Thursday, November 11, 2004

Maybe Partying Will Help Life | Perverse pleasure is the best revenge


Wednesday, November 10, 2004 Life | Tex ed Life | Tex ed:
"Hey, kids! Want to know how to avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease?
'Get plenty of rest.' "

I've been watching a lot of old sex ed films...
we are entering the 50's everyone...
and while beatniks are cooler than hippies,
it's still gonna be ugly, overall... | The Texas chainsaw massacre | The Texas chainsaw massacre: "The paucity of tax revenue also means that Texas lags behind other states in virtually every health and human services category. It has maintained a permanent underclass for decades. In 1980, it ranked 39th in the percentage of citizens living in poverty. Last year, Texas tied for 47th in that category. Among the 50 states, Texas ranks dead last in the percentage of poor children with adequate health insurance and last in the percentage of citizens who have high school degrees. It's first in the number of people killed by handguns, first in the number of people executed, and first in the number of people in prison. "

The eyes of Texas are upon you.
I gotta get the hell out.