Friday, September 05, 2008

Rant: Take Your Greasy Fingers Off The Reboot Button, Hollywood!

Rant: Take Your Greasy Fingers Off The Reboot Button, Hollywood!:

"But anyway, the idea behind CIOE was to make things simpler and more friendly to new readers. And at first, this worked reasonably well. Creators like Frank Miller and John Byrne put their stamp on the old-school DC superheroes, and everybody had a clear backstory. Until each new batch of creators wanted to put their own stamp on the characters, and you ended up with things like: 'Hawkman is a Native American Egyptian archeologist from outer space.'"

The other day in the back room of the candy store I was giving a brief history lesson on the DC universes and all I could say about Hawkman is that there would have to be a separate class to cover him. Seriously.

So, the crazy thing is that there are at least 4 multi-verses, right?
The DCU proper, The Animated DCU, Smallville DCU, and our actual universe.
See, the DCU proper is the only one that has gone through the crises. So the other universes must represent other multi-verses. I suppose there could just be two multi-verses. The one with the crises and the one without.
eh, see...
go faux complexity...

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