Thursday, April 13, 2006

Come to the Parade!

I'm not just in rehearsal for "Speeding Motorcycle" right now...
I'm also rehearsin a show that can only be described as "bad-ass theatre".
That's right kids! The BLP is back! with "ASSHOLE PARADE!"

If I had to describe it I'd say I already said, "It can only be described as 'Bad-Ass Theatre'" but if you needed more I might say, "it's something like Adult Swim meets Hee-Haw...
but really it's so much more...
(and less, I mean it's not animated and does not feature Buck Owens,
but there is singin and dancin and actin and all that fancy theatre stuff
except without the stuff that sucks except for the parts that might suck,
but I don't think there'll be many, mostly I think it'll rock...
whatta you think?)"

so, anyway, the official line is:

A marching band comes to town and people have emotions.

so, yeah, there's that, but, wow, there's like so much, ya know? ya know?
of course ya don't know...
but you will
if you


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