Monday, December 25, 2006

I know just what you mean...

Via Howling Curmudgeons:

In the old Dungeons and Dragons someone once wrote an aritcle about paladins. In it the article contemplated various situations in which a paladin would be forced to kill innocents or the like in a game scenario and ended up saying that a good dungeon master would avoid putting the paladins into such situations to begin with.

Saying that Sue Dibny's getting raped was a bad idea seems to be a criticism on that level. The wife of a leaguer getting raped is simply a situation which should never come up, and since the writers get to make this stuff up, they control whether it does, so they should have known it wasn't a good idea regardless of the skill with which it could be handled and never addressed the scenario in the first place. I can get behind that idea, though it seems to implicate a set of assumptions I would worry about artically. After all, there is a good reason not to publish a comic book wherein a baby is put in a microwave, Kyle Baker as writer or not.

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Ron said...

Yeah, save the rape for Grant Morrison's weird conspiracy stories and the like. I, for one, do not read Elongated Man stories looking for gritty realism. I mean, the guy's almost as goofy as Plastic Man.

Lame, very lame, raping Ralph's wife. Good thing I'm not currently reading comics, or I'd be pissed off.

But then, I don't know; maybe it was well done.

Good seeing you at Jennifer's on Christmas Night, by the way, Mike. I'm sorry we didn't get to talk more.