Saturday, September 16, 2006

the continuing saga of mallah and the brain

you uncultured maroons!

where was ya?
where was ya? huh?
ya missed it.

heard some amazing music tonight -


chamber music groups -
winds -


incredible basoon, and french horn...
not that everybody wasn't great,
but how often do you hear great basoon,
or french horn?

the brass quintet was my favorite group,
but whattaya expect...
I play trombone.

Hearing musicians of this calibre
puts the Ives piece back in my head...
I caught myself pencilling it in for 2008
during certain fantasy seque moments.

anyway, the show was put on by
The Sonus Chamber Music Society.
They don't update their webpage.

It was in that big church you used
to park at when ya went to see
the movin' pictures down ta the
museum of fine arts...

I wish the lighting had been better,
and the photographer less present...
but otherwise a great night.

I'll post more later when I feel like
lookin' at the program...

I hope you got some culture tonight
before during or after
yr booze...

not much time for blogging...

when you are fighting wage-slavery for your very soul...

or something like that...

work is draining me a bit right now,
it'll get better as I adjust...

half-written a couple of things
in the last few days,
if I finish 'em they'll
show up here...

Monday, September 11, 2006

having a job

means starting to buy things you've put off

like new boxers

I got some the other day
at family dollar

not familiar
with family dollar?
the neighborhood
you live and shop
in probably has
a higher avg.
household income
than mine

label inside says
family values -
same font as
family dollar -
a house brand

and what is on
the boxers
with the house label
of family dollar?

1 pair - blue with mostly red american muscle cars

1 pair - green with cards - straights - and the words "Texas Hold 'Em"

I find this very entertaining
and troubling all at the same time...

and that
is the story
of my new

Modern humans, not Neandertals, may be evolution's 'odd man out'

Modern humans, not Neandertals, may be evolution's 'odd man out':
"The most unusual characteristics throughout human anatomy occur in Modern Humans, argues Trinkaus. 'If we want to better understand human evolution, we should be asking why Modern Humans are so unusual, not why the Neandertals are divergent. Modern Humans, for example, are the only people who lack brow ridges. We are the only ones who have seriously shortened faces. We are the only ones with very reduced internal nasal cavities. We also have a number of detailed features of the limb skeleton that are unique."

modern humans
are genetic hybrids
of aliens and
native earth creatures


FIle under: Ron is Right

REAL ART (and politics and culture):

"I know what I'm going to do the next time somebody in my presence negatively criticizes sexuality or nudity: I'm going to call him a big dumb cunt-face."

Sunday, September 10, 2006



"Mark thought that out of Civil War, there would be those heroes who for one reason or another, did not fit on either side, either because they became fugitives or they hated what’s happened to their superhero culture, or they were being deported, all kinds of reasons. But 'running to Canada Vietnam style' was never in the picture. There will be characters like that, but they wouldn't be in Flight, you don’t put cowards on your team."

Yeah, cause everyone who dodged the draft, is a pacifist, or against war must be a coward.

it's been a while

since I've had dealings
with the devil
but I'm pretty sure
he poured
the second glass
of champagne
and is currently
making the room
the naseua