Friday, December 16, 2005

Fw: Where will they go?

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> Now Where Will They Go?
> The government is telling almost 10,000 women where they can and can't go
> for their health care.
> The Texas legislative leadership has once again let down the working
> families of Texas by diverting critical health care funding. These funding
> cuts to Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas will seriously
> disrupt access to health care for Texas' low-income women by forcing them
> from their longtime trusted health care providers.
> For 70 years, Planned Parenthood has been here for the women and families
> who need us. Despite these funding cuts, we'll to do whatever we can to
> continue serving the women the state of Texas has left behind.
> Help Planned Parenthood Provid Health Care to 10,000 Clients.
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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Daily Kos: UPDATE! NBC: Pentagon spying on Americans who oppose war?

Daily Kos: UPDATE! NBC: Pentagon spying on Americans who oppose war?: "Our own version of the notorious East German Stasi. "

COINTELPRO has been back for a while.

Women in Prison - The Movies - link NSFW

Envy the Cockroach was nothing like this,
no matter what the Houston Press review might have led you to believe.

Here's where I would say, "Come see the show."
'cept we're done.
If you missed it all I can say is, "Sorry for you."
Well I could say more, but "Sorry for you." is all you're gettin' anyway.

The Beginning

The Beginning

Come for the miracle virgin birth, stay for the drinkin' and revenge!

just doin' my part for the War On Christmas!!!

HoustonSoReal: Devin the Dude Live in Houston - Amazing.
Houston young taggers kill a good thing

Scroll through the pics...

anyone you recognize?


anyway, keep reading houstonsoreal for all yr local hip hop needs...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Washington Monthly

The Washington Monthly:

"This gives Kafakesque a very chilling and newly concrete meaning."

The Trial is the modern nightmare. It paralyzes me in ways most literature can only dream of. Spend a week locked in your house, with only enough light to read and give it a go sometime. Really.

Welcome to the nightmare.

interesting day

went and bought some books today.
couldn't afford it.
did it anyway.

Got "Brecht on Theatre" -
A collection of his essays.
It's amazing how much what
I've read so far reminds me of
what I like about Ives writing.
There is a certain toughness and orneryness
in the writings of both.

Also picked up "Harold Pinter - Complete Works Vol. 1"
Time to further my education.

Figured I'd have a lot of time this week to read,
but now I'll be learning lines instead.

Got a call from a friend and now I'll be doing some
scenes from "A Christmas Carol" at some kind of corporate
party, and then wandering around in costume.
It'll pay about the same as a week or so of filing,
and I'll get to drink.
This is a good gig.
I think I'm gonna get to be Cratchit.

So I guess I'll put the war on Christmas on hold for a night...