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James Wierzbicki / Terry Riley

James Wierzbicki / Terry Riley:
"''Music has to have danger. You have to be right on the precipice . . . not gliding along playing something you know. If you never get on the brink you're never going to learn what excitement you can rise to. You can only rise to great heights by danger, and no great man has ever been safe.''"

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Monday, December 26, 2005

Final Episode of Dungeons and Dragons

My Alvistime gift to you.
As long as you are a big nerd.
Like me.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

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blog | Reviews index

blog | Reviews index:
"'the great instrument of moral good is the imagination', she says: 'If you cannot or will not imagine the results of your actions, there's no way you can act morally or responsibly. Little kids can't do it; babies are morally monsters - completely greedy. Their imagination has to be trained into foresight and empathy.'"

Without imagination
the categorical imperative

MyDD :: New Yorkers Support the Transit Strike

MyDD :: New Yorkers Support the Transit Strike

"I've been pretty surprised and somewhat disappointed by the hostility among some here to the striking transit workers in New York City. To be fair, the strike is illegal. It is unfortunately timed. It is incredibly hard on other workers in the city. However, is it wrong? Obviously, I don't think so. The Taylor Law, which makes strikes by public employees illegal, is a poor piece of legislation. I'm not against certain limits on strikes by public employees, but striking is quite frankly the only power labor unions have." (emphasis mine)

damn straight!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pennies from Heaven (1981)

Pennies from Heaven (1981)

There are some amazing scenes in this movie...
unfortunately they keep being interrupted by plot,
and acting...

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just one quick thing...

if 9-11 changed everything,
didn't the terrorists win?

I mean especially if it turned
our republic
into some kind of monarchy
which Bush seems to think it has...


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

knowledge informs perception

Lot of things I was going to say about this.
Don't know if it comes from Goodman, Quine, or elsewhere,
but it's true.

to that end I'm finishing "brecht on theatre",
researching Heiner Mueller (sp?)
(including reading "Hamletmachine" which is pretty
damn amazing),
and trying to learn more about some
of the other aspects of and issues raised by
"Full Circle" before I see it again in the new year.

You can enjoy the play without doing any of this of course.
I have three times already.

Having done my homework (so to speak)
I expect to see a very different show,
even if it's the same.

Eros Blog: The Sex Blog -- By Bacchus

Eros Blog: The Sex Blog -- By Bacchus:

Interesting theory...

"What I've learned running a sex blog is that there are a whole host of guys whose only mode of discourse about bodily appearance is to make a negative comment. I think perhaps it originates in adolescent one-upsmanship; one guy says 'Sally's hot, I'd like to do her' and the other guys all say 'No, man, she's a pig, she's got a huge ass' as a way of belittling the first guy. However it started, the result is a fairly large class of guys whose reflex response whenever they see an erotic picture is to say something mean and ugly about the body depicted."

that sparks an interesting discussion - read the comments - and gives me an idea for a BLP bit...

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall December 20, 2005 12:42 AM

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall December 20, 2005 12:42 AM

I've been suggesting that what's in play here in this NSA matter is a new technology of some sort -- one which conducts searches in ways that you just can't get warrants for. And here Kevin Drum pulls together several threads of information that point in what figure is likely the correct direction.

um, it's called Echelon folks...
ask somebody wearing the tin-foil and they'll tell ya all about it...
we've known about this for years. Arts & Entertainment | The Fix Arts & Entertainment | The Fix:

"Jimmy Carter, in a recent interview with GQ, recounts some of his brushes with the paranormal while he was in the White House, including a time when a small plane went down in the Central African Republic and the satellites couldn't find it: 'The director of the CIA came and told me that he had contacted a woman in California who claimed to have supernatural capabilities. And she went into a trance and she wrote down latitudes and longitudes, and we sent our satellite over that latitude and longitude, and there was the plane.' "

He never did tell us about the U.F.O.'s...
just about the lust in his heart...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Fw: [CTRL] JFK video

anyone else think bringing "Conjurella: The T. Casey Brennan Story" to the
stage is a winner of an idea?

----- Original Message -----
From: "T Brennan" <bankruptparanoiamagazine@YAHOO.COM>
Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2005 2:15 PM
Subject: [CTRL] JFK video

> -Caveat Lector-
> A JFK video has been prepared by a still-anonymous JFK
> researcher, as an accompaniment for my song "Let Them
> Rise", done with my band, FRANKENHEAD. Background
> info: I am T. Casey Brennan, former writer for the
> 1970s comic books, CREEPY, EERIE, and VAMPIRELLA (the
> inspiration for the song). As the video was broadcast
> on the Crazy Mark TV show, he has posted it on his
> page at:
> Says Mark: "FRANKENHEAD -- with Vampirella writer T.
> Casey Brennan -- the only way to chill with this
> murder conspiracy theory video is to check it out with
> a large video file."
> You can click on those words on the site, or go to the
> video direct at:
> The same was podcast in Israel on Kitaro's Sideshow --
> see show #36 at:
> For those of you who think this isn't serious, go to:
> Best,
> T. Casey Brennan
> __________________________________________________
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> CTRL is a discussion & informational exchange list. Proselytizing
> propagandic
> screeds are unwelcomed. Substanceâ?"not soap-boxingâ?"please! These are
> sordid matters and 'conspiracy theory'â?"with its many half-truths, mis-
> directions and outright fraudsâ?"is used politically by different groups
> with
> major and minor effects spread throughout the spectrum of time and
> thought.
> That being said, CTRLgives no endorsement to the validity of posts, and
> always suggests to readers; be wary of what you read. CTRL gives no
> credence to Holocaust denial and nazi's need not apply.
> Let us please be civil and as always, Caveat Lector.
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The Comics Curmudgeon � Blog Archive � Marriage works

The Comics Curmudgeon � Blog Archive � Marriage works:
"Look at Loretta’s face. A lesser comic would have had her smirking triumphantly at the fact that she always gets the last word, or have her brow furrowed with rage that her foibles were being aired in a public forum. But the Lockhorns never feels a need to step back from the brink of the abyss, and so Loretta’s face is just one of numb depression: she and her husband can’t communicate, her marriage is killing her, and the overpriced, bald-headed sub-Freud across the desk isn’t going to say anything that’s going to fix it."

I'll just take this opportunity to say I'm amazed they haven't sold Hollywood a Lockhorns movie yet...

neomarxisme: Why I Should Not Rap

neomarxisme: Why I Should Not Rap:
"... my friends and I had the ill-conceived idea of doing a 'rock-rap band,' which came to be hilariously known as Red Star and Raised Fist. That band name was inspired from a paper I was doing on the Black Panthers (all us liberal American white kids go through a Eyes on the Prize phase), which was quite a big event in my young academic life because I 'e-mailed' Panther founder (and BBQ mastermind) Bobby Seale about COINTELPRO being all up in his shit - and he wrote me back 24 hours later with an incredibly detailed response still dripping with that classic Black Power outrage. "

click the link for more...
and by more I mean an Edith Wharton joke.

Susan Alcorn: Texas, Three Days and Two Nights

The Road, the Radio and the Full Moon
Texas: Three Days and Two Nights


Ron over at Real Art linked to this article, and lo and behold but if it's not written by THE MOST AMAZING pedal steel player you might ever hear...Susan Alcorn.

Have to head to work, but I'll try to update or post again later with more.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Fw: Where will they go?

----- Original Message -----
From: "Planned Parenthood" <>
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005 2:41 PM
Subject: Where will they go?

> Now Where Will They Go?
> The government is telling almost 10,000 women where they can and can't go
> for their health care.
> The Texas legislative leadership has once again let down the working
> families of Texas by diverting critical health care funding. These funding
> cuts to Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas will seriously
> disrupt access to health care for Texas' low-income women by forcing them
> from their longtime trusted health care providers.
> For 70 years, Planned Parenthood has been here for the women and families
> who need us. Despite these funding cuts, we'll to do whatever we can to
> continue serving the women the state of Texas has left behind.
> Help Planned Parenthood Provid Health Care to 10,000 Clients.
> Click Here to Give
> View the HTML version of this email.
> Download the PPHSET press release here.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Daily Kos: UPDATE! NBC: Pentagon spying on Americans who oppose war?

Daily Kos: UPDATE! NBC: Pentagon spying on Americans who oppose war?: "Our own version of the notorious East German Stasi. "

COINTELPRO has been back for a while.

Women in Prison - The Movies - link NSFW

Envy the Cockroach was nothing like this,
no matter what the Houston Press review might have led you to believe.

Here's where I would say, "Come see the show."
'cept we're done.
If you missed it all I can say is, "Sorry for you."
Well I could say more, but "Sorry for you." is all you're gettin' anyway.

The Beginning

The Beginning

Come for the miracle virgin birth, stay for the drinkin' and revenge!

just doin' my part for the War On Christmas!!!

HoustonSoReal: Devin the Dude Live in Houston - Amazing.
Houston young taggers kill a good thing

Scroll through the pics...

anyone you recognize?


anyway, keep reading houstonsoreal for all yr local hip hop needs...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Washington Monthly

The Washington Monthly:

"This gives Kafakesque a very chilling and newly concrete meaning."

The Trial is the modern nightmare. It paralyzes me in ways most literature can only dream of. Spend a week locked in your house, with only enough light to read and give it a go sometime. Really.

Welcome to the nightmare.

interesting day

went and bought some books today.
couldn't afford it.
did it anyway.

