Saturday, July 09, 2005 � Superburst Mixtape 20 - file under: WHOOHOOOO! � Superburst Mixtape 20

Superburst Mixtape 20

night and day and straight and drunk
sublime to absurd in five easy steps

“Kell Omd” - Tigrics

“Braking” - Quantazelle (this song donated by Quantazelle)

“Creep” - The Oranges Underground

“London Below” - L-10

“Retarded Futuristic Pinocchio Scenario” - The Mathletes (this song donated by The Mathletes)

Friday, July 08, 2005

we make money not art: Chicken nuggets without the chicken

I love chicken, but I do wonder if we shouldn't send these folks copies of "Frankenstein"...
you know, just as a reminder...

we make money not art: Chicken nuggets without the chicken

The Huffington Post | The Blog

The Huffington Post | The Blog:

"Bush needs to be asked the question: why do you continue to give Pakistan veto power over our national security?"

I'd love to hear the answer to that one...
maybe someone could hit Scotty with it at the gaggle?


John Cramer's

The Power of Light and Darkness

Last Bastions

Charlie Naked

One Man Machine (New Orleans)

2610 Ashland Street (@ W27th Street in the Heights)
Houston TX 77008

Doors open at 8pm for all shows unless otherwise specified

This will be Charlie Naked's first live solo performance and the first time The Last Bastions have performed live since their 2003 DIverseWorks residency. 

For those what don't know The Last Bastions is Me and Charlie Naked doing the drone thing (mostly)…
Tonight should be an interesting show…
hope to see a few of you there…


Thursday, July 07, 2005

WOW! - Ultimate Houston Ballot


This is amazing.
My experience with these kinds of ballots is that maybe
there's one or two folks or groups in a couple categories
that I know and am cool with, or maybe even excited about voting for...

This time there is more than one category where it's actually hard to choose...
two of my favorite dancers from suchu
(who also happen to be two of my favorite people)
A plethora of IBP folks...
IBP, Dos Chicas and Mildred's Umbrella...
Two Star Symphony, Brad Moore...
lots of familiar folks on the ballot
that all deserve yr support...
so get on with it...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Copy, Right?

Ooooh! Cure covers!
I like this stuff way too much.

Copy, Right?

"The Head on the Door" was the first Cure album I heard when it came out...
probably still my favorite.
Although, I love Three Imaginary Boys.
The Cure as surf punk.
totally right.
Kinda like the earliest Gary Numan stuff
(in that it's great, but not like anything else
they'd ever do.)
And sure I dig the dark psychedelic stuff...
Pornography, etc...
(maybe calling it psych isn't right,
but I kind of think of almost all music I like
that way...)
The cassette of "Staring at the Sea" is the one
I probably listened to the most.
Some of the b-sides were great.
What have we learned here?
I was a scary new-wave/goth wannabe?
yeah, and I spent too much time
listening to The Cure.
Still do.

Willie Nelson - Countryman

Willie Nelson - Countryman

Some of us (o.k probably just me and my friend John) have been waiting for this since we first heard about it years ago...
even has him playing with some of the original Wailers...

New Willie is always good news!

are YOU feeling Irie?

TPMCafe || House Of Labor

TPMCafe || House Of Labor

ok...I'm less a fan of Marshall and some of his peeps than I used to be...
but a new labor blog is, if not worth celebrating,
worth mentioning...


blah blah

sick yesterday
blah blah
work sucks
blah blah
light blogging
blah blah

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Disquiet: field notes - MORE ENO

Disquiet: field notes

So, apparently I'm going to have to start renting all kinds of things I normally wouldn't.

Eno's version of "You don't miss your water" on the Married to the Mob soundtrack is incredible.