Monday, March 03, 2008

file under - drunk blogging

haven't done much substantial blogging in a while.

going to vote and caucas tomorrow...
think hillary is better on most of the issues,
but not sure she can beat McCain...
still not sure what I'm going to do.

Feeling broken lately -
been on the wrong track
(or some of the wrong tracks)
for maybe a couple of years
and I'm contemplating
some big changes -
gotta do something -
just not sure what yet.
New job?
New city?
Chase a somewhat appropriate woman?
I suppose anything is possible,
although not much is likely...
I guess we'll see.
feeling the disconnect pretty strongly.
at a point in my life where i have alienated
most of the people I've known longest,
and I'm not sure who to talk to,
or even where to start.
so instead of talking - maybe doing
is the key.

politically, we're fairly fucked right now.
the administration is STILL getting
away with damned near everything -
even though shrub's approval is something
like 19%.

I'm still sharing all the stuff I come across
on google reader that makes me want to holler.
it is over to the right.

and yes, i'm already drunk...
$2.50 wells at boondocks every night 5-9.
so three vodkas before dinner = drunk.
and so... i post.

1 comment:

Anne said...

I surely haven't known you that long, but I will always still talk to you. With pleasure.