Got "Brecht on Theatre" -
A collection of his essays.
It's amazing how much what
I've read so far reminds me of
what I like about Ives writing.
There is a certain toughness and orneryness
in the writings of both.

Also picked up "Harold Pinter - Complete Works Vol. 1"
Time to further my education.

Figured I'd have a lot of time this week to read,
but now I'll be learning lines instead.

Got a call from a friend and now I'll be doing some
scenes from "A Christmas Carol" at some kind of corporate
party, and then wandering around in costume.
It'll pay about the same as a week or so of filing,
and I'll get to drink.
This is a good gig.
I think I'm gonna get to be Cratchit.

So I guess I'll put the war on Christmas on hold for a night...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Last Chance to Envy the Cockroach! TONIGHT!

Not sure why the link only lists the nov. 10th date...
and it's only $10.00 not $20.00

by: Lisa Ray
Envy the Cockroach begins with a knife to someone’s throat, and continues to grow more intense from that point on.
Produced by Dos Chicas, written and directed by Bob Morgan, and co-directed by Jon Harvey, Cockroach depicts the lives of three women whose chances of living productive, happy lives are as constrained as the prison cells they end up in. The play’s thematic frame lies within a quote from Johnny Cash’s liner notes to “Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison”:
“You sit on your cold, steel mattressless bunk and watch a cockroach crawl out from under the filthy commode, and you don’t kill it. You envy the roach as you watch it crawl out under the cell door.”
As the show plays out, it becomes clear that these women are not only less free than the proverbial roach, they are treated as less than such by the people in their lives, especially the men who are supposed to love them—their fathers, grandfathers and husbands.
The set is stark—cage-wire lines the backdrop and that’s about it. The play does not need more. Not only are lives of the characters, dark and devoid of aesthetic as well as emotional beauty; the cast, Mark Carrier, Jennifer Decker, Elizabeth Seabolt, Mike Switzer, Anne Zimmerman paint deep, complex pictures on this blank canvass that both draw in, appall, and sometimes even, amuse its viewers.
This is the kind of play in which the dialogue and the acting seem familiar in their realness and, interesting, in the way the lives of real people are. It is also manages to be darkly humorous—the situations of the character’s lives are so pathetic, and yet so emblematic of middle American society, that you have to laugh at them.
Seemingly casual nuances, like the country music background track playing Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days) by the Judds, when “Grandpa” is a child molester, and indifferent and controlling husbands wearing a t-shirt that says “110% Catholic” are the kind of details that make this show a pleasure, even amidst all the pain.
Envy the Cockroach has all the major sins of humankind played out—murder, rape, incest, and worst of all, casual indifference. The women of the play are caught in a social cage that is not much different than their actual prison cells. The play alludes to this fact by casting the male actors in roles on both “the inside” and “the outside.” Switzer, who plays some of the women’s husband and fathers as their abusive prison guard, Harris, and Carrier, as both the seemingly refined, but actually weak and manipulative psychologist, Dr. Fiore, as well as the father figure for the women.
Everyone in the play is culpable, yet everyone is a victim, even Harris, who was repeatedly raped at his former job as a prison guard in a male prison. In turn, he rapes the women he is in charge of, in a truthful reproduction of the sad cycle of human emotional and physical reciprocity—It was done to me, so now; I will do it to you.
The psychological element to the play is highlighted by the relationship of the characters to their prison psychologist, Dr. Fiore. Dr. Fiore genuinely tries to help the inmates, but is caught up in his own imperfections and psychological motivations—causing him to attempt to treat them and manipulate them at the same time. Once again, the women become victim to a male who has emotional and physical power over them.
The play ends does not purport to give an answer to the problems of women’s degradation in a society that clearly gives deference to the powerful, but it does leave the audience with a sense of empathy for the type of people normally considered to be social outcasts or even pariahs—which, perhaps, is the foundation for solving any social ill.
Description: You sit on your cold, steel mattress-less bunk and watch a cockroach crawl out from under the filthy commode, and you don't kill it. You envy the roach as you watch it crawl out under the cell door. -Johnny Cash
From 1990 to 2001, the female prisoner population has more than doubled from 44,065 to 94,336. One third of these women reported having a parent or guardian who abused alcohol or drugs. 57% of women in state prisons reported that they were physically and/or sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. Female inmates who had been abuse victims were more likely to be imprisoned for a violent offense. As maximum security prisoners at Oakdale Reformatory for Women, Kaitlyn, Zoe, & Jolene contribute to these statistics, but all three are much more than just numbers. Each has a voice and wants to be heard. As they share the stories of their lives and crimes, the crucial role environment played in directing the life path they chose becomes painfully apparent. What would they have become if not subjected to abuse, denigration, and even oppressive protectiveness and love? With the help of their therapist Dr. Fiore, all three women attempt to understand how easily and unwittingly they became a product of their environment and how to accept the horrific crimes they committed.
Mark Carrier, Jennifer Decker, Elizabeth Seabolt, Mike Switzer, Anne Zimmerman

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Washington Monthly

The Washington Monthly:

"Rising malpractice awards are not responsible for skyrocketing insurance premiums. The insurance cycle is."

Whatever the insurance industry tells you is probably a lie.

Not like back when Ives was in the business.

Acid Dreams: BZ Bombs Away

Acid Dreams: BZ Bombs Away:

This will be my new psychedelic band's name:


Via a scary story from about this stuff showing up in Iraq.

Guardian Unlimited Books | Special Reports | Art, truth and politics

All the talk about the Pinter speech...

This is the part that resonates with me the most:

Truth in drama is forever elusive. You never quite find it but the search for it is compulsive. The search is clearly what drives the endeavour. The search is your task. More often than not you stumble upon the truth in the dark, colliding with it or just glimpsing an image or a shape which seems to correspond to the truth, often without realising that you have done so. But the real truth is that there never is any such thing as one truth to be found in dramatic art. There are many. These truths challenge each other, recoil from each other, reflect each other, ignore each other, tease each other, are blind to each other. Sometimes you feel you have the truth of a moment in your hand, then it slips through your fingers and is lost.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

No New Money for Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs

No New Money for Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs

The U.S. Office of Population Affairs began administering the Adolescent Family Life Act (AFLA) in 1981. This program was designed to prevent teen pregnancy by promoting chastity and self-discipline.[1] During its first year, AFLA received $11 million in federal funds. In fiscal year 2000, AFLA received $19 million.

See, the Republicans have wanted to go back to at least the 50's since Reagan. The U.S. Office of Population Affairs sounds like a terribly scary place. The world is insane. Fight back where you can. Buy condoms for teenagers. Or something.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

still wired

Still wired from the show...

so here's a few thoughts

first a tale from the file room:

Coworker J: You mind if I bring a radio in here?

Me: No, that's fine.

J: You like jazz?

Me (o.k. I know where this is going. We're not going to be listening to KTSU. Grrr.): Yes, I like jazz.

(and then I'm treated to a full day of 95.7 smooth jazz. I am reminded that I actually miss Kikk sometimes and that smooth jazz is awful, and certainly not jazz...

I heard Phil Collins. I heard the art of noise. I'm not sure I heard a real quartet. I know I didn't hear any jazz. The highlight was Marvin Gaye.

The most depressing thing was hearing another crappy soprano sax drum machine sequencer, I would say massacre, but that implies aggression, is there a word for "soft disaster"? anyway, when the song is over they announce it was Gato Barbieri.
That made me sad. He made some amazing records for impulse and with Don Cherry back in the day, but now I guess at least he's getting paid. At least I got to file all day.)

and now, this:

Compliments make me uncomfortable.
Not that I don't think I'm hot shit.
Sure, of course, I'm hot shit.
But my ego really does not need your help.
I can barely lug the damn thing around as it is.

on another note:

Yum! Cheesy popcorn!

so, anyway, last chance to see the show is this weekend...
you can listen to an interview with Liz, Anne, and Jennifer
on KUHF between 3 and 4 tomorrow. Should be good.

Rock On,
All That.


Eschaton: "It's one of those rather obvious things, but it nonetheless should be pointed out again and again. Productivity is up! Hooray! But real compensation is down. Boo."

Monday, December 05, 2005


“No Christmas pageant or Nativity display is safe from our troops,” said Flemming. “Wherever the mythical figure Jesus is celebrated as if he were real, we will be there with an information barrage. We will undercut the idea that there is any point at all to celebrating the ‘birth’ of a character in a fairy tale.”
this is an audio post - click to play

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Fw: [IPCUSA] Teddy Kennedy and Nelson Rockefeller held my Sister as Sex Slave! File Under: Research Material

----- Original Message -----
From: "spookyermomma"
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, December 03, 2005 10:26 AM
Subject: [IPCUSA] Teddy Kennedy and Nelson Rockefeller held my Sister as Sex

