Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Here's the Hightower graph on running gov't like a business...

"Some say - in fact, Bush and Cheney did say when they were campaigning - that government ought to operate like a business. Oh, which one? Enron? Worldcom? But it's not just a matter of disgraced corporations. [I]No corporation is a model for how a government should operate.[/I] Corporations are rigid, top-down, autocratic hierarchies in which executive actions are delivered as fiats to be implemented unquestioningly. Checks and balances are a joke - the board of directors, for example, is a brother-in-law job handpicked by the CEO. Openness? Corporations are towers of secrecy, in which all information is considered a proprietary asset to be doled out only in approved snippets vetted through the PR department, keeping as much as possible from employees, investors, customers, auditors, regulators, lawmakers, the media, and We the People."

So does being a "successful businessman" make you qualified for politics?

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