Friday, March 06, 2009

Mutual Assured Destruction - the 80's and the world of The Watchmen

Watchmen Review: Watchmen Proves The Cold War Is An Alien World

Watchmen Review: Watchmen Proves The Cold War Is An Alien World
This article is pretty right on.
I'll be 39 at the end of this month.The 80's were all about Reagan and AIDS.
Reagan never of course said the word,but it was there.
When people today think about Reagan they think about economics (FAIL) 
or maybe Bedtime for Bonzo
 but Reagan was all about the cold war.
I remember having nightmares about nuclear war.
Reagan escalated the rhetoric.
The Evil Empire.  
Dr. Strangelove became War Games.
Things were out of control.  
Matthew Broderick could've killed us all with a 300 baud modem.
Then we would have never been blessed with Project X.  
Anyway, yes - as this article states - the cold war was madness - as is the war on terror... it is rhetoric used to scare and control us. To make us accept the ever growing police state.
But in the mind of a teenager in the 80's (or at least this teen), the threat of nuclear destruction seemed very real.
I believed, like Sting, that the russians loved their children too - but if a crazy general or a teenager with a commodore 64 could start a nuclear holocaust then what did that even matter?  and then there were people like Kissinger and Reagan.  
We've outlawed the soviet union - the bombing starts in two minutes.  
80's nostalgia is weird to me.
Sure we listened to The Cure -but we were also full of fear
in a world out of control...
We were crazy.
We are crazy.

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