Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Setting a precedent... Lieberman

The Washington Monthly: "One other angle that I haven't seen discussed much is the notion of establishing a bad precedent. In 1964, Rep. John Bell Williams (D) of Mississippi and Rep. Albert Watson (D) of South Carolina both endorsed Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign, and both were punished by losing their seniority. Four years later, Rep. John Rarick (D) of Louisiana endorsed George Wallace's presidential campaign, and the party stripped him of his committee seniority, too.

In other words, what Lieberman is asking for here is special treatment. Worse, he's asking for special treatment he hasn't earned, as evidenced by his awful two-year tenure as the chairman of the committee he wants to keep."

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lieberman's Empty Promises - The Daily Beast

This man should not be in the democratic caucus.

Lieberman's Empty Promises - The Daily Beast:

"Lieberman subsequently told the New Haven Register that he opposed legislation that would have required all publicly funded hospitals to provide Plan B contraception to rape victims, saying 'it shouldn't take more than a short ride to get to another hospital' (for which he earned himself the sobriquet 'Short Ride.')"

Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need | Obama for America: 2008 Victory T-shirt

Got an e-mail with this plea in it today:

Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need | Obama for America: 2008 Victory T-shirt:

"The Democratic National Committee poured all of its resources into building our successful 50-state field program. And they played a crucial role in helping Barack win in unlikely states like North Carolina and Indiana. We even picked up an electoral vote in Nebraska."

what they aren't saying in this plea for funds is this

"...the DNC organizers who implement the 50 state strategy are about to be let go. Apparently they will be laid off at the end of the month, and the new DNC chair will decide whether he or she wants to continue the 50 state policy."

If they want my money I need a to be told the 50 state strategy will continue - that it is the future of the Democratic Party.

that is all.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Poker Returns to the White House - The Daily Beast

Poker Returns to the White House - The Daily Beast:

"This moved Time magazine to reveal two months later that John McCain is, by contrast, a manic craps player. I was in Las Vegas at the time, for the 2008 World Series of Poker; reached by London’s Sunday Telegraph for comment, I ventured: 'We poker players don't call poker gambling. It’s a game of skill. Craps is an absurd game of luck...only madmen play craps.'"

A brief reminder: OBAMA!