Tuesday, December 06, 2005

still wired

Still wired from the show...

so here's a few thoughts

first a tale from the file room:

Coworker J: You mind if I bring a radio in here?

Me: No, that's fine.

J: You like jazz?

Me (o.k. I know where this is going. We're not going to be listening to KTSU. Grrr.): Yes, I like jazz.

(and then I'm treated to a full day of 95.7 smooth jazz. I am reminded that I actually miss Kikk sometimes and that smooth jazz is awful, and certainly not jazz...

I heard Phil Collins. I heard the art of noise. I'm not sure I heard a real quartet. I know I didn't hear any jazz. The highlight was Marvin Gaye.

The most depressing thing was hearing another crappy soprano sax drum machine sequencer, I would say massacre, but that implies aggression, is there a word for "soft disaster"? anyway, when the song is over they announce it was Gato Barbieri.
That made me sad. He made some amazing records for impulse and with Don Cherry back in the day, but now I guess at least he's getting paid. At least I got to file all day.)

and now, this:

Compliments make me uncomfortable.
Not that I don't think I'm hot shit.
Sure, of course, I'm hot shit.
But my ego really does not need your help.
I can barely lug the damn thing around as it is.

on another note:

Yum! Cheesy popcorn!

so, anyway, last chance to see the show is this weekend...
you can listen to an interview with Liz, Anne, and Jennifer
on KUHF between 3 and 4 tomorrow. Should be good.

Rock On,
All That.

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