Saturday, April 19, 2008

the things

the things I wanna say
the things I wanna say
sound crazy
even to me
even when i don't say 'em
even when i just think 'em
another voice thinks alongside
thats crazy
thats crazy
trouble is
trouble is
it follows up with
say it anyway
say it anyway

the things i wanna say sound crazy
and keeping quiet
is not my greatest skill
making trouble
making waves
admiring shallow graves
eating nothing for breakfast
but dessert

so tired
of playing nice
been doing it
all these years

the things i wanna say
are crazy
even to me
can't keep my mouth shut
can't keep my foot in
ask for seconds
of my just desserts

the only thing crazier
than the things
i wanna say
is wanting
to say em
to you

to say em
to you

the things i wanna say are crazy
the things
i wanna say

goin to hell
on a bicycle
takes a long time
'less of course
yr already there

investment advice from a former professional.

I have told people for years

buy guns, gold and land

put yr money

under yr pillow

bury it

in yr yard

this was before
bear stearns
and the new

this was just knowing
what crooks
and bankers

priest stands up to fox news

ran across this over on dailykos.
I ain't no God person, but more people should be talking like this priest...

Thursday, April 17, 2008


i'll be working on some short repetetive things here.
the idea being that they can serve as jumping off points for tdu lyrics.
I was able to do a lot of new lyrica at the burning puppet show tdu show recently and i think it was because i was able to jump off from something i had written here.

they might not read good, but chant/sung over whatever crazy thing tdu is doing at any given moment, they might just work.

we're doing shows at discovery green soon and i'm not sure if my normal topics of self-doubt, apocalypse, and drunken self-destructive behavior are the right kind of things to sing about in the park on a sunday.

welcome to my bad poetry...
happy to share.

Hodos ano kato

the upward-downward path
a misunderstanding
all the same
all the same

all greek to me
all greek to me

the upward-downward path
moving either way
even sitting still
moving either way

all greek to me
all greek to me

the upward-downward path
In the dark I can't stare with obvious intent.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy national licorice day!

thoughts on my evil twin

I like bad me. Bad me is alive. Good me is some kind of zombie. He
believes in things but does nothing. Bad me is an action man.
Although my bad actions have bore bitter fruit I would do them all
again. They made me feel alive.