Friday, January 05, 2007

go see Hamlet!

I'm a Hamlet fan...
so normally I wouldn't recommend you go see a production of it...
get yr friends together to read Shakespeare aloud and you'll be better
off than if you go to most productions of his work these days...

but I saw Nova Arts Production
of the thing tonight,
and while I don't agree with
every choice that was made
it was a damned strong show...
fine performances
(Hamlet kicked ass...
fr real...)

all great

I think the changes made to the players
diminshes the audiences empathy for
Hamlet and makes him more like
his uncle and father than I'd like him to be

Whenever you cut Hamlet you lose something,
Nova mostly chooses to lose the funny...
which is fine, except it doesn't leave
Polonius too much to do...

I thought the opening was a strong choice
that worked...
and the ghost was great -
provided for some really powerful moments.

a helluva show,
and I commend 'em for doin' it...
I don't think I could ever cut Hamlet -
the choices would all be too hard for me...

and I recommend ya go see it...
ya can see it for 5 bucks on saturday night if
ya poke around their site and print the coupon...

and after ya see it maybe we can all get together and read it?
whattaya say?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007