Friday, April 06, 2007

cardboard art show

welcome to disclexington

one week from today I'll be showing "art" for the first time...

The Birdhouse Museum presents the Cardboard Art Show at Super Happy Funland from Friday April 13th thru the 20th.

Opening party 6 PM to 9 PM Friday April 13th.

Creative Types channel their energy to cardboard.
Each artist makes 13 pieces, each piece on 6" by 8" cardboard.
Featuring (but not limited to):
Justin Crane - Austinite, former KTRU DJ, musician and card designer.
Keith Reynolds - Houston's original cardboard artist.
Joe Mathlete - Check out Joe's blog and you'll see why he's got to be there.
Claire Yanik - Used to bartend at Catal Huyuk (the Axiom)she now lives in False Pass, Alaska and is a painter and the dj for the Nonalignment Pact.
Joel Orr - Houston puppeteer and organizer.
Brad Moore - Brad Moore is the Breeze.
Lisa Yu - Lisa Yu is Chicago based artist.
John Cramer - Houston psych-metal guitar wizard of Mike Gunn, Project Grimm fame.
Rosa Guerrero - Houston rock photographer and writer. Look out.
Allan Pocius - Chicago cardboard artist. The originator of the Birdhouse Museum series of cardboard art shows.
Denise Ramos - Houston artist and club proprietor.
Yvonne Torres - Houston based artist and NameLess Sound coordinator.
Marie Catrett - Austinite creator extraordinaire
Mike Switzer - Houston musician and Infernal Bridegroom affiliate

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dick Dale on the music industry

via boing boing:


The Lower Depths opens May 3rd and rehearsals are going great...
Working getting a week of 365 days/plays for Ornery Theatre.
Just have to find a week open in Houston later in the year when it cools down a bit...

This weekend The Defenestration Unit plays Sat at Notsuoh with Cartwheels in Central Park and The Mathletes...
we're gonna play one of Joe's songs with him...and believe me, you wanna hear it...
next week is crazy busy - rehearsals for mildred's umbrella's 365 days inn addition to the lower depths.
finishing up my art for the cardboard art show at Super Happy Fun Land on the 13th...
and I'm sure at least a coupla things I am forgetting...

at least my artistic life is going well...