Monday, August 14, 2006

Grotowski Statement of Principles

Grotowski Statement of Principles:


An actor can only be guided and inspired by someone who is whole-hearted in his creative activity. The producer, while guiding and inspiring the actor, must at the same time allow himself to be guided and inspired by him- it is a question of freedom, partnership, and this does not imply a lack of discipline but a respect for the autonomy of others. Respect for the actor's autonomy does not mean lawlessness, lack of demands, never ending discussions and the replacement of action by continuous streams of words. On the contrary, respect for autonomy means enormous demands, the expectation of a maximum creative effort and the most personal revelation. Understood thus, solicitude for the actor's freedom can only be born from the plenitude of the guide and not from his lack of plenitude. Such a lack implies imposition, dictatorship, superficial dressage."

yeah, what he said.

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Mike said...

can I say again just how right on this statement is?

I mean I know it's outta context, and I'm not sure I agree (o.k. pretty sure I don't) with everything Grotowski has to say, but IV is pretty fucking on target.