Saturday, September 20, 2008

AKMuckraker: Palin Lies: One Man's Protest on the Juneau Cruise Ship Docks

AKMuckraker: Palin Lies: One Man's Protest on the Juneau Cruise Ship Docks:

A great story about a one man Palin protest in Alaska - but I want to highlight this bit -

"Shortly thereafter, I was accosted by a couple of 60-year old women from somewhere in the South. They quickly grouped me into an unsavory collective 'you-all'. Suddenly they were quoting Palin's approval rating and Obama's record as America's most liberal senator (reminding me they got their information straight from CNN). They were joined by their husbands and a couple of other tourists. They stood over me and shook their fingers. Did I want to be a socialist? Did I remember Jimmy Carter's administration? Was I really for health care for 'all' people? Then they brought out the big gun: 'How about Ronald Reagan?' I have to admit at first I was a bit angry, but once Reagan was mentioned I had to laugh. I said something about Reaganomics. More clucking, head shaking and pointing. Finally I defused the situation by asking if they were enjoying their cruise. This seemed to settle everyone down and they walked away with only a small chunk of my butt between their teeth."

I know Obama can't spend time on this - he has a campaign to win - and running down Reagan probably won't help - but the rest of us - those of us who knew back in the 80's where Reaganomics were taking us - we need to speak up and let people know that this current economic crisis - this is Reagan's true legacy. The deregulation madness - the trickle-down sickness - these things along with bush's incompetence, graft and cronyism have left us in a country that needs a lot of fixing - on fundamental levels.

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