Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Year's Resolution

So, getting punched in the face on New Year's Eve almost brought me to repent... Well, not repent but change course - quit drinkin' too much too often, stop chasing the wrong women, etc. Then last night I went drinkin' and this morning on the bike ride in I got to hear "devil do" by o Golightly and The Broke-offs

and I finally made my New Year's resolution - I pledge another year of bad behavior - and if it gets me punched in the face, well, at least now I know I can take a punch... Hell, I figure G.W. was a drunk till he was forty and he got to be president. I'm far less ambitious so I got at least a coupla years left, right?

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DaveR said...

your new years eve sounds alarmingly like mine.