> Teddy Kennedy and Nelson Rockefeller held my Sister as Sex Slave!
> Saturday, December 03, 2005
> [Note: Just to be clear--Barbara Hartwell is a prime candidate for
> the Hoo-Hoo Hotel, and who should receive the first bed available and
> free of charge. Here is the latest 'net find in her ongoing
> psychological saga]:
> Note from Barbara Hartwell:
> {This was} written by my sister, Irene Adrian. I have edited only for
> clarity and paragraph structure. The words are her own. Althougn I
> have no direct knowledge of the events she describes, to the best of
> my understanding, the chronology is accurate. I was in Omaha,
> Nebraska, living at my sister's home, at the time of my sister's trip
> to Mexico. I have heard bits and pieces of the story she tells here,
> over the years; but this is the first time the story has been relayed
> to me in it's entirety.
> I should also say that I have always known my sister Irene to be a
> truthful person and so I believe that the events she describes here
> are actual events, which she has related to the best of her memory
> and knowledge.
> The man using the pseudonym 'David' is Ted Kennedy. 'Henry' is Nelson
> Rockefeller. 'Mary' is Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor, author of
> Starshine and Thanks for the Memories). [emphasis added]
> For the first public commentary ever written about Irene, a survivor
> and present victim of the CIA MK Ultra program please see this
> article on my website:
> [Note: Site no longer in commission; Recovered from Google's
> /articles/babs/caseofireneadrian.htm]
> In order to be fair and in the interest of discovering the whole
> truth, I wish to say to anyone who reads this that I am mostly
> persuaded that Ted Kennedy is, in fact, himself a victim of the CIA
> and other mind control perpetrators. His behaviour, attitude, and
> general demeanor were that of a man coerced somehow and resigned to
> doing what he had to. I don't think he volunteered for this. I know
> this is a subjective opinion and maybe I'm completely wrong. I cannot
> say this of any other individual I have encountered in my mind
> control travels.
> ________________________________________________________
> The Mexican Horror
> by Irene Adrian Winter of 1974, early 1975: I was twenty one years
> old. I was living in Omaha, Nebraska. I worked part-time as a
> cocktail waitress in a place on 72nd St. called the Brook Park
> Lounge.
> One evening a group of about 6 men came in and sat in the very back
> of the lounge, in the darkest corner alcove, at a large round table.
> It was rare that anyone ever sat there. I took their orders and
> served their drinks. I noticed that many of the people already in the
> lounge when the group of men arrived appeared to be awed by the
> presence of one of the men. I had no idea who any of them were. (You
> have to understand that I had rarely, if ever, read a newspaper,
> watched TV news; never considered politics to be relevant to my
> life.)
> After they had been there a while and had several rounds of drinks,
> the bartender, Margie, approached me, pulled me aside, and told me
> that David, a lawyer in the group of men, wanted me to take a trip to
> Mexico with him. I was surprised and a bit perplexed at this. She
> took me over to the table and introduced me to him. I knew
> immediately, of course, that I certainly did not want to go Mexico
> with this stranger. At the same time my heart sank because I also
> knew that I would have to go. This is very difficult to explain if
> you have not been under mind control. Somehow, it was all quickly
> arranged down to time off work for me with the permission of my boss,
> John, the owner of the Brook Park Lounge.
> At this time I was living with a boyfriend, and my sister Barbara was
> visiting us. Barbara went shopping with me to buy a bathing suit, I
> had been specifically instructed to bring a bathing suit and my
> original birth certificate. Also I was specifically instructed not to
> bring a camera. I have no recollection of what my boyfriend thought
> of my suddenly going to Mexico with a strange man. I don't even
> recall discussing it with him, but Barbara says she remembers him
> being very upset...
> [complete article here:
> name=News&file=article&sid=2745]
> [Those interested in tossing in their $.02 about Barbara Hartwell,
> can do so here:
> | Review: Suchu returns in top form File Under: YAY!

Suchu returns in top form:

The dancers' sustained pauses, hold-your-breath balances and tightly wound interrupted phrases were all glorious to watch, but the action didn't really get going until the table and chairs entered the scene.

I can not wait to see this show!

The only downside to doing Envy is only getting to see this Suchu show once, on closing night.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Why I like Patton Oswalt.

Before the interview I got into a Sour Look Fight with these two old biddies. Here’s why. The manager put on this “Classic Tunes No One Wants to Listen To, Ever, Only They’re Played by Meth Addicts on Toy Instruments and Mop Buckets”. And one of them is the “Wedding March”. No, really. The fucking “Wedding March”, which people don’t even play at weddings anymore. Imagine listening to it while you’re trying to read NEW AVENGERS. I ask you. So I beg the guy -- his name’s Nelson, and he’s really cool -- if he could maybe put on, you know, ANYTHING except the “Wedding March”. So he puts on Enya, which, compared to the “Wedding March”, is like trading being punched for being yelled at. And these two biddies near the window call the poor bastard over, and I hear, “Is THAT a regular customer?” And Nelson says, well, yeah, he comes in every Wednesday. And they look over at me -- this dumpy, mental patient-looking dude with a pile of comics in front of him and a pot of Assam -- and I guess they decide they don’t want to be followed home and skinned, but they give me these sour, old biddie looks which I’m sure shaved three years off my life. That’s right, you little alternative edge-walkers: I stared down two spinsters at a tea room while reading comics. Who wants to have a push-up contest?”]

I think I've read more interviews with him than I've actually heard or seen his stand up...
but just reading this interview...
well, it cheers me up.

Found via Warren Ellis (I think...)

Can we say that Republican is just a synonym for criminal yet?

Justice Department lawyers concluded that the landmark Texas congressional redistricting plan spearheaded by Rep. Tom DeLay (R) violated the Voting Rights Act, according to a previously undisclosed memo obtained by The Washington Post. But senior officials overruled them and approved the plan.

BIll O'Reilly is still a moron....

Read it here:

Christmas, all right? Federal holiday, everybody gets off, no mail delivered, everybody shuts down. Federal holiday. Why is it there? To honor a philosopher, Jesus. Whose philosophy was part of the foundation of our country. All of this is indisputable. Can't dispute it. OK? A man was born, his name is Jesus, he had a philosophy, the philosophy was incorporated by the Founding Fathers to make up the United States of America, U.S. Grant signs into law the holiday, Christmas.

O.k. maybe I'm wrong, but wasn't Jesus the one responsible for throwing the money changers out of the temple? If the founding fathers had incorporated Jesus' philosophy into our constitution wouldn't we be communist, or at least socialist? I'm pretty sure he believed in healing the sick and caring for the poor. These were not on our the minds of our wealthy land-owning founding fathers when they wrote the constitution...



Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Envy the Cockroach - COME FRIDAY!

If yr considering seeing the show we could really use ya there Friday night...
"We have a producer from “The Front Row,” radio show on KUHF, coming to see the show on Friday...  If you have anyone who might want to see the show and can come that day, please see if you can talk them into it."
so that's what I'm doing...
if it's finances keeping you away holler at me and we'll take care of ya...
here's the details on the show...

Envy the Cockroach
Runs:Nov. 11th-Dec.10th(see below for exact dates)
written & directed by Bob Morgan

"You sit on your cold, steel mattress-less bunk and watch a cockroach
crawl out from under the filthy commode, and you don't kill it. You
envy the roach as you watch it crawl out under the cell door."
-Johnny Cash

From 1990 to 2001, the female prisoner population has more than doubled from 44,065 to 94,336. One third of these women reported having a parent or guardian who abused alcohol or drugs. 57% of women in state prisons reported ...

...that they were physically and/or sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. Female inmates who had been abuse victims were more likely to be imprisoned for a violent offense.

As maximum security prisoners at Oakdale Reformatory for Women, Kaitlyn, Zoe, & Jolene contribute to these statistics, but all three are much more than just numbers. Each has a voice and wants to be heard. As they share the stories of their lives and crimes, the crucial role environment played in directing the life path they chose becomes painfully apparent. What would they have become if not subjected to abuse, denigration, and even oppressive protectiveness and love? With the help of their therapist Dr. Fiore, all three women attempt to understand how easily and unwittingly they became a product of their environment and how to accept the horrific crimes they committed.

Mark Carrier, Jennifer Decker, Elizabeth Seabolt, Mike Switzer, Anne Zimmerman

Fridays, Saturdays
November 11, 12, 15, 18 & 19th
December 2,3,6,9 and 10
PAY WHAT YOU CAN on Tuesdays Nov. 15th and December 6

All reg. shows at 8:00 pm
1719 Live Oak #E

For reservations or information

or call 832-283-0858

I bet sometimes even the three stooges laugh at noam chomsky

"Think of me as Chomsky with dick jokes." (Bill Hicks, American comedian, 1961-1994)

Bill Hicks gave us the truth
about as much as we could handle
and you know what?

he was funny.

you wanna be a prophet?
go ahead.
see where that gets ya.

You wann a be a prophet
people actually listen to
then your prophecy better end
with a punchline

or maybe
you could breathe fire
or something

Bill O'Reilly's War on Christmas

Put your O'Reilly Holiday Ornament on your Holiday Tree.
Happy Holidays!

freakin' moron.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I bet sometimes even Noam Chomsky laughs at The Three Stooges

Is truth the only valid purpose of art?
theater in particular?
Well, what is truth?
I'm pretty sure theater ain't about
mathematical truth,
or even logical truths,
or just simple statements of fact.
The truth about the human condition?
Two words: We're fucked.
Yeah. Great play.
Look, I'm not saying
don't pursue this truth thing
if that's your bag.
go for it.
rock on.
but even the greatest warrior for truth
needs to salve his wounds now and again,
and who says sometimes the truth can't be light?
or silly?
I've seen a platypus.
that is true,
and silly.
I say life's too short
to spit on folks who
are doing it
really out there doing it
even if they ain't doing it
to your satisfaction
I reckon there's some who'd
say "life's too short not to spit
on those creative types who ain't
doing the real job of an artist.
ya know, truth."
Maybe they're right
Maybe I'm wrong
I sure as shit don't know nothin'
only proper thing I learned in college
is that I don't know nothin'
but look, even if you speak the truth,
even if you could,
I don't think it'd make ya any less likely
to be misunderstood...

I'm gonna try to sleep now.



