Wednesday, December 03, 2003

O.k I saw one of the democratic debates this weekend and it got me to thinking...
I have a question I'd like to hear in a debate...any debate...and it's a followup question,
but I bet it could be worked in to almost every Presidential debate from here till the election.

"That's very interesting but in no way adresses the question you were asked. My followup then is if you cannont listen to and respond to a question put directly to you in a debate, when that is your only responsiblity how can the American public trust you to listen to and respond to their questions and concerns?"

I didn't bother counting but I know this question could have been asked several times just in the half or so of the last debate I saw.

Answer the damn questions people!
We aren't just asking them to hear ourselves talk!
Spew your rhetoric on your own time!

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