Friday, November 19, 2004

Daily Kos :: Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation.

Daily Kos :: Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation.:
"...Herbert may be on to something: this administration, especially in terms of its foreign and defense policy, may be a big exercise in saying screw you to, in addition to most of the world and nearly half the country, the administration members' own elders, mentors, and parents."

so, it's like the 60's? only evil?

AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth

AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth
via Atrios...

Do I look at more porn now than I did pre-internet?
not sure...though I'm sure I look at a wider variety...
the worst thing about most porn is that it is actually
somewhat dulling to imagination...
but sometimes, well, it can give you ideas you'd almost
never come up with on your own...
(and no, I'm not providing a link...)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

[CTRL] Photo corroborates Cheney/sex-slave story

> -Caveat Lector-
> []
> Milwaukee Magazine December 2004:
> Joining Vice President Dick Cheney's motorcade in Green Bay, Milwaukee
> Journal Sentinel photographer Dale Guldan hoped to capture a unique
> image during an otherwise scripted campaign visit in September.
> Did he ever...
> Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr convinced Cheney to
> make an unscheduled stop in Glendale to visit local favorite Kopp's
> Frozen Custard, according to New York Times reporter Rick Lyman.
> When Cheney ordered a decaf coffee and sat on a concrete ledge
> outside, Kopp's manager Scott Borkin graciously brought him a sample
> of frozen custard...
> The normally serious Cheney flashed a winning smile for Borkin, and
> Guldan snapped an attention-grabbing photo that would later be chosen
> for the front page of the paper's September 11 Metro section.
> Guldan got a call from a reader the next day. "Did you notice anything
> unusual about that picture?" the reader asked.
> Upon closer inspection, it seems the vice president's smile was not
> his biggest, ahem, asset. Is that what we think it is?
> "You're not imagining it," Guldan says of the unintentionally revealing
> photo.
> Let's just say the snugness of Cheney's pants left little to the
> imagination...
> One Journal Sentinel reader pointed out the blooper in an e-mail to
> WKLH-FM radio hosts Dave Luczak, Carole Caine and Kevin Brandt, who
> had a hoot talking about it during their popular morning show.
> "It's nice to have someone of that magnitude in the White House," Brandt
> joked.
> "He's got a porn career right there," Caine snickered.
> [...]
> Want to see the picture for yourself? Catch it while you can at your
> public library's periodical desk because chagrined Journal Sentinel
> officials are not in a sharing mood.
> You won't find it on ...
> Meanwhile, Mark Hoffman, deputy photo editor, suggested we try the
> paper's Photo Sales Service. Don't bother. To check its availability,
> we ordered and paid for a color copy of the Cheney photo, only to get
> a call the next day voiding the deal.
> Journal Sentinel: "That photograph is not for sale."
> The Konformist September 2000:
> For those who have received Doctorates in Conspiracy Theory, the name
> Dick Cheney (George W. Bush's pick for Vice-President) brings up the
> humorous image presented in Cathy O'Brien's notorious "non-fiction"
> tale, Trance Formation of America. In her auto-biography, Cathy
> describes her supposed victimization during her years as a CIA sex
> slave. One of her more vivid tales is her abuse by Mr. Cheney, who
> apparently goes by the name "Dick" thanks to his overly large penis.
> Cathy describes Most Dangerous Game inspired human hunts turned sex
> romps involving Cheney and sex slaves, including herself.
> Later on, George Bush, strung out on heroin, tries to convert Cheney
> to pedophilia on Cathy's daughter, Kelly. However, "Upon seeing
> Cheney's unusually large penis, Kelly reeled back in horror."
> For more on Cheney's "Most Dangerous Game" hunting trips, see Of
> Scalia, orgies, Cheney, and 'hunting trips'
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> That being said, CTRLgives no endorsement to the validity of posts, and
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One day I'll find a way to stage parts of trance-formation...
it's an amazing book...

Monday, November 15, 2004

Daily Kos :: Face it, Howard Dean is not the problem, we are the problem

Daily Kos :: Face it, Howard Dean is not the problem, we are the problem:
"So, what was/is the real problem with Howard?"
Can't trace his bloodline back to Charlemagne?
not a reptile?
I give up, what? Politics Politics:
"And I hope that you die / And your death'll come soon / I will follow your casket / In the pale afternoon / And I'll watch while you're lowered / Down to your deathbed / And I'll stand o'er your grave / 'Til I'm sure that you're dead. "

Masters of War-a-thon anyone?

Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Legend of Jack Daniels

The Town Talk

I drink it because I like the taste.
I could care less about awards, longevity, legends, etc...
I like it, and it gets me drunk.

Wu Tang Clan Co-Founder O.D.B. Dead at 35

Yahoo! News - Wu Tang Clan Co-Founder O.D.B. Dead at 35

If only this were surprising.
sad, it is.
but not surprising.