I am so self-involved
all I can write is

I am impatient
and I do not know
the value
of hard work

I am an only child
who has spent more
of his adult life
out of relationships
not in them

I am capable
of great deception

I am so self-involved

I am so self-involved

I am so self-involved

what about you?

Monday, November 28, 2005

The morning after the weekend before

Reading about hangovers is better than having them:

It's the taste of stale booze and nicotine and acetaldehyde and whatever this filth is on your tongue. It's the taste of ashtrays swilled out with morning-after dregs - which you don't recall drinking but you couldn't swear.

two quick ones


A hearty to whatever
to whatever I deserve
and a fuck yeah
to what I want

sorry it's just how I feel

I'm sure yr right
and the responsible road
is the one to go down,
but doesn't that shortcut
look nice?


When the last time
catches you by surprise
you find yourself thinking
"if I'd only knew
I would've spent
more time here,
more time there.
I would've
at least
took off
her socks.
I would've
at least
one last
long look"
When the last time
catches you by surprise.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


today has been
the kind of day
that life
is all about

all highs
and lows

hoos from ya to boo


first full TDU practice in a long time happening,
uh, right now...

rock on.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt Energy Drink - - $2.49

Are you stuck drifting through life in a state of existential confusion wandering aimlessly through the multitudes of energy products not knowing which one is the right one for you? Then look no further for the true meaning of life then Master Sensei Seagal?s Lightning Bolt Energy Drink!

If anyone sees this in stores let me know...
I will drink this drink.

friday random ten

1. Watching The Detectives - Yo La Tengo
2. I am Rangers - Dupe
3. Club-A-Gogo - The Animals
4. Touch me I'm sick - Sonic Youth
5. It's All Right - The Velvet Underground
6. The Magnificent Seven (live) - The Clash
7. I Had a Very Good Year - Mobius Band
8. In the Highways - The Peasall Sisters
9. Hideaway - The Electric Prunes
10. Texas Trash - Horseshoe


Eschaton: "NBC did not interrupt its broadcast of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade yesterday to bring viewers the news that an M&M balloon had crashed into a light pole, injuring two sisters.

In fact, when the time came in the tightly scripted three-hour program for the M&Ms' appearance, NBC weaved in tape of the balloon crossing the finish line at last year's parade - even as the damaged balloon itself was being dragged from the accident scene. At 11:47 a.m., as an 11-year-old girl and her 26-year-old sister were being treated for injuries, the parade's on-air announcers - Katie Couric, Matt Lauer and Al Roker - kept up their light-hearted repartee from Herald Square, where the parade ends. "

I don't even understand this at all...
it really is 1984 isn't it?
this is very creepy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Spacetaker| Your Houston Cultural Arts Guide - Envy The Cockroach Gallery


and there is a review too...

This is the kind of play in which the dialogue and the acting seem familiar in their realness and, interesting, in the way the lives of real people are. It is also manages to be darkly humorous?the situations of the character?s lives are so pathetic, and yet so emblematic of middle American society, that you have to laugh at them.


Covert Satanist Pat Robertson Flashes Devils Hand

"Pat Robertson, the so-called voice of Christian America, has again been caught flashing occult satanic hand signals during his show. During Thursday morning's 700 Club program Robertson could clearly be seen displaying the El Diablo hand gesture towards the end of the broadcast."

that damned Satan!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Dark Side

Just a quick reminder of where to go for quality true crime reportage:

The Dark Side

good stuff.

Monitor Duty: Alan Kistler's Profile On: ZOD!

Monitor Duty: Alan Kistler's Profile On: ZOD!:
"He is a fanatic with Superman's powers, backed up by military training and a cunning mind. He is Zod."


In case the comic book post wasn't nerdy enough for ya...

Zap2it - TV news - 'Galactica' Battles on at Sci Fi: "The entire principal cast of 'Battlestar Galactica,' including Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, is set to return for season three. Executive producers David Eick and Ronald D. Moore, who developed the show from the late-1970s ABC series, will also remain with the show."

Right on.

NPR : There is No God Penn Jillette - Celebrity Humanist

NPR : There is No God:

"Believing there's no God means I can't really be forgiven except by kindness and faulty memories. That's good; it makes me want to be more thoughtful. I have to try to treat people right the first time around."

I Am NOT The Beastmaster: Multiple Articulation

I was wondering where the smart talk on THE CRISIS!!!!! was happening...
think I've stumbled across some...
I Am NOT The Beastmaster: Multiple Articulation: "Let me explain briefly for those of you who can't name the full line-up of the Justice Battalion or the Inferior Five. The Kingdom was a short 1998 miniseries that existed to plug in one of four quarterly holes in DC Comics' publishing schedule and to cash in on the popularity of Mark Waid and Alex Ross's smash hit Kingdom Come by tying its possible future into the normal DC continuity. The end result was the creation of Hypertime, a Grant Morrison concept never actually written by Grant Morrison, which conceded that all of DC's editorially-annihilated stories, characters, and parallel universes still existed somewhere, somehow. Brooker exalts Hypertime as 'a textbook example of postmodernism, following Fredric Jameson's influential definitions,' although he never gets around to mentioning that those influential definitions are highly critical of postmodernism for its institution of exactly this sort of empty pastiche--or, as Jim calls it in his comments thread, a purely 'gestural multiplicity.' (Incidentally, I'm paraphrasing comments I've already made in a review of Brooker's book for IJOCA--pardon the repetition.)"

which leads me to the fact that I'm enjoying the big two events going on right now.

"Decimation", going through the Marvel books after "The House of M", is turning into an interesting read. But you can't convice me they won't end up undoing most of it. C'mon, no Ice Man? And how long are they going to wait for Hawkeye to show back up?

Now, "Infinite Crisis" is more than just a good read (yes, I am a DC fanboy), it's just the kind of huge narrative shared universe mythology rich comic book story I like. I've been reading ALL the connected books (except the rann-thanagar war lead-in... I know the Green Lantern's ended up involved in it, but I still couldn't bring myself to care. A man's got to draw a line somewhere, right?) and the writer's are doing a GREAT job of really making the DC universe a connected universe again. I've never really cared about Capt. Marvel. Still don't really. But the way the whole Marvel family's story has been told during the crisis and pre-crisis, etc. does have me actually interested in them for the first time.

and...that last page of INFINITE CRISIS #2...
that's crazy.

anyway, said I was looking for smart talk on THE CRISIS!!!! didn't say you were gonna get any here...

REAL ART (and politics and culture)

REAL ART (and politics and culture): "Soon after he assumed command in December 2001, his agency experienced a string of embarrassing episodes, including jail breaks, some orchestrated by guards; the theft of inmate property; drug sales by correctional officers; and reports of sexual relations between jailers and female inmates.

Cantu's top jail administrator was arrested and later accused of grooming a jailhouse ''harem.'"

this reminds me,
have I mentioned that you should come see "Envy the Cockroach"?

damn blogger...

making me do text verification to post...
so none of the e-mails I'm sending to the blog are coming through...
anyone else dealt with this?

anyway, took the day off...
blew my lips out playing with the medicine show last night,
but it was worth it...
very fun night...
got to see one old friend I was expecting,
and another that was a TOTAL surprise...

It seems like one of the original TDU horns is in town for a while and I think we're gonna shanghai him back into the band if'n we can...


so, what should I do with my day off?

Re: Full Circle review

my e-mail updates haven't been working so consider this a test...
and a YAY!

he doesn't even say, "you'll like it if you like this sort of thing."

Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 8:50 AM
Subject: Full Circle review

The Chron review is out! Although I couldn't find a link for it anywhere -
had to do a website search for "full circle".

Here's a direct link:

And here's the text:

Full Circle reveals moments of genius
Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle

Infernal Bridegroom Productions' lively and provocative Houston premiere of
Charles Mee's Full Circle marks the first time one of Mee's works has been
staged in Houston. So this IBP outing is doubly worthwhile, for the play
itself and as an introduction to a noteworthy contemporary playwright.

Mee's plays have been described as "blueprints for events." He bases them on
earlier works, from Euripides' Orestes to Gorky's The Lower Depths. But Mee
doesn't write adaptations. He tosses essentials of pre-existing works into
the Cuisinart of his imagination, mixing in new ideas and characters,
fictional and historical.

Full Circle typifies his technique. Based on Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk
Circle (and the 14th-century Chinese play that was Brecht's original
source), Full Circle retains the tale of a peasant woman fighting to keep
the baby she has cared for, against the wishes of the child's neglectful
birth mother.

But Mee intertwines this plot with the saga of American socialite Pamela
Dalrymple (based on real-life socialite Pamela Harriman), who is in East
Berlin attending a performance by the Berliner Ensemble when revolution
breaks out and the Berlin Wall comes crashing down. Pamela has stepped out
of the audience to become embroiled in a discussion of art and politics with
Berliner Ensemble director Heiner Muller and his cast when the frenzy
outside their theater overtakes them.

Erich Honecker, head of East Germany's communist regime, flees with his
wife, who leaves her baby in the arms of hapless student revolutionary Dulle
Griet (a figure Mee has imported from Dutch folklore and the paintings of
Pieter Bruegel the Elder!). Kindhearted Pamela takes Dulle Griet and the
baby under her wing, and they flee from officers determined to confiscate
the infant (apparently fearing Honecker's heir somehow will lead to
continuity of his regime).

In their picaresque adventures, the women keep crossing paths with American
tycoon Warren (based on Warren Buffett), who becomes Pamela's love interest.

