Saturday, November 12, 2005

BBC NEWS | Business | Norway in women bosses ultimatum

BBC NEWS | Business | Norway in women bosses ultimatum:

"Norway has said it might close down companies that fail to meet proposed boardroom quotas for women."

right on.

Friday, November 11, 2005

temp job

so, I start a temp job on Monday
$11.00 an hour

on post oak

anyone work near the galleria wanna car pool?

I'm debating between metro and my bike at the moment...

blog | Reviews index

blog | Reviews index:
"At any rate, I'm happy to announce Bookslut's First Annual Man, Is That Dean Koontz a Prick or What? Contest. In 250 words or less, write an erotic, tender-yet-sexy story about Dean Koontz having some sort of hot, life-changing physical encounter with a Japanese guy. Send your stories as plain text in an email to mschaub at bookslut dot com, with 'Man, Is That Dean Koontz a Prick or What?' in the subject line. All entries should be submitted on or before Friday, November 18."

get to writing...

BalloonHQ Columns - Ralph Dewey file under: reseach material

BalloonHQ Columns - Ralph Dewey: "Bring out the balloon so that the smile face is toward the audience. The magnet should be toward the back of the balloon and therefore unseen. Explain that just like this balloon, many people appear to be happy on the outside. But people who don't have Christ as their savior, don't have true lasting joy. Without having their sins forgiven, they will some day go down and suffer in Hell with the devil. Let the balloon drop so that it falls downward, but catch it before it touches the floor. (If it hits the floor, the jolt might make the magnet fall off.) Explain that now you'll let the balloon represent someone that has the Joy of Jesus inside, a Christian. It will represent a person who has repented of their sins and asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. Hold the balloon so that your right hand (if you are right-handed) is at the back. Secretly remove the magnet with your right hand and hide the magnet hidden in your hand. Reach into your shirt pocket for your marker and secretly drop the magnet into your pocket as you take out the marker. Draw a halo above the smile face."

this thing is practically writing itself.

clowning tutorial - balloon twisting, balloon animals - file under: research material

clowning tutorial - balloon twisting, balloon animals:

"A few caveats first. Be aware that balloons can, do, and will pop. That's normal. Even though they're made of latex (not standard balloon rubber), and can therefore take a lot more 'twisting,' they will still pop. Never give a balloon to a small child (I use a guideline of three years old or less). If the child bites on the balloon (which small children will do -- taste is a significant part of how they experience the world), the balloon will pop, a piece can then fly straight down the child's throat, and the child will suffocate and die -- you will not be able to dislodge that piece of latex in time to save the child. Don't turn something meant to delight a child into something so horrible. Thank you."

Thursday, November 10, 2005


interesting night...

the clerk at my regular corner store
says the stress is showing on my face
this can't be a good thing

but the preview went great.

so there's that.

Have I mentioned that you should come see the show?

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Off the Kuff: RIP, Gilley's

Off the Kuff: RIP, Gilley's

The demolition tumbled a holdover metal apostrophe and cursive S from the Gilley's lettering on the arena's facade. Moments later, after being struck by one of the excavators, the dusty marquee, bearing the words "WELCOME RODEO FANS," briefly hung in limbo before crashing in a heap of twisted scrap metal.

a sad, SAD day...

Daily Kos: White House Falsifies Briefing Transcript

Daily Kos: White House Falsifies Briefing Transcript:

"Quite simply, the White House has tampered with the transcript of the Oct. 31 press briefing conducted by l'il Scott McClellan. David Gregory of MSNBC argued to McClellan that notwithstanding McClellan's assurances two years ago that Rove and Libby had not been involved in the leak, both Rove and Libby have admitted to taking part in conversations with journalists regarding Valerie Plame. In response, Scottie said 'That's accurate.' But the official White House transcript of the briefing available at has Scottie saying 'I don't think that's accurate.'"

And we have always been at war with Eastasia.

EFF: DeepLinks

EFF: DeepLinks:

"But how do you know whether you've been infected? It turns out Sony-BMG has deployed XCP on a number of titles, in variety of musical genres, on several of its wholly-owned labels."

Go check the list and see if Sony has illegaly broken yr machine...

and I was gonna buy the Neil Diamond one day...
gues not now...

I'm gonna go take him off my myspace friends list too...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 Election Central Election Central
Let's hear it for writing bigotry into the constitution!!!!

I voted.

Did you?

Now we really need to clamor for a constitution convention and just start over...

and Ralph still isn't mayor.

Monday, November 07, 2005 Theatre in Houston, Tx - News Theatre in Houston, Tx - News:
"'You sit on your cold, steel mattress-less bunk and watch a cockroach crawl out from under the filthy commode, and you don't kill it. You envy the roach as you watch it crawl out under the cell door.'
-Johnny Cash"

We open this weekend.

You should come see this show.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

so, insomnia kind of sucks...

I was falling asleep on the couch at 10...
then I went to lay down...
30 minutes later I was wide awake,
and now here I am...


I've almost got on my bike 3 or 4 times to go somewhere,
but I've talked myself out of it everytime...



I can only remember last night in flashes...

I know I ended the night dancing.
at #'s.
wearing my wife beater.
and a red boa.

I suspect
there was
drinking involved.