Monday, November 03, 2003

Ok...I went and registered as a Democrat...but this constant harping on Nader really makes me want to go change it back to independent and let y'all fight for yourselves. I'm in Texas, GW has the thing sewed up here...It won't matter how I actually vote.
But right now I do plan on supporting the Dems any way I can, because it's obvoius we have to beat Bush.

But I would like to say this one last time for those of you who weren't paying attention the first time.

Gore lost the election.
Nobody lost it for him.
It was his to lose.
If it wasn't the case that he was so similar to Bush that it made no difference, how come he couldn't make the damn case?
He could have offered the Greens something and I bet most of us would have come around...moratorium on the death penalty? repeal taft-hartley? anything? no? nothing...well FUCK YOU! If Nader hadn't run I wouldn't have bothered to vote...
I'm a conspiracy nut and I even didn't think Bush could be THIS bad... I was afraid of his domestic policies. I never even thought about Iraq, Neo-conservatives, any of that stuff...and I don't remember a lot of dialogue about any of that before the election. Anyway I hope you're happy...this time I'll remember politics isn't about voting for the right's about voting against the wrong one...thank you for making my life more negative, cause that's what I really need...
If you want to talk about somebody costing you the election maybe you could rant & rave about Jeb and Katherine Harris?
Nader is a principled man who has saved a whole lot of lives...and he invigorated the process with his campaign.
Maybe you'd prefer it if folks like me still didn't bother to vote? or get involved at all?
Remember it wasn't just Dems who voted for Nader, but Republicans, and Independents, and oh yeah, GREENS!
If the Democrats want to be able to count on the left wing base they have to play ball...
Where's our John Ashcroft? Why don't any of our NUTS get appointments when the Dems run things?
I could rant all night, but I won't...
I'll go cook dinner and try not to think about it...
I'll really try...till tomorrow when I'm reading some intelligent leftie blog that makes good points and then suddenly remembers it hasn't take a potshot at Nader this week and decides to rectify the situation with comments like the one linked to above...

Unrepentant Nader Voter

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