Mee has written that he does not care for the traditional "well-made play"
and well-made Full Circle certainly ain't. It's unwieldly, often slap-dash,
sometimes self-indulgent. It's also spottily brilliant, full of originality,
surprises, mordant satire, pungent absurdity and feeling. I don't mind a
play that tries my patience a bit here and there, as long as it pays off <
as Full Circle does time and again.

Director Anthony Barilla captures the work's freewheeling spirit and
questioning irreverence in a deftly paced, vividly staged production. A
scene in which Pamela and Dulle Griet teeter across a perilous rope bridge,
represented by two lengths of rope held by extras, demonstrates just how
much suspense Barilla and his cast can summon through skilled use of a
simple device.

Tek Wilson, whom longtime Houston theater goers will remember as a mainstay
of Stages' early seasons, does her best work with a delightful portrayal of
Pamela, seemingly superficial and lah-di-dah, yet revealing layers of
warmth, wit, compassion and surprising resourcefulness. A.J. Ware's wise,
caring and resilient Dulle Griet represents an earthier sort of womanhood.

Paul Locklear is inspired and mercurial as Heiner Muller, especially in a
marathon monologue that dares us to decide it has overstayed its welcome,
but keeps redeeming itself with unexpected insights. Locklear's delivery is
a triumph of sardonic brinkmanship.

Tamarie Cooper is delectably rotten as the child's real mother. Jeff Miller
makes a droll yet somehow sensible Warren, absurdly spouting optimistic
aphorisms. Indeed, everyone in IBP's busy troupe comes through with banners

With direction and acting that enter wholeheartedly into the revolutionary
spirit of Mee's unique material, Full Circle emerges as IBP's strongest
all-around effort since its memorable 2003 mounting of Ionesco's Rhinoceros.

Monday, November 21, 2005

You Ain't No Picasso: White Stripes' Greenhorns Cover

some of you probably care about this...

You Ain't No Picasso: White Stripes' Greenhorns Cover:
"Jeff Mangum was at Elf Power's show last night. Apparently he sang 'The Arrow Flies Close' with them. Pitchfork reports. Also, I don't know if I'm allowed to say this, but oh well. It's all rumor anyways. There are some rumblings here in Lexington (where Robert Schenider of the Apples in stereo lives) that Robert has mentioned that he, Will Hart and Jeff Mangum might get together and record something in the future. Like I said, it's all hearsay (though apparently I have it third-hand from Robert from two good sources). Just the same, it's kinda interesting."

oh yeah, and you can d/l some new tune from some band called "the white stripes"...

Slashdot | Paris Accelerates Move to Open Source

I happened to be listening to Ella sing "I Love Paris" as I came across this story:
Slashdot | Paris Accelerates Move to Open Source: "the city of Paris is moving to open-source software a little faster than originally intended."

why oh why do I love Paris?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Charlie Brown Pathetic Tree -

haven't had a tree in years,
but this is tempting.

Charlie Brown Pathetic Tree -

Fw: [BAD SIGNAL]On Drinking

if you haven't subscribed to bad signal I reccomend it...
where else can you read things like this?

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2005 7:27 PM
Subject: [BAD SIGNAL]On Drinking

> bad signal
> So I had this dream last night and it's stuck with me all
> day. So much so that I'm now writing it down to try and
> exorcise it.
> So in this dream I'm taking the piss horribly out of David
> Mamet. I'm not sure why, except possibly he's drinking
> Budweiser and refusing whisky. And I'm taking the piss
> out of him, his Hemingway complex, his religious bullshit,
> his cheerful keyboard-wankery and his reduction of
> everything to basically chopping fucking wood.
> And for no good reason I can see, he shows me his penis.
> And it's square. Well, it's rectangular, I guess. But
> you know what I mean. It has corners. And an oaky
> grain to it. And he tells me that he has to take a tomahawk
> and hack a fresh notch in Rebecca Pidgeon before he
> fucks her each month. Because more than once a month,
> he says, and a man can get to kind of like it, and it's one
> short step from there to wearing a dress.
> And the thing is that alcohol has not actually passed
> my lips all week. Haven't been drinking this week at all.
> I'm not really sure what to do.
> -- W
> ...................


----- Original Message -----
From: "T. Casey Brennan" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2005 1:29 AM

>A JFK video accompanying my song "Let Them Rise" -- I
> did lyrics and vocals with the band FRANKENHEAD -- was
> on the local Crazy Mark TV music show on Halloween.
> There's a link to it at his site:
> You should be able to get it directly with this URL:
> Also, "Kitano's Sideshow", podcast in Hebrew from
> Israel, just played LET THEM RISE on the November 18
> episode (#36). Click on the URL below to get to the
> week, they'll be playing SOCIAL WORKER
> Can you put the FRANKENHEAD video on your Page?
> Best,
> T. Casey Brennan
> __________________________________
> Yahoo! FareChase: Search multiple travel sites in one click.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

two star symphony was on fire!

weird long night

distractions during the show
due to art crawl

still went well

good audience
(size and demeanor)

had my first brain freeze on stage
Jen saved me
thanks Jen

art crawl after party
next door


best performance of
The Marionette

unless my ears
are wrong
Chenoa played
some new stuff
in it,
and some
of the other
old tunes,
and it all
sounded GREAT.

as I
get ready
to leave

hit with weirdness
and otherwise
from seemingly
all corners

biked home
in the rain

getting up early
to dance in a suit.

(the audio post below is a sample of Two Star's awesomeness at the show tonight.)
this is an audio post - click to play

Warren Ellis' Engine Gear : Edison Hate Future File Under: that is a shirt I would wear

Warren Ellis' Engine Gear : Edison Hate Future

Friday, November 18, 2005

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


show went great tonight...
I have mentioned that you should come see it,
and now I'm wired,
and I'll be biking to the galleria area in just about 7 hours...
and when I get there,
I'll be filing,
well, actually,
I'll be documenting (in two places)
what exactly is in over 50 boxes
of files that I've pulled and boxed in two days...
I've also already reorganized most of the file room...
I'm working myself right out of work.
This is good and bad,
as all are things...
this is an audio post - click to play

Monday, November 14, 2005

Drones Club: Gamblers Anonymous

Drones Club: Gamblers Anonymous

1. Have you ever lost time from work due to gambling?

As framed, this question quite simply does not stand, as the implication is that man is designed to live as a cog in a 40-hour wheel and that all pleasurable entertainment is secondary.



I gamble, and smoke tobacco, and imbibe alcohol, and consume meats, and on the occasion of my hundredth birthday I shall don my slip-resistant booties and dance a brief but vigorous step upon your grave, for I have better places to be and better company to keep, you tired old nag.

with lots of funny stuff in between.

worked my first full day in months...

and there are worse things I suppose...
like working a whole slew of 'em in a row...
then went to the MFA and saw two star, well saw films and heard two star...
it was amazing...
gonna bike to work tomorrow.
metro sucks.
rock on.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

BBC NEWS | Business | Norway in women bosses ultimatum

BBC NEWS | Business | Norway in women bosses ultimatum:

"Norway has said it might close down companies that fail to meet proposed boardroom quotas for women."

right on.

Friday, November 11, 2005

temp job

so, I start a temp job on Monday
$11.00 an hour

on post oak

anyone work near the galleria wanna car pool?

I'm debating between metro and my bike at the moment...

blog | Reviews index

blog | Reviews index:
"At any rate, I'm happy to announce Bookslut's First Annual Man, Is That Dean Koontz a Prick or What? Contest. In 250 words or less, write an erotic, tender-yet-sexy story about Dean Koontz having some sort of hot, life-changing physical encounter with a Japanese guy. Send your stories as plain text in an email to mschaub at bookslut dot com, with 'Man, Is That Dean Koontz a Prick or What?' in the subject line. All entries should be submitted on or before Friday, November 18."

get to writing...

BalloonHQ Columns - Ralph Dewey file under: reseach material

BalloonHQ Columns - Ralph Dewey: "Bring out the balloon so that the smile face is toward the audience. The magnet should be toward the back of the balloon and therefore unseen. Explain that just like this balloon, many people appear to be happy on the outside. But people who don't have Christ as their savior, don't have true lasting joy. Without having their sins forgiven, they will some day go down and suffer in Hell with the devil. Let the balloon drop so that it falls downward, but catch it before it touches the floor. (If it hits the floor, the jolt might make the magnet fall off.) Explain that now you'll let the balloon represent someone that has the Joy of Jesus inside, a Christian. It will represent a person who has repented of their sins and asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. Hold the balloon so that your right hand (if you are right-handed) is at the back. Secretly remove the magnet with your right hand and hide the magnet hidden in your hand. Reach into your shirt pocket for your marker and secretly drop the magnet into your pocket as you take out the marker. Draw a halo above the smile face."

this thing is practically writing itself.

clowning tutorial - balloon twisting, balloon animals - file under: research material

clowning tutorial - balloon twisting, balloon animals:

"A few caveats first. Be aware that balloons can, do, and will pop. That's normal. Even though they're made of latex (not standard balloon rubber), and can therefore take a lot more 'twisting,' they will still pop. Never give a balloon to a small child (I use a guideline of three years old or less). If the child bites on the balloon (which small children will do -- taste is a significant part of how they experience the world), the balloon will pop, a piece can then fly straight down the child's throat, and the child will suffocate and die -- you will not be able to dislodge that piece of latex in time to save the child. Don't turn something meant to delight a child into something so horrible. Thank you."

