Saturday, October 29, 2005

oh yeah...

saw "what you've done" (I'll add a link in the a.m.?) tonight as well...
I thought it was great!
I'll post more about it tomorrow...
drunk, tired, and a little giddy right now...

let's hear it for mood swings!

you missed it..

LCD Soundsystem was fantastic...
amazing show...

got to have some great conversation with an old friend
and dance...
who could ask for more?

oh, and you, the beauty who told me she enjoyed reading my blog...
it's true, I don't know you, but I would like to (but you knew that already, right?),
and I do already know some things you probably don't think that I do...

seeya at the two star show?
or atomic sat?

if not, then soon I'm sure...

anyway, all of you should quit yr jobs,
and go dancing...
it's good fr the soul.

Friday, October 28, 2005

friday random ten

1. Earl Of Suave - Thee Headcoats
2. We Seek No Wider War - Phil Ochs
3. Price of Paradise - Eugene Chadbourne
4. Return of the Rat - The Wipers
5. Beat on the Brat - Sonic Youth
6. Symphony No. 3 - Old Folks Gathering - Charles Ives - Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
7. Kanon - Enon
8. Truck Stop - Franz Ferdinand
9. The Method - We are Scientists
10. 'Til I Get - Holly Golightly


I'm just gonna keep writing for a while tonight,
and seeing what comes out...

Of all the pieces I've only half finished,
the one that I think is the most worthwhile
would require weeks of workshops and someone
over me with a lot more experience than I have doing
these things...
it's about cell phones,
and so much of the dialogue is abitrary
as long as certain points are hit
that it only makes sense
to let the actors have a hand
in setting the language...
or is that a cop out?

Right now
I'm not
doing the work
required of me,
in any area.

I keep saying,

I am about as frustrated
in every area of life
as I've ever been...
high school...
any of it.

I have
arachaic notions
of the way
are supposed
to go

If you ever wonder
what I'm thinking
assume the worst...

if you want to know for sure,
slap me...
if I don't ask,
"what was that for?"
you'll know you were right.

I don't claim
to understand
any of this.
I'm just
pretty sure
that this ain't
the way
it's s'posed
to go.

I have
no killer
could never
be a salesman.
it's either
all the same thing
or it's
all nothing.
do you
sell that?

I'm not saying
it's all hell
in fact
in spite
of it all
I enjoy myself
quite a bit

(ah thinking
there's a double-edge
if'n there ever was one,
I mean, really,
don't you just wish
that it'd stop
all of it
the words
and all their permutations
just dancin
around yr noggin'?
I know I do

and sometimes
I suppose it does

when I'm dancin'

or engaging
in the sort
of activity
that footloose
says that
dancin' leads to

I reckon
perhaps sometimes
might stand
as a substitute
for somethin' else
I don't think
there's much
o' anything
that could stand
as a substitute
for dancin')

I had to waltz
a bit
in the last show

had it in rehearsal

know I did

lost it in performance

pissed me off

everyone else seemed o.k. with it


sometimes I think
I'm barely
holding it together
sometimes I think
holding it together
is all I'm doing

the scariest thing I ever heard.
a friend and I.
we're having a conversation.
I said,
"I think I'm gettin close to the edge"
he said (and this is it), "There is no edge."
he moved back to Ohio.
became a junkie.
I stayed here and became a pothead.
the point.
no edge.

shouldn't we all be communists by now?
hasn't global capitalism failed yet?
it's failed me.
gotta be a better way than this...

I guess I should give up
for the night
try to get some sleep

oh yeah,

I did
make an investment
in my future today.

Bought one of them "Job" candles,
and lit it.

I should have a job
by the time
it burns down,
if not before,

and it
was only
99 cents.


I haven't written a conversational update in a while...
still unemployed...
just got my LAST unemployment check...
got a job?
preferably one with few hours and a lot of pay?

"Envy The Cockroach" rehearsals are going well...
I just need to get off book. I get to be several variations
on Johnny Asshole this show...
gonna be fun.

I drank a lot of brandy tonight,
thus the previous post...

let's see...
TDU is in flux...
we're trying a new bass player in a week or two,
we'll see how it goes...

The Mathletes (or some variation thereof)
have gigs on Nov 3-5...
and I doubt we'll have a full rehearsal before then.

I think I'm gonna go smoke a j on the porch...
maybe that'll help...

I doubt it.


drunk blogging


so, when yr standing
in the kitchen
with a girl you
were only
so recently
crazy about
and she's
talking about
the new boy
and the girl
yr currenly fighting
being crazy about
has just locked
herself away
with another boy
from the bar
it's time
to down yr drink
and go home

ain't no other truth
about tonight
that's as important
as that

Thursday, October 27, 2005

PopMatters My Favorite Thing | From Your First Cigarette to Your Last Dyin' Day: Schlong's Punk Side Story

PopMatters My Favorite Thing | From Your First Cigarette to Your Last Dyin' Day: Schlong's Punk Side Story:
"However, the Punk Side Story track that represents the greatest improvement over the original is 'Gee, Officer Krupke'. The comedic track -- a bunch of guys joking about their crappy lot in society and the universal detestation of their antics -- ceases to be a joke in Schlong's version, but instead becomes a more sinister expression of rebellion."

