Sunday, June 06, 2004

I was 10 when Ronald Reagan was first elected President.
I would have voted for him then...
what did I know?
I was 10.
by 84 I was 14 and becoming a real lefty.
I had heard the Dead Kennedys and there was no turning back.
We're not supposed to celebrate his death.
Well, he was an evil man responsible for many horrible things,
and at the very least, I'm not sorry he's gone...

Can I revel when Kissinger dies at least?



Anonymous said...

I remember being in favor of Anderson and I was disappointed when my parents told me they didn't vote for him.


Ron said...

You're absolutely right about Reagan. It's just that as a president, he was such a good actor. Bush actually makes me a bit nostalgic for the old dingbat.

On the other hand, it is quite conceivable that without the "Reagan Revolution," we wouldn't be in this fine mess we're in now.

Of course, I'm perfectly aware that I'm contradicting myself. What can I say? I'm a complicated individual.

Kid Ornery said...

I can't honestly say I remember anything about John Anderson.
Reagan had a real disconnect between what he seemed to think was good and what his policies actually did. If nothing else his complete lack of, well, even acknowledgement of A.I.D.S was completely reprehensible.
I remember being very excited about Reagan when I was 10, and I understand a nostalgia for Reagan. After all, we all survived him, right? which is not at all a given with the current administration...