Thursday, November 10, 2005


interesting night...

the clerk at my regular corner store
says the stress is showing on my face
this can't be a good thing

but the preview went great.

so there's that.

Have I mentioned that you should come see the show?

Fw: [BAD SIGNAL]Tonight's Wisdom


----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2005 8:46 PM
Subject: [BAD SIGNAL]Tonight's Wisdom

> bad signal
> It's always later than you think.
> -- W
> ...................

Off the Kuff: RIP, Gilley's

Off the Kuff: RIP, Gilley's

The demolition tumbled a holdover metal apostrophe and cursive S from the Gilley's lettering on the arena's facade. Moments later, after being struck by one of the excavators, the dusty marquee, bearing the words "WELCOME RODEO FANS," briefly hung in limbo before crashing in a heap of twisted scrap metal.

a sad, SAD day...

Daily Kos: White House Falsifies Briefing Transcript

Daily Kos: White House Falsifies Briefing Transcript:

"Quite simply, the White House has tampered with the transcript of the Oct. 31 press briefing conducted by l'il Scott McClellan. David Gregory of MSNBC argued to McClellan that notwithstanding McClellan's assurances two years ago that Rove and Libby had not been involved in the leak, both Rove and Libby have admitted to taking part in conversations with journalists regarding Valerie Plame. In response, Scottie said 'That's accurate.' But the official White House transcript of the briefing available at has Scottie saying 'I don't think that's accurate.'"

And we have always been at war with Eastasia.

EFF: DeepLinks

EFF: DeepLinks:

"But how do you know whether you've been infected? It turns out Sony-BMG has deployed XCP on a number of titles, in variety of musical genres, on several of its wholly-owned labels."

Go check the list and see if Sony has illegaly broken yr machine...

and I was gonna buy the Neil Diamond one day...
gues not now...

I'm gonna go take him off my myspace friends list too...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 Election Central Election Central
Let's hear it for writing bigotry into the constitution!!!!

I voted.

Did you?

Now we really need to clamor for a constitution convention and just start over...

and Ralph still isn't mayor.

Monday, November 07, 2005 Theatre in Houston, Tx - News Theatre in Houston, Tx - News:
"'You sit on your cold, steel mattress-less bunk and watch a cockroach crawl out from under the filthy commode, and you don't kill it. You envy the roach as you watch it crawl out under the cell door.'
-Johnny Cash"

We open this weekend.

You should come see this show.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

so, insomnia kind of sucks...

I was falling asleep on the couch at 10...
then I went to lay down...
30 minutes later I was wide awake,
and now here I am...


I've almost got on my bike 3 or 4 times to go somewhere,
but I've talked myself out of it everytime...



I can only remember last night in flashes...

I know I ended the night dancing.
at #'s.
wearing my wife beater.
and a red boa.

I suspect
there was
drinking involved.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hey There Hi There Ho There

I'm as blankity-blank as can be...


Two, count 'em two, Mathletes gigs this weekend...
Friday at SuperHappyFunLand
and a super secret show Saturday...
ok, not super secret,
but a private party...
I'm sure I can extend YOU an invitation though if you'd like...
just reach me through the regular channels...

you know,
homing pigeon, myspace, e-mail, smoke signals, whatever...

McSweeney's Internet Tendency: An Open Letter to the Eight-Hour Workday.

Little Miss Messycovers pointed me over to McSweeney's for the Open Letter to Dick Cheney (read it too, it's good...)

but I found this one particularly poignant...

McSweeney's Internet Tendency: An Open Letter to the Eight-Hour Workday.:

"I have decided that, with the amount of people in this country working eight hours a day, this society should be much farther ahead that it is. We should have flying cars that are fueled by used cooking oil from McDonald's. We should have a creative and well-funded education system. We should have universal health care."

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Chronicle: 11/4/2005: Harvard Researcher Probes the Minds of Alien Abductees

vi bookslut -

The Chronicle: 11/4/2005: Harvard Researcher Probes the Minds of Alien Abductees:
"Fifteen of those interviewed agreed to take part in lab experiments such as the Deese/Roediger-McDermott, or DRM, paradigm, in which they studied lists of words (e.g., 'sugar,' 'candy,' etc.) all related to another word (e.g., 'sweet') that did not actually appear on the list. They were then asked to recall which words they'd really seen. The abductees were statistically more likely than other groups to believe they had seen the absent words, according to Ms. Clancy. 'I didn't try to change the world with one experiment. ... All I concluded from the study was the alien abductees were more prone in the lab to create a certain type of false memory.' She also found that in tests that measured physical reactions such as heart rate and sweating, the abductees 'reacted similarly to real trauma victims' when reliving their experiences."

none of you

none of you
are less fucked
than I am

this keeps me going

you may not realize
just how fucked
you are
and so
you may
be happier

you are

I know this
as sure
as I know anything

I don't
know much

Sunday, October 30, 2005


so, after my little thursday night breakdown,
I awoke Friday to a fresh mind and attitude...
I was gonna be positive all weekend,
and after Halloween get off my ass and make some things

well, the universe gets the last laugh...
my car died today.
dead died.
threw a rod.

so, now I need a job I can bike to.



Saturday, October 29, 2005

oh yeah...

saw "what you've done" (I'll add a link in the a.m.?) tonight as well...
I thought it was great!
I'll post more about it tomorrow...
drunk, tired, and a little giddy right now...

let's hear it for mood swings!

you missed it..

LCD Soundsystem was fantastic...
amazing show...

got to have some great conversation with an old friend
and dance...
who could ask for more?

oh, and you, the beauty who told me she enjoyed reading my blog...
it's true, I don't know you, but I would like to (but you knew that already, right?),
and I do already know some things you probably don't think that I do...

seeya at the two star show?
or atomic sat?

if not, then soon I'm sure...

anyway, all of you should quit yr jobs,
and go dancing...
it's good fr the soul.

Friday, October 28, 2005

friday random ten

1. Earl Of Suave - Thee Headcoats
2. We Seek No Wider War - Phil Ochs
3. Price of Paradise - Eugene Chadbourne
4. Return of the Rat - The Wipers
5. Beat on the Brat - Sonic Youth
6. Symphony No. 3 - Old Folks Gathering - Charles Ives - Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
7. Kanon - Enon
8. Truck Stop - Franz Ferdinand
9. The Method - We are Scientists
10. 'Til I Get - Holly Golightly


I'm just gonna keep writing for a while tonight,
and seeing what comes out...

Of all the pieces I've only half finished,
the one that I think is the most worthwhile
would require weeks of workshops and someone
over me with a lot more experience than I have doing
these things...
it's about cell phones,
and so much of the dialogue is abitrary
as long as certain points are hit
that it only makes sense
to let the actors have a hand
in setting the language...
or is that a cop out?

Right now
I'm not
doing the work
required of me,
in any area.

I keep saying,

I am about as frustrated
in every area of life
as I've ever been...
high school...
any of it.

I have
arachaic notions
of the way
are supposed
to go

If you ever wonder
what I'm thinking
assume the worst...

if you want to know for sure,
slap me...
if I don't ask,
"what was that for?"
you'll know you were right.

I don't claim
to understand
any of this.
I'm just
pretty sure
that this ain't
the way
it's s'posed
to go.

I have
no killer
could never
be a salesman.
it's either
all the same thing
or it's
all nothing.
do you
sell that?

I'm not saying
it's all hell
in fact
in spite
of it all
I enjoy myself
quite a bit

(ah thinking
there's a double-edge
if'n there ever was one,
I mean, really,
don't you just wish
that it'd stop
all of it
the words
and all their permutations
just dancin
around yr noggin'?
I know I do

and sometimes
I suppose it does

when I'm dancin'

or engaging
in the sort
of activity
that footloose
says that
dancin' leads to

I reckon
perhaps sometimes
might stand
as a substitute
for somethin' else
I don't think
there's much
o' anything
that could stand
as a substitute
for dancin')

I had to waltz
a bit
in the last show

had it in rehearsal

know I did

lost it in performance

pissed me off

everyone else seemed o.k. with it


sometimes I think
I'm barely
holding it together
sometimes I think
holding it together
is all I'm doing

the scariest thing I ever heard.
a friend and I.
we're having a conversation.
I said,
"I think I'm gettin close to the edge"
he said (and this is it), "There is no edge."
he moved back to Ohio.
became a junkie.
I stayed here and became a pothead.
the point.
no edge.

shouldn't we all be communists by now?
hasn't global capitalism failed yet?
it's failed me.
gotta be a better way than this...

I guess I should give up
for the night
try to get some sleep

oh yeah,

I did
make an investment
in my future today.

Bought one of them "Job" candles,
and lit it.

I should have a job
by the time
it burns down,
if not before,

and it
was only
99 cents.


I haven't written a conversational update in a while...
still unemployed...
just got my LAST unemployment check...
got a job?
preferably one with few hours and a lot of pay?

"Envy The Cockroach" rehearsals are going well...
I just need to get off book. I get to be several variations
on Johnny Asshole this show...
gonna be fun.

I drank a lot of brandy tonight,
thus the previous post...

let's see...
TDU is in flux...
we're trying a new bass player in a week or two,
we'll see how it goes...

The Mathletes (or some variation thereof)
have gigs on Nov 3-5...
and I doubt we'll have a full rehearsal before then.

I think I'm gonna go smoke a j on the porch...
maybe that'll help...

