Monday, February 06, 2006

David Icke, Lizard People & Symbols (article) by Silvia Hartmann on AuthorsDen

David Icke, Lizard People & Symbols (article) by Silvia Hartmann on AuthorsDen: "I've always been rather fascinated by David Icke and what he has to say for himself.

He's clearly an intelligent, compassionate person who is determined to make a change in this world, and there he stands and goes on about how US presidents turn themselves practically into gigantic lizards and drink the blood of babies whilst worshipping a large owl.

In all sincerity.

A lot of 'lizard' type illuminati conspiracy theories revolve around the use of symbols, hidden, mystical meanings, intent and symbols in buildings, street layouts, and most everything the secret rulers of their human slaves are producing.

David Icke angrily says often, 'They are completely OBSESSED with symbols!' "

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Anonymous said...

Is is just me? David Icke makes that famous devil sign with his left hand at the VERY end of Secrets of the Matrix (Part 1)? (Look well as it lasts less than one second - Very smooth, David...).

Isn't it bizarre that almost everyone who has something pertinent to say about the Illuminati ends up bankrupt or dead?

Where does Mr. Icke dig up all this "classified"/secret information from, if he isn't part of the Illuminati himself? And sitting in the chair at the Illuminati HQ in Boston, is that another slap-in-your-face farce of the Illuminati?

I've got my dounts on you David!