Mark: "FRANKENHEAD -- with Vampirella writer T.
> Casey Brennan -- the only way to chill with this
> murder conspiracy theory video is to check it out with
> a large video file."
> You can click on those words on the site, or go to the
> video direct at:
> The same was podcast in Israel on Kitaro's Sideshow --
> see show #36 at:
> For those of you who think this isn't serious, go to:
> Best,
> T. Casey Brennan
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The Comics Curmudgeon � Blog Archive � Marriage works

The Comics Curmudgeon � Blog Archive � Marriage works:
"Look at Loretta’s face. A lesser comic would have had her smirking triumphantly at the fact that she always gets the last word, or have her brow furrowed with rage that her foibles were being aired in a public forum. But the Lockhorns never feels a need to step back from the brink of the abyss, and so Loretta’s face is just one of numb depression: she and her husband can’t communicate, her marriage is killing her, and the overpriced, bald-headed sub-Freud across the desk isn’t going to say anything that’s going to fix it."

I'll just take this opportunity to say I'm amazed they haven't sold Hollywood a Lockhorns movie yet...

neomarxisme: Why I Should Not Rap

neomarxisme: Why I Should Not Rap:
"... my friends and I had the ill-conceived idea of doing a 'rock-rap band,' which came to be hilariously known as Red Star and Raised Fist. That band name was inspired from a paper I was doing on the Black Panthers (all us liberal American white kids go through a Eyes on the Prize phase), which was quite a big event in my young academic life because I 'e-mailed' Panther founder (and BBQ mastermind) Bobby Seale about COINTELPRO being all up in his shit - and he wrote me back 24 hours later with an incredibly detailed response still dripping with that classic Black Power outrage. "

click the link for more...
and by more I mean an Edith Wharton joke.

Susan Alcorn: Texas, Three Days and Two Nights

The Road, the Radio and the Full Moon
Texas: Three Days and Two Nights


Ron over at Real Art linked to this article, and lo and behold but if it's not written by THE MOST AMAZING pedal steel player you might ever hear...Susan Alcorn.

Have to head to work, but I'll try to update or post again later with more.