I doubt it.


drunk blogging


so, when yr standing
in the kitchen
with a girl you
were only
so recently
crazy about
and she's
talking about
the new boy
and the girl
yr currenly fighting
being crazy about
has just locked
herself away
with another boy
from the bar
it's time
to down yr drink
and go home

ain't no other truth
about tonight
that's as important
as that

Thursday, October 27, 2005

PopMatters My Favorite Thing | From Your First Cigarette to Your Last Dyin' Day: Schlong's Punk Side Story

PopMatters My Favorite Thing | From Your First Cigarette to Your Last Dyin' Day: Schlong's Punk Side Story:
"However, the Punk Side Story track that represents the greatest improvement over the original is 'Gee, Officer Krupke'. The comedic track -- a bunch of guys joking about their crappy lot in society and the universal detestation of their antics -- ceases to be a joke in Schlong's version, but instead becomes a more sinister expression of rebellion."

I have to agree. It was always my favorite.

Telegraph | News | Dolphin sounds 'aid brain growth in unborn child'

Telegraph | News | Dolphin sounds 'aid brain growth in unborn child':

"Dolphin sounds 'aid brain growth in unborn child'"

damn greys!

Boing Boing: Archie comics discover goth subculture

Via Boing Boing:
A recent Archie comic contains a story called "She's Goth to Have It" in which Betty throws off her preppie look for a goth lifestyle of chai-sipping and black-wearing and book-reading.

that's hot.
no, really.

though Veronica would make a better Goth,
being a brunette and all...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

TPMCafe || Saving Davis-Bacon

TPMCafe || Saving Davis-Bacon:
"It was announced today that the President will overturn his Gulf Coast wage cut on November 8. This was a direct result of intense pressure from Democrats and labor and religious leaders."

The tide is turning folks...

Deerhoof: Deermix!

Make Joe Mathlete happy.
Remix a deerhoof song.

Deerhoof: Deermix!

Stay Free! Daily: Saved Fundamentalist Christians Shouldn't Drive

Stay Free! Daily: Saved Fundamentalist Christians Shouldn't Drive: "I'm sure everyone here has been driving and seen the bumper sticker that reads 'In case of Rapture, car will be unmanned.' While this never fails to inspire some very action-movie style daydreams and exciting video game premises, it also brings up a far more practical issue: should saved Christians be allowed to drive?"


Monday, October 24, 2005

Center for Tactical Magic

Via Warren Ellis:
Center for Tactical Magic:
"Like bees making flowers bloom in the draft of their honey-making prep work, what we beckon forth are the spell-binding endeavors, encrypted and preserved in lost arts and artfulness, that leave behind the sensed effects of exchange and reciprocity, whether between individuals, communities, environments, or other systems of existence. Not a single magic flower, but a garden that nourishes through multiplicity and cumulative effect - this is the shapeshifting art of transformation. This is Tactical Magic."

some very interesting stuff...

It's funny, with the Fitzgerald indictments coming down, and DeLay's mugshot showing up, and Frist under investigation I've been allowing myself to look more and more at conspiracy and various other "nutjob" sites... great stuff...

REAL ART (and politics and culture)

REAL ART (and politics and culture):
"...the political establishment is stuck in a dynamic such that examination of American citizens-as-workers is all but impossible. That is, there is no public discourse about how people are being continually raked over the coals in terms of their employment or lack thereof. Nobody in polite society even thinks to fault the system. Nobody dares suggest that business' attitude toward workers is unjust, and such a problem might be solved by (gasp!) regulating business."

As usual, Ron gets it.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wampum: Starting at Center, number 43, from SMU, Harriet Mieeeeeeeers

Wampum: Starting at Center, number 43, from SMU, Harriet Mieeeeeeeers:
"Conservatives are getting desperate to find a way out of the Harriet Miers fiasco. Earlier today, I noted Charles Krauthammer’s idea to gin up a dispute over the production of documents in order to find a way for the nomination to be withdrawn while allowing all Republicans to save face.

Rush Limbaugh has an even crazier notion:

My idea is this: The solution to the Harriet Miers issue. The president announce that he's withdrawing her from nomination to the Supreme Court because he's decided to appoint her to succeed Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve. He trusts her. She has filled out her own income tax forms all of her life, and she has done her personal banking all of her life. She knows banks, she knows tax reform, tax policy, and the president trusts her, so she could go to the Federal Reserve."

I'm one of those nutjobs that says let's get rid of the Federal Reserve System. However, until we wise up and return to the gold standard Big Boss at the Fed is one of the most important positions in our world. Greenspan becomes more and more hackish all the time, but he is still a smart and powerful hack. This is the stupidest idea I've heard in a long time...
congrats Rush!

Dohiyi Mir: Worse Than 'MMM Bop' - File Under: an example of this blogs motto

Dohiyi Mir: Worse Than 'MMM Bop':
"They may remind you another famous pair of singers, the Olsen Twins, and the girls say they like that. But unlike the Olsens, who built a media empire on their fun-loving, squeaky-clean image, Lamb and Lynx are cultivating a much darker personna. They are white nationalists and use their talents to preach a message of hate."

this is not a compliment.

However, if I were a Nazi pedophile, I would think they were hot shit...


Miers received 10 times the market value for a small piece of land she controlled from the state of Texas, awarded by a panel stacked with friends and allies. A mediator ordered Miers to repay $26,000 but she has failed to do so.

via Atrios.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

the dolphins

there's always been folks
mostly hippie types
what say
the greys are related
to dolphins

I always thought
that was some kind
of crazy hippy talk
like beating
the reptiles with love

then I saw this thing
at the end of the daily show

a moment of zen

with some news ladies
talking about
how listening to dolphins
was good for unborn babies

now I don't know what to think

but even if the greys are related
to the dolphins
I don't think
that necessarily
means they're good people

The Love Bite

The Love Bite:
"The Love Bite is the title of my recent book 'The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships'"

I only wish I could blame my love life on the aliens.

Abduct my wife, please!

that doesn't work on many levels...) Who Built the Moon: Explore similar items Who Built the Moon: Explore similar items:

"Scientifically speaking, the moon should not exist. It doesn’t obey the rules of astrophysics and no theory of its origin explains the known facts."

This is the kind of crazy I'm talking about here people...
the rest of you loonies?

Icke - I'm looking at you!
Reptiles are quaint
compared to

Alien Implants and Foreign Bodies

Alien Implants and Foreign Bodies:

"Once Ms. Damly was prepped and ready, Dr. Leir made an incision in her left big toe. It took him almost an hour to find the object. When he located and touched the object with his probe, Ms. Damly spasmed, almost jerking her foot off the table. Dr. Leir found this surprising, yet hypnosis is an unreliable method of anesthesia (which is why hospitals use drugs). After an hour, the local was probably wearing off. Dr. Leir seems to think Ms. Damly's sensitivity to his probing was preternatural."


if this thing
this thing
this thing
up my nose

this thing
they tried
to warn me about
the last time
I was in the hospital

the reason they
could only
put the oxygen tube
in one nostril

well promise me
if this thing
if we think it might be
could be
some kind of
alien implant...

if it's up my nose
it could be directly attached to my brain
so please

knock me the fuck out
before you try to extract it

THE DAILY DELAY: Arrest Warrant File Under: I'll drink to that!

THE DAILY DELAY: Arrest Warrant

yes I certainly will...
and with the fitzgerald indictments coming down it may be time for a party...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


----- Original Message -----
From: "Michael B.Clark" <michaelb@BLUEBONNET.NET>
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 1:46 PM

> -Caveat Lector-
> I just found out from another researcher that the
> SECRET OLIGARCHY has been adding WATER to GASOLENE for
> over 60 years. In fact the OLIGARCHY has had a
> SECRET CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY since 1946 to add enough
> water to REAL GASOLENE so that EIGHTY PERCENT of
> todays gasolene is in fact water.
> The SECRET OLIGARCHY of course is hundreds of years ahead
> of us in technology. Technology that we are not supposed
> to know about.
> They ( the SECRET OLIGARCHY ) have a chemical so small
> that it is nothing put a pill that they add to a mixture
> CHEMICALLY with the pill and is able to be burned in our
> automobile engines.
> The reason I'm not surprised to hear this is because a
> a chemical known as BERRYMAN'S B-12 CHEMTOOL does
> exactly the same thing. Lawnmowers can develop
> water condensation in gas tanks. By adding a few
> ounces of BERRYMAN'S the water is bonded chemically
> and goes right through the carburator and burns in the
> engines cylinders.
> A FREE ENERGY SCIENTIST found this out back in 1996. His
> name was STANLEY A. MEYER and the paper was entitled
> Of course. The SECRET OLIGARCHY had him MURDERED.
> They've actually MURDERED THOUSANDS. And have THOUSANDS
> Many have been LOBOTOMIZED.
> We ladies and gentleman are being S.C.R.E.W.E.D. on a
> collosal scale.
> The SECRET OLIGARCHY is charging us $3.00 a gallon for
> My question is HOW MUCH LONGER are we going to take their
> ==========
> CTRL is a discussion & informational exchange list. Proselytizing
> propagandic
> screeds are unwelcomed. Substanceâ?"not soap-boxingâ?"please! These are
> sordid matters and 'conspiracy theory'â?"with its many half-truths, mis-
> directions and outright fraudsâ?"is used politically by different groups
> with
> major and minor effects spread throughout the spectrum of time and
> thought.
> That being said, CTRLgives no endorsement to the validity of posts, and
> always suggests to readers; be wary of what you read. CTRL gives no
> credence to Holocaust denial and nazi's need not apply.
> Let us please be civil and as always, Caveat Lector.
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Fw: [CTRL] Henry Kissinger on T. Casey Brennan

