Friday, April 07, 2006

national poetry month

o.k. clown,
o.k. devil,
I'm not on the porch,
howling at the moon,
at the sky,
at the woman
whose neck I didn't
I'm not
nibbling on
right now
I'm in my bed
room spinning
just glad
I'm not
at the moon
at the sky
at the woman
whose neck
I didn't
I'm not
right now
in my bed
room spinning
just glad
i know
is when
just glad
room spinning
not howling
just spinning
just glad
good night
still spinning
good night

Thursday, April 06, 2006 Theatre in Houston, Tx - Forum - General Discussion - Theatre Odin Notes Theatre in Houston, Tx - Forum - General Discussion - Theatre Odin Notes: "We each are responsible for cleaning one part of the theatre. I mention this over and over, because it is the single most transformingly binding force I have encountered. To make a theatre belong to someone, give it to them. Make it their own. Even if it is only the stairs, as I had during Odin Week. Or the library/dining room, as I have now. Every wood floor in this theatre is clean enough to eat off."

although no amount of cleaning would have me eat off the axiom floor.

The Academy of American Poets - National Poetry Month

The Academy of American Poets - National Poetry Month

in honor, think I'll try one a day...
owe ya 6...

here goes:

15 hours a day
may be
a bit
too much

lacking the motivation
to do more than quack
golden eggs
backing up

yelling at friends
in my head
and being glad
they can't hear me

who hasn't?
I mean who hasn't?
done the one
and said the other
said the one
done the other
that's pretty much
how it works

shoulda went out
stayed in
frozen chicken
and processed plots
and not one smile
and not one drink
and not one,
but many, smokes
shoulda went out
stayed in

If I'm angry
it's not at you
and it's not at
or any
it's self-directed,
I assure you
and it
is not
it is what it is
and why can't
I just be?
a little melancholy
never killed nobody
it'll pass and
one day it'll
be nothing but smiles (right.)
see, I'm feeling
better already.

[sic] - pay what you will performance Monday night

Hey all...
this is the show I did sound design for...
Monday is another pay what you will performance.
Read the Press review below, then go see it...
you won't regret it.

Mildred's Umbrella Theatre Company presents [sic] by Melissa James Gibson.
The show is running now through April 15 on Friday and Saturday nights @ 8pm.  Tickets are only $10!  There is a special pay-what-you-want performance THIS MONDAY, APRIL 10 @ 8pm.
The show is at Midtown Art Center, 3414 LaBranch at Holman.  Please email for more info or to make reservations...seating is limited!
Check out what the Houston Press has to say:
[sic] In the old days, Melissa James Gibson's comedy of manners would've been called experimental and avant-garde because of its overlapping dialogue, non sequiturs, intimate asides to the audience, flaccid plotline, linguistic flourishes, time bends and slacker characters not knowing which way to turn. It's still that -- the play's even written without punctuation -- but the old-hat unconventionality of its literary pretensions seems fresh and breezy in Mildred's Umbrella Theater Company's winsome production. Three loser friends live next door to one another on the third floor of a ratty apartment building in a nameless big city. These empathetic sad sacks, whose failures are ingrained within them, are joined at the soul; they're thirtysomethings who can't make anything work in their lives. Their constant bickering, teasing and dreaming only draw them more tightly together. Pining for what they can't have, they feed off one another. Hack musician Theo (Eric Doss) stumbles over composing a theme song for the Thrill-A-Rama ride at the amusement park; overly analytical writer Babette (Jennifer Decker) can't finish her magnum opus of "20th-century outbursts"; gay Frank (Alan Hall) obsesses over his ex-boyfriend, who introduced the three to one another, and practices to be an auctioneer by reciting tongue-twisters. Adding to the enchanting disenchantment of their lives are the disembodied angry voices rising from the air shaft and the surprisingly frisky -- and also unseen -- Mrs. Jorgensen down the hall, who may be dead, sleeping or sleeping around. This clever, brainy, constantly amusing play, superbly acted and gracefully directed by Michelle Edwards, may be about failure and dashed hopes, but it succeeds like gangbusters. Through April 15. Midtown Art Center, 3414 La Branch, 832-418-0973.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Newly discovered letters show Brecht's talent for offending

Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Newly discovered letters show Brecht's talent for offending:

"'You have to forgive my bitterness at your injured manner, when I suggested that you were 'bought',' Brecht wrote two days later, in September 1943. "

Sounds like this'll be a good read...