Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Joe Lauria: Wall Street Hated FDR Too

Joe Lauria: Wall Street Hated FDR Too

"FDR was right to claim after his 1936 re-election that he had saved capitalism from the excesses of a communist or anarchist revolt. There was great anger in the land and labor unrest then, the kind we are seeing in Europe today and possibly again in America? It is not widely understood today how popular communism and anarchism had become in the U.S. Several public buildings were bombed and businessmen and their allies in Congress genuinely feared social revolution."

It was Marx didn't foresee.  Capitalism reforming just enough to save itself.  Obama is just trying to save capitalism.  Isn't that what you people want?  

Me?  I say the sooner we get one world gov't and unregulated markets the sooner we get to the revolution...

in the immortal words of two time Presideng George W. Bush,

"Bring it on!"

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