----- Original Message -----
From: "T Brennan" <bankruptparanoiamagazine@YAHOO.COM>
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 7:31 PM
Subject: [CTRL] Henry Kissinger on T. Casey Brennan

> -Caveat Lector-
> At the following URL is posted a letter of support
> from Henry Kissinger:
> Some know me by my JFK work, some from the 1970s comic
> books I wrote. I was hit by a car; I need an
> attorney.
> Page about my JFK allegations from University of Rhode
> Island JFK researcher, Professor Kenneth Rahn:
> This is my newest book (I receive no royalties):
> I was hit by a car on February 1, 2003 in Ypsilanti,
> Michigan. Though seriously injured, and diagnosed
> with bleeding liver and post concussion syndrome, I
> was put out of the hospital the following morning,
> because I am homeless.
> Celebrity Homeless List w/my name...
> (1) I just received this from my latest attorney, who
> is dropping my case...I MUST have a new attorney
> immediately. I have no home, no income, and my
> hospital bills are not even paid:
> From: "Peter John Collins"
> <>
> Dear Mr. Brennan, April 3rd, 2005
> I have again reviwed your file. You were
> hospitalized fro a few hours.
> The injuries you suffered do not, to my mind, met
> the No-Fault automobile
> injuries that would allow you to bring suit against
> the driver who hit you as you were walking.
> Should you find another lawyer you MUST file suit
> before the third anniversary
> of the auto accident.
> I wish this could have been more favorable for you.
> I recall at our meeeting at the coffee house we
> reviewed the facts of this
> case together,
> Regards,
> Peter John
> (2) This was my PREVIOUS attorney, Ray Kohlman, who
> worked on the Martin Luther King assassination; the
> contact was arranged by ex-CIA agent, Leutrell
> Osborne. Kohlman called me, emailed me, then dropped
> all contact:
> : "Ray Kohlman" <> Add to Address
> Book
> To:,
> Subject: Re: Help me to connect- Leutrell Osborne
> Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 19:25:13 -0500
> Mr. Brennan,
> My e-mail address is above. I can be reached by
> telephone at (646)
> 785-0869.
> My address is 575 Madison Ave., Suite 1006, NY,NY
> 10022
> I would be pleased to discuss the situation with you.
> Ray
>>From: Mr.Leutrell Osborne <>
>>To: "T. Casey Brennan"
> "RAY
>>Subject: Re: Help me to connect- Leutrell Osborne
>>Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 16:43:01 -0800 (PST)
>>Dear Ray and TCB:
>>Ray this is an electronic handshake and request that
> you follow
> through
>>this intro with Mr. T.C. Brennan and determine
> whether your legal
> skills
>>may assist him. You may send him your contact info
> so that he can
> follow
>>through per our telephone conversation today. Suggest
> you visit the
> webs
>>first so you have an idea of his background. I asked
> that he send info
> to
>>you so you can have an idea of his injury and case.
> Leutrell
> (3) This is from the Ypsilanti, Michigan police woman
> who handled the investigation:
> Subject: RE: 03-1874
> Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 07:22:10 -0500
> From: "Connie Koski" <> Add
> to Address Book
> To: "T. Casey Brennan" <>
> Mr. Brennan,
> Thanks a bunch for the email. I have not yet had a
> chance to review
> the websites you included, but it was fascinating to
> meet you and am glad
> to hear that you are up and about. I have no comment
> on your legal
> pursuits, but best wishes for a complete recovery. I
> look forward to
> checking your work out at the sites you forwarded to
> me. Have a great day.
> Sincerely,
> Officer Connie Koski
> Ypsilanti Police Department
> (4) I receive no assistance from any relief agency
> because my family was tortured and killed. Social
> workers at the Ann Arbor homeless shelter issued that
> directive, however inexplicable it may be to anyone
> else. This is from the Port Huron, Michigam TIMES
> Father, son tortured, robbed
> From the Times Herald, 12/4/75
> By John F. Brown
> An Avoca man and his son, who were beaten and robbed
> of more that $1,400 then bound and
> gagged and set on fire, were left to die in a
> flame-filled bathroom of their old farmhouse about
> midnight Wednesday.
> William J. Brennan, 72, of 4238 Bricker Road, and his
> son, Terrance Casey Brennan, 27,
> bound together with a pair of police handcuffs,
> electrical cord and tape, managed to free
> themselves to telephone a Michigan Bell operator for
> help.
> Sheriff Norman D. Meharg said Brennan and his son were
> admitted to Yale Hospital for
> treatment of second- and third-degree burns of their
> hands and arms and head and facial injuries.
> Young Brennan had been stabbed in the head several
> times by his attackers.
> Both men were reported in fair condition today at the
> hospital.
> Meharg said there have been no arrests made and so far
> there are no suspects. He has assigned
> Detectives Robert V. Quain and Donald E. Tuthill to
> the case.
> Meharg said the torture bandit were both white, armed
> with hand guns and had dark ski masks
> over their faces when they forced their way into the
> Brennan home about 9 p.m.
> "One of the thieves knocked on the door and when Mr.
> Brennan answered he told Brennan he
> had ran out of gasoline, then pulled the ski hat over
> his face, pointed a gun at Brennan and
> pushed his way into the house," Meharg said.
> "The Bandits used a pair of handcuffs to lock the men
> together. They set paper on fire and held it
> under the hands of the two men. Their hands were
> baked," Meharg said.
> Deputy Sheriffs James VanConant and Orrin Burgett
> arrived at the scene less than six minutes
> after the operator called the Sheriff's Department.
> "You could smell burning flesh when you entered the
> house," VanConant said.
> Brennan and his son told the officers their attackers
> pushed them into the bathroom of the
> six-room farmhouse after they had taken the money.
> They said sheets and bedding were put around them on
> the floor and the men poured them on the
> floor and the men poured some type of flammable liquid
> over them.
> One of the men tossed a lighted match into the sheets,
> closed the bathroom door and ran from the
> home.
> Brennan said he and his son managed to get the rope
> and cord off their feet and stamped out the
> fire with their feet and hands, which were free of the
> handcuffs. They forced open the door and
> stumbled to the telephone.
> "My dad thought it was a joke at first. He even tried
> to brush the gun aside from the man at the
> door, but I told him not to," Casey said.
> Every room in the house, except the kitchen, was
> ransacked as the robbers searched the house
> for money.
> Neighbors of the Brennan's heard nothing, deputies
> said.
> However, VanConant and Burgett said there were
> footsteps leading from the Brennan home
> through freshly fallen snow for about a block to an
> area where a car had been parked.
> The Brennan's were described by their neighbors as
> quiet people who "bothered no one."
> Neighbors said the Brennans had few visitors
> Brennan's wife, Mrs. Alice Brennan, was killed in a
> car accident two years ago in Ohio.
> (5) This is from Lee Harvey Oswald's ex-girlfriend,
> Judyth Vary Baker, who was the subject of a History
> Channel documentary, advising me to leave the country:
> From: "Judyth Vary Baker" <>
> To: "T. Casey Brennan" <>
> Subject: RE: Are you okay?
> Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 23:10:36 +0200
> Dear Casey,
> I have produced so much proof of that now that nobody
> argues it
> anymore.
> They are now at the stage of saying so what if we had
> an affair, that
> does not mean he told me anything, or if he told me
> anythig, that it
> would be the truth. So they are having to back off.
> McAdams and his
> groupo are looking silly now.
> I believe everyuthing you're saying as I had an FBI
> employee compolain
> and lost my teaching job. I was hit twice and had two
> brain
> concussions.
> I'm lucky to be alive.
> GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY. Get a passport and get out
> and start over.
> It's
> over unless you do.
> ===J==
> "Either the world can be an influence on you, or you
> can be an
> influence
> on the world."
> Lee Harvey Oswald, explaining his choice
> to go into military service for his country,
> rather than to become a Mafia soldier.
> (6) These are two emails from New Orleans mob boss
> Carlos Marcello's grandson, Steve Marcello, echoing
> word for word the threats made on me by social
> workers, regarding my statements alleging my own and
> my late parents unwilling involvement in the JFK
> assassination:
> This is the first email; I did not solicit him; he
> solicited me:
> From: omerta64@...
> Date: Wed Feb 7, 2001 3:32 pm
> Subject: Please Reply
> To: tcaseybrennan@... omerta64@...
> Send Email
> Reply to omerta17@... I want to know what you have to
> say
> about JFK's death. Carlos, Steve, & Tricia Marcello
> This is the second email from Marcello:
> From: Tricia or Steve Marcello <omerta17@...>
> Date: Wed Feb 7, 2001 6:06 pm
> Subject: Re: Please Reply
> To: "T. Casey Brennan" <tcaseybrennan@...>
> omerta17@...
> Send Email
> You are insane, the only thing I'm setting you up with
> is a visit from the feds,
> You need to be in a locked psychiactric ward. My
> grandfather is none of your
> business. I
> suggest you stop being a "wanna be" before you hurt
> yourself. Go take some
> fucking Thorazine, you fucking psycho.
> (7) Other JFK pages about ME;
> Now, will someone please help me find an attorney?
> -- T. Casey Brennan
> __________________________________
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> directions and outright fraudsâ?"is used politically by different groups
> with
> major and minor effects spread throughout the spectrum of time and
> thought.
> That being said, CTRLgives no endorsement to the validity of posts, and
> always suggests to readers; be wary of what you read. CTRL gives no
> credence to Holocaust denial and nazi's need not apply.
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