I have to agree. It was always my favorite.

Telegraph | News | Dolphin sounds 'aid brain growth in unborn child'

Telegraph | News | Dolphin sounds 'aid brain growth in unborn child':

"Dolphin sounds 'aid brain growth in unborn child'"

damn greys!

Boing Boing: Archie comics discover goth subculture

Via Boing Boing:
A recent Archie comic contains a story called "She's Goth to Have It" in which Betty throws off her preppie look for a goth lifestyle of chai-sipping and black-wearing and book-reading.

that's hot.
no, really.

though Veronica would make a better Goth,
being a brunette and all...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

TPMCafe || Saving Davis-Bacon

TPMCafe || Saving Davis-Bacon:
"It was announced today that the President will overturn his Gulf Coast wage cut on November 8. This was a direct result of intense pressure from Democrats and labor and religious leaders."

The tide is turning folks...

Deerhoof: Deermix!

Make Joe Mathlete happy.
Remix a deerhoof song.

Deerhoof: Deermix!

Stay Free! Daily: Saved Fundamentalist Christians Shouldn't Drive

Stay Free! Daily: Saved Fundamentalist Christians Shouldn't Drive: "I'm sure everyone here has been driving and seen the bumper sticker that reads 'In case of Rapture, car will be unmanned.' While this never fails to inspire some very action-movie style daydreams and exciting video game premises, it also brings up a far more practical issue: should saved Christians be allowed to drive?"


Monday, October 24, 2005

Center for Tactical Magic

Via Warren Ellis:
Center for Tactical Magic:
"Like bees making flowers bloom in the draft of their honey-making prep work, what we beckon forth are the spell-binding endeavors, encrypted and preserved in lost arts and artfulness, that leave behind the sensed effects of exchange and reciprocity, whether between individuals, communities, environments, or other systems of existence. Not a single magic flower, but a garden that nourishes through multiplicity and cumulative effect - this is the shapeshifting art of transformation. This is Tactical Magic."

some very interesting stuff...

It's funny, with the Fitzgerald indictments coming down, and DeLay's mugshot showing up, and Frist under investigation I've been allowing myself to look more and more at conspiracy and various other "nutjob" sites... great stuff...

REAL ART (and politics and culture)

REAL ART (and politics and culture):
"...the political establishment is stuck in a dynamic such that examination of American citizens-as-workers is all but impossible. That is, there is no public discourse about how people are being continually raked over the coals in terms of their employment or lack thereof. Nobody in polite society even thinks to fault the system. Nobody dares suggest that business' attitude toward workers is unjust, and such a problem might be solved by (gasp!) regulating business."

As usual, Ron gets it.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wampum: Starting at Center, number 43, from SMU, Harriet Mieeeeeeeers

Wampum: Starting at Center, number 43, from SMU, Harriet Mieeeeeeeers:
"Conservatives are getting desperate to find a way out of the Harriet Miers fiasco. Earlier today, I noted Charles Krauthammer’s idea to gin up a dispute over the production of documents in order to find a way for the nomination to be withdrawn while allowing all Republicans to save face.

Rush Limbaugh has an even crazier notion:

My idea is this: The solution to the Harriet Miers issue. The president announce that he's withdrawing her from nomination to the Supreme Court because he's decided to appoint her to succeed Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve. He trusts her. She has filled out her own income tax forms all of her life, and she has done her personal banking all of her life. She knows banks, she knows tax reform, tax policy, and the president trusts her, so she could go to the Federal Reserve."

I'm one of those nutjobs that says let's get rid of the Federal Reserve System. However, until we wise up and return to the gold standard Big Boss at the Fed is one of the most important positions in our world. Greenspan becomes more and more hackish all the time, but he is still a smart and powerful hack. This is the stupidest idea I've heard in a long time...
congrats Rush!

Dohiyi Mir: Worse Than 'MMM Bop' - File Under: an example of this blogs motto

Dohiyi Mir: Worse Than 'MMM Bop':
"They may remind you another famous pair of singers, the Olsen Twins, and the girls say they like that. But unlike the Olsens, who built a media empire on their fun-loving, squeaky-clean image, Lamb and Lynx are cultivating a much darker personna. They are white nationalists and use their talents to preach a message of hate."

this is not a compliment.

However, if I were a Nazi pedophile, I would think they were hot shit...


Miers received 10 times the market value for a small piece of land she controlled from the state of Texas, awarded by a panel stacked with friends and allies. A mediator ordered Miers to repay $26,000 but she has failed to do so.

via Atrios.