Tuesday, May 27, 2008


HandStamp: "Sunday (May 25):

• I've yet to venture out to Discovery Green, but color us impressed by the dedication the park has made to local music. This weekend features the Defenestration Unit, whose improvisational style incorporates everything from jazz and rock to electronic and ambient grooves.

Details: 1 p.m. Free. Discovery Green, 1500 McKinney. 713-400-7336."

Kim Ritter’s Notions On Art » Blog Archive » Burning Flipside

Kim Ritter’s Notions On Art » Blog Archive » Burning Flipside

Kim must have been camping near us, as that is Shelley's car in the background.

Kim's entry is a nice introduction to Flipside.

my short summary:

I did not do enough socializing.
I never do.
or more accurately, I'm social in bursts.
Days of no privacy or time alone was harder than even the heat.
It was damned hot during the day.
We mostly sat under our ez-up and fanned ourselves.
Some of us went swimming.
I only went to the creek once.

At night it was loud bright and crazy.

TDU played at least two sets fri, sat, and sun
on the back of a trailer in the art car camp.
Fri night Jim and Doc Bull had not arrived
so there was no guitar,
however, Jo Bird sat in and played viola.
Unfortunately Jim was bringing the recording equipment too,
so there is no document of friday night.
We had crowds dancing at points, and sometimes
we were playing to the same handful that usually
see us in Houston...
although I assume many people could hear us
that I couldn't see.
Some of our most psychedelic music ever.
I didn't do much in the way of lyrics,
but did play the space echo a lot.

had a blast - got to see Aileen and Todd -
the burn and the fireworks were amazing -
i think i lost weight
and i know i got sunburned -
although not as bad as during the art car parade.

things i didn't mention - woola skirt, shit knuckles, BLP's brief flipside premiere, having way too much food and not sharing enough of it (although we got better at it), drinking less whiskey than i expected, glam camp, the sonic forest, the balloon tent, musical tesla coils and so much moe i'm sure...

her's some other flipside posts i found:

The Origin of Peanut Butter Guy

Peanut Butter Briefcase / Going Through The Motions

A guy at a bar said, "You remember the briefcase from Pulp Fiction? This is that briefcase. Want to see what's in it?" Sure! He opens it up and it is full of chunky peanut butter. Excellent, and disgusting at the same time. A man gets some peanut butter on his fingers and begins to smear it in his hair and on his face. He then opens his mouth and pours beer into it, but without swallowing, so that the beer runs out of his mouth and down his front. He laughs and says, "I'm just going through the motions! I'm not even trying!"

Video of the musical Tesla Coils

This video is a joint effort of ArcAttack (Tesla Coils) and Craig Newswanger (Drums & PVC pipe organ) of Resonance Studios.


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