Monday, December 19, 2005

neomarxisme: Why I Should Not Rap

neomarxisme: Why I Should Not Rap:
"... my friends and I had the ill-conceived idea of doing a 'rock-rap band,' which came to be hilariously known as Red Star and Raised Fist. That band name was inspired from a paper I was doing on the Black Panthers (all us liberal American white kids go through a Eyes on the Prize phase), which was quite a big event in my young academic life because I 'e-mailed' Panther founder (and BBQ mastermind) Bobby Seale about COINTELPRO being all up in his shit - and he wrote me back 24 hours later with an incredibly detailed response still dripping with that classic Black Power outrage. "

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and by more I mean an Edith Wharton joke.

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