Friday, January 21, 2005

oblique strategy of the day!

"Just carry on"

that's some bummer advice...

corrente / Leah, Lambert, Tresy, the farmer, Tom, Xan, and RDF

corrente / Leah, Lambert, Tresy, the farmer, Tom, Xan, and RDF:
"One day Chris Mathews can tell his grandchildren that grandpa buttered his bread with rosy scenarios and bullshit."

That made me laugh.

I know, I know, politics turns people off...
I can't help it...
I didn't skip work yesterday to protest the coronation...
but I'm not happy about it.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Happy Coronation Day!

corrente / Leah, Lambert, Tresy, the farmer, Tom, Xan, and RDF: "Forty-nine percent of 1,007 adult Americans said in phone interviews they believe Bush is a 'uniter,' according to the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Wednesday. Another 49 percent called him a 'divider,' and 2 percent had no opinion."

brilliant! The country is divided on whether the president divides the country...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

This Modern World

This Modern World:
"Parade performers will have security escorts to the bathroom, and they've been ordered not to look directly at President Bush or make any sudden movements while passing the reviewing stand."

if you look directly at him you can see he's a reptile.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Well, today I started managing the queue instead of taking calls. Which means I only spend a short time on each case, but I touch every one... So, I'm pretty busy all day. I decided to be the queue manager when they asked because it meant switching to the 9-6 shift. The 9-6 shift means I'll still be able to work with IBP, however after the first day, I don't exactly love the queue gig. It should get better... but today was stressful and crazy. Tonight I've got Mathlete practice after they're done with Medea rehearsal up at The Axiom. If I didn't know we were planning to learn a couple more new songs tonight (one of Ryan's and a Bjork cover) I would be tempted to call Joe and tell him I'm taking the night off. But I know if I get in the habit it'll just be that much easier to skip again when I'm beat. So, it's off to Mathletes practice for me. God I miss unemployment.
There's something to be said for sleeping when you're tired and eating when you're hungry. Of course eventually you can't afford food, and the fear of eviction keeps you up nights. All I know for sure is that there has to be something better than working for a living.
So whattaya got?

blah blah blah

New responsibilities at work will mean much less blogging during the!had BLP band rehearsal last night...sounding great...really coming together.
no time to say ANYTHING else...haven't even got to do ANY reading today...grr...

Monday, January 17, 2005

oblique strategy of the day!

"Decorate, decorate"

well, my cubicle is pretty bare...

the weekend is over

Friday Night - went to see Lydia Lunch perform at The Axiom. I've been a fan for years and it was great to finally see/hear her.There were two shows, and I went to the late one.Both shows sold out and she sold all her merch before the 2nd show even started.The show strated with politics and God...kind of disappointing,if only because, I can pick, at random, any one of my friends and hear almost the exact same thing. At least one great line stood out,"War is menstrual envy". Tony says in the first show the politics stuff was much stronger and segued better into the 2nd half. The second half of the show was all about sex with young men who like to cut themselves, and, oh yeah, cocaine. It was strong stuff with some very powerful images. Although I couldn't relate to the extremity of the situations she was describing, I have dated a cutter and I do understand that desire to SAVE folks. Bottom line: incredibly powerful stuff and I'm glad I went. after the show just did the usual hanging out at the axiom, drinking whiskey and engaging in other indulgences. Talked to Paul and the other BLP'ers about the upcoming show for a bit and left there a little after 2.

Saturday - Got up when Tom woke me up to borrow my keys so he could take Velocity with him to the KTRU kids show. Went ahead and took my shower and got ready to face the day. About 12:30 I decided I'd go down to the corner store and get a snack to hold me over until I Tom got back and I could go to lunch proper. But of course I forgot Tom had my keys, so I locked myself out. Decided to walk down to Luby's which was actually a pleasant walk. Read the paper and had some lunch. FOR THE RECORD: Luby's new waitstaff arrangement SUCKS! I sat through my entire meal before I got a refill on my tea, and I had to tip for that. The old setup with just a couple of tea ladies on shift and a couple of bus boys seemed more efficient. Now the customer is paying more for service he used to get for free, and the service isn't as good. C'mon pappas gang, y'all can do better. Got home and eventaully got together with Charlie.

Worked some with him dropping down the last FOK session to the PC so it could be mastered and burned. Came out sounding pretty good. Look for a bundle of FOK discs to show up on Charlie's Cafe Press page any day now. Think FOK has decided to alternate between small group recordings (charlie and danny, sometimes with a drummer) and large group recordings at my place... real interested to see where this goes... should be fun.

Around 5:30 Aileen came by and we worked on the finale again for a couple of hours. layered in more effects and tightened it up a bit. I feel like I kind of rushed her off before we were done, but we're supposed to get together again this week to touch it up a bit more, and maybe add more to some of the other songs. I'm going to call her tonight and we'll figure out when.

After working with Aileen I rode up with Joe to a beach House that some of the IBP folks had rented. That night I just ate some amazing leftovers (Tamarie is an great cook)... I had pasta AND fried chicken! YUM! then I drank some tequila, played some poker (Joe won) and then fell asleep in a chair. Moved to the floor later, and had a backache Sunday. Sunday we watched some bootleg DVD's Mr. Winscott had brought along...We watched a Kiss show from 77. They rocked. I actually almost liked them live. It was like the MC5 without the politics or the drugs. Just stupid fun rock, and much more rockin' live than on record. Then we watched a bit of a Police show from 80. They were excellent then. High Energy, seemed to be having fun, etc. Mostly what I noticed is that they had a lot in common with Gang of Four, the slits, and many other british bands from that period that I really dig, only the police are better musicians, which for me, somehow, makes them less interesting...go figure. Next up was a CARS show from 84. What I learned from that is that The Cars really sucked in 84. I mean they were o.k. but it was so much more about sunglasses and miami vice jackets. Nowhere near as cool as The Cars from just a few years before. Then Tamarie had breakfast ready. Once again, YUM! Sausage, bacon, potatoes, migas, and cinammon rolls. I ate a lot, and then I got seconds. We hung out and flew some kites, and just kind of relaxed for a while. Then Tamarie made queso and we ate that. Then Joe and I headed on home.

Charlie was waiting on my porch and we started setting up for TDU practice. Bill called and had car trouble and he didn't make it, and Jo Bird didn't show up, but we had a pretty interesting session. Hopefully Charlie will have it dropped down to CD soon. Can't wait to hear it. TDU is becoming a much more keyboard heavy band, and just generally more psychedelic...both good things... Gonna try to setup a show at superhappy soon. After practice we ate some pizza I had ordered during the break and listened back to some previous practices. I did laundry, and then went to bed. Watched the first half or so of a pretty bad movie that I'll talk more about after I've finished it.
and now I'm at